WordPress News Digest for Thursday, April 7, 2016

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16 Best WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

By / — Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for your nonprofit’s website? Due to tight budget and little technical support, nonprofits need to carefully choose the plugins they use for their website. In this article, we have hand-picked some of… More →

4.5 OMG WTF Post

By / — This post is being written in progress as things are being added to 4.4 in the hopes it saves us time later. If you see anything that needs correcting, leave a comment and we’ll update the post content. If you… More →

AffiliateWP: two years later

By / — Two years ago I wrote a post on this site to introduce my latest plugin, AffiliateWP. The plugin quickly became a staple in my company's product portfolio and has done quite well for us. Today marks the second anniversary of… More →

Agenda for 7 April Support Meeting

By / — WordPress 4.5 RC – How is testing going? 4.5 OMGWTFBBQ post Our ‘no hosting discussion’ rule – what is the scale of coverage and why? Updates from previous meetings (if any) oEmbed on forums Accessibility focused forum More →

April 7th Support Team Meeting Summary

By / — WordPress 4.5 RC – How is testing going? WordPress 4.5 RC 1 is out, as is the 4.5 Field Guide, and so far we haven’t noticed anything consistent or otherwise worth highlighting in our testing. Please do test the RC… More →

Cache Enabler – Making WordPress Caching Easy

By / — Check out the free WordPress Cache Enabler plugin which helps make WordPress caching easy and turbocharges your website. More →

Cache Enabler: Speed up Your WordPress Website with Efficient Caching and Image Compression

By / — Cache Enabler is a lightweight caching plugin for WordPress that makes your website faster by generating static HTML files plus it is one of the first caching plugins to make use of WebP support. It was created by the company… More →

Document Your Practices and Procedures (For You and Your Team)

By / — We do a good job of evangelizing the different tools, environments, and ways to tackle problems in our space (that is, within WordPress development), but I often wonder how well we do for actually documenting our practices, procedures, and so… More →

Ecommerce On WordPress: Getting Started (Free Ebook)

By / — If you’re planning to launch a new store on the web, WordPress is a fantastic choice. Now more than a decade old, WordPress has grown and matured as a platform—it now powers 26 percent of the web. DOWNLOAD OUR ECOMMERCE… More →

Good evening I’m GTE for #fr BE but…

By / — Good evening, I’m GTE for #fr_BE, but I see there is an unused locale ‘Walon/Walloon’ that is indicating exactly the same region. As there are no GTE for that locale, I have no view on who requested it, but would… More →

Hi there the 5.3 development branch for WordPress…

By / — Hi there, the 5.3 development branch for WordPress for Android has been frozen. That means it’s time to translate new strings before the release! There are ~60 new app strings and 5.3 release notes to translate. More →

How To Measure Ecommerce Scalability And Success

By / — How do you know if your ecommerce site is a success? Sure, you could measure revenue, or items sold, or myriad other factors, but those can only get you so far. There are, however, a series of metrics and measurements… More →

How to Automate Trello Cards with Zapier

By / — Earlier this week on ninjaforms.com we took a look at how to automate Ninja Forms form submissions using Zapier.  Today I’d like to share with you how to automate Trello cards. This idea struck me as I was wishing there… More →

How to Finish 400+ WordPress Projects in Seven Months

By / — I like to think of myself as a bit of a numbers guy. Website development is definitely a two brain-hemisphere kind of job, but at the same time as I’m being creative with design, I’m figuring out how to put… More →

How to Transfer Your Site to SiteGround: Dealing with Domains

By / — Transferring your site to a new host can be a bit scary if you haven’t done it before. Since our friends at SiteGround are offering a crazily generous 70% off any of their shared plans to WPShout readers right now, we thought this would… More →

HowTo: Add Magical Constants to your Javascript Files within concat operation

By / — Sometimes it can be very useful to have magical constants like __FILENAME__ or __LINE__ available within your sourcecode – especially for debugging or in merged files. Unfortunately, such feature is missing in javascript but it is possible to implement it… More →

Limited Edition R2-Wapuu Will Debut at WordCamp London this Weekend

By / — Last year WordCamp London introduced “Wapuunk,” its 1970’s punk style wapuu, to the world, igniting a new wapuu craze for WordCamps held in the Western hemisphere. The 2015 event had commemorative stickers printed along with a Wapuunk-embroidered scarf for attendees.… More →

Stats Of The Woo: WooCommerce By The Numbers (Infographic)

By / — WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WooCommerce-owner Automattic, kicked off WooConf 2016 with his inaugural State of the Woo address. It was a by the numbers look at where WooCommerce has been, where it is, and where it’s going. In… More →

Subtitles for the 4.5 Release Video

By / — Apologies to the delay to getting the release video to you! The revised deadline for submitting subtitles is Monday 11th April. 1. The release video is here. 2. To add your language click “Add a new language” (left hand side… More →

Week in Core, Mar 29 – Apr 5 2016

By / — Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [37092-37160]. Here are the highlights: 69 commits 16 contributors 62 tickets created 7 tickets reopened 32 tickets closed Target release date for 4.5 is April 12th Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for… More →

WooConf 2016: The Future Of Content And Commerce

By / — If your brand was a band, would you pack the stadium and sell out shows? To earn fans that love your products and services, you must weave together your customer experience and digital strategies. The future of digital content in ecommerce therefore depends on… More →