WordPress News Digest for Saturday, December 6, 2014

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Avoiding Common WordPress Image Issues

By / — For artists and photographers, WordPress is an ideal platform for showcasing the beauty of your work to the rest of the world. The only problem is, if you don't know what you're going, it's easy to make mistakes that can… More →

How To Create Your Own Job Board Using WordPress

By / — What do sites like Job.ProBlogger, WP Hired, Monster, and Elance all have in common? They are all job board sites that have grown rather popular in their perspective niches. Back in the day, building and designing an online job board… More →

Install Ghost .5 on CentOS 7 w/NGINX

By / — I recently wrote of the migration from WordPress to Ghost for my personal blog. In this post I want to share with you the installation workflow I used. I plan to go cradle to grave through the process. I've tested… More →

Mounting Shared Folder in VirtualBox on OS X for ESP8266 SDK

By / — Espressif have packaged the GCC-based toolchain for ESP8266 as a VirtualBox appliance running lubuntu which makes it super easy to get started with compiling your own firmware for the module. All your code is expected to go in a shared folder… More →

What Would it Take For WordPress to Lose its Dominance?

By / — WordPress is 11 years old and used on over 20% of the web. Its popularity is made up of many facets including, the community, themes and plugins. In the realm of open source content management systems, nothing comes close to… More →

WordPress Front End Profile Plugin

By / — Have you ever worked on a site where you have lots of users on the site but they should never need to go into the WordPress admin area? Maybe you have different roles setup to show them different types of… More →