WordPress News Digest for Thursday, November 6, 2014

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10 ways to improve mobile UX

By / — Do you have a mobile website? Is it responsive or did you use a nice plugin to make it look good? Does it convert? With the use of internet everywhere, your mobile website’s user experience (or mobile UX) should get as… More →

A WordPress Theme Development Process

By / — Although I still stand by the idea that we all have the ability to decide how complex or how simple we create our themes, I do think that there’s something to be said for identifying the core problem a given theme… More →

Acquiring Code For The People

By / — I spoke with Tony Conrad and Laurie Segall at Web Summit in Dublin today and was able to announce that Automattic has acquired Code For The People to join our VIP team. Techcrunch also covered the news. More →

Automattic Acquires Code for the People, Expands WordPress.com VIP’s Reach Into European Markets

By / — Matt Mullenweg announced today at Web Summit in Dublin that Automattic has acquired Code for the People, a UK-based WordPress development agency and longtime WordPress.com VIP partner. The acquisition adds all six members of the company, including co-founders Simon Dickson… More →

Choosing a WordPress Theme Framework – the Ultimate Guide

By / — Over the past few years, WordPress Frameworks have become big business. When I started developing with WordPress in 2010, only a handful of theme frameworks were available. Now there are dozens. As well as conventional theme frameworks, other products and… More →

Dev Chat Summary, November 5th

By / — https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1415221327004284 https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/11/05/dev-chat-agenda-november-5/ Misses Beta 1 Feature plugin merge window Decisions Extend the feature plugin merge window to Friday, or later. Tag Beta 1 on Friday, or later. Do a scrub of enhancement tickets this week, particularly customizer tickets. 1600 UTC… More →

Divi 2.2 Has Arrived With New Video & Video Slider Modules

By / — Today Divi introduces two new modules for a quick and easy way to display videos on your page. The new Single Video Module and Video Slider Module come with some really great display features that allow you add stunning video… More →

How to Easily Add Title Attribute to Images in WordPress

By / — Recently we showed you the difference between alt text vs image title and how to use them for images on your WordPress blog. One of our users asked us for an easier way to add title attribute to images in… More →

How to Launch a Self-hosted WordPress Blog in Under 15 Minutes

By / — The first time I installed a WordPress blog, I nearly pulled out my hair. The process was easy to follow,… The post How to Launch a Self-hosted WordPress Blog in Under 15 Minutes appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Interview with Mark Forrester, Co-Founder of WooThemes

By / — WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, powering roughly 18%, or more than 380,000, of websites across the Internet. With this growing WooCommerce community in mind, the very first WooConf — a conference focused solely around […] The post Interview with… More →

Interview with Plugin Developer Pippin Williamson

By / — When it comes to plugins, Pippin Williamson @pippinsplugins needs no introduction. In this interview Pippin shares the hallmarks of great plugin design and what he’s learned managing a developer community of plugin contributors. If you’ve used one of his 40+ plugins for your site,… More →

Protect Your WordPress Login against Hackers with Rublon

By / — One of the weak points for WordPress security is the WordPress login page – many times bots and hackers will target this using brute-force methods to try and gain access to your website. Once they are in the admin panel,… More →

Recently Active plugin tab in WordPress – little noticed, little understood

By / — We at illuminea HQ were discussing the newly released Bulk Deactivated plugin reviewed by WP Tavern and how useful it is for tracking which plugins have been deactivated as opposed to those which were already deactivated. Rebecca then said “but the… More →

Setting Up a Node Server for a WordPress REST API-Powered Single Page Web App

By / — In my last article in this series, I discussed optimizing and preparing your site to serve as the content management system and REST API for a single page web app (SPA) that does not run […] The post Setting Up… More →

Sidekick’s Pricing Experiment Reveals Valuable Lessons for WordPress Business Owners

By / — One of the most difficult parts of running a WordPress business is coming up with a revenue strategy. In a post on the official SIDEKICK blog, Ben Fox explains that in the past two weeks, customers went through a pricing… More →

Texas Landslide

By / — Mother Jones covers the results in Texas of the election in a harsh but fair way: Wendy Davis Spent $36 Million and All She Got Was This Lousy Landslide. Now What?. I think Texas will be the focal point of… More →

Updating SourceTree Git Login Credentials

By / — At work we use Git for versioning our code. We also use the suite of Atlassian products for managing tasks, […] The post Updating SourceTree Git Login Credentials appeared first on Binary Moon. For more Web Design tips and tricks… More →

WP Sessions ~ Developing Your WordPress Skills With Expert Help

By / — Whatever level of WordPress developer you are, I'm pretty sure you've all wished you were a bit better at one aspect of it or another. But finding the ideal online course, or forum, or other place to get help, is never… More →

What’s In a Name?

By / — To paraphrase a famous line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “a theme by any other name would look as sweet” … and in the same manner that one can see “code is poetry”, a good theme will be known by… More →

WooCommerce Conference. It’s About the People.

By / — This week I traveled to San Francisco for the first ever WooCommerce Conference. First off, of all the conferences and WordCamps I’ve attended over the years, this one was one of the very best. I was fortunate to have been… More →