WordPress News Digest for Friday, July 7, 2017

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Let’s Encrypt Passes 100 Million Certificates Issued, Will Offer Wildcard Certificates in January 2018

By / — Let’s Encrypt, the free and open certificate authority that launched in 2016, has issued more than 100 million certificates as of June 2017 and is currently securing 47 million domains. Earlier this year, the web passed a major milestone of… More →

Bringing back office hours

By / — Iterating on how meetings works is a great way to approach things. Weekly updates have been happening for three weeks and seem to be working. One thing this didn’t cover was a chance to focus on tickets, issues and work… More →

Top 10 WordPress Jobs Sites: Do You Have What It Takes?

By / — Let’s talk about money, and more precisely, WordPress jobs. If you’re looking for a WordPress job, we all know how… The post Top 10 WordPress Jobs Sites: Do You Have What It Takes? appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

4 Plugins For Creating A Contest Or Giveaway On Your WordPress Site

By / — Welcome to “Plugged In” where we take a look at some of the most popular WordPress plugins in various categories. This week, we look into the best WordPress plugins for putting a contest, giveaway or sweepstakes on your site. What… More →

Find Your Web Design “Superpower” with Christina Drawdy – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 51

By / — Hey Divi Nation we’re back with another great show for you this week. This time around we’re talking with Christina Drawdy of She’s a Geek about the importance of doing business in a way that does more than pay the… More →

10 Reasons Why Your WordPress Business Should Have a Blog

By / — Let’s be honest: running a business requires a lot of stamina. You need to manage your business (finances, employees, and client relationships, to start). You need to continue doing the work that gets you paid (development, design, writing, whatever it… More →

WordCamp Europe Contribution Day

By / — This is an update on what the design team did at WordCamp Europe contribution day. This time we tried a few things, we did both group work and workshops. The idea in doing this was we gave people a range… More →

Review: Do The Twist

By / — The Twist+ charger from OneAdaptr really was perfect in Europe and beyond! The post Review: Do The Twist appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

How to use the text link counter‎

By / — In the latest release of Yoast SEO, we’ve added a text link counter. It consists of two counters, the first counts the number of internal text links you’ve put in your post. And the other counter counts the number of… More →

How to Remove the Date from WordPress Comments and Keep Your Discussion Fresh

By / — One of the biggest challenges that every blog faces is trying to drive interest towards its older content. As time passes, it’s normal for visitors to avoid aging articles and opt to read newer ones. To put it simply, your… More →

25 Best WordPress Themes for Crossfit

By / — Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for a crossfit gym or fitness website? Considering the number of themes out there, this can be quite overwhelming. You’ll have to find a balanced theme that has the right features and… More →

Ask Yoast: Meta descriptions and excerpts

By / — When you’re running a large and busy website, it’s practical and time-saving if you can reuse some of your material. Both meta descriptions and excerpts use a brief passage to summarize the content of a web page. So, it could… More →

What to Do With Content That You Are No Longer Selling Online – BobWP

By / — Maybe you closed a membership site. Or an online course you were running. Or stopped selling an eBook. There are things you can still do with that content. More →

Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which is Better and Why?

By / — Whether it’s about opening a web-store or managing an eCommerce business, great managing software is a must. Both Shopify and WooCommerce are good choices for this purpose. If you are unsure about which tool/software you should use for your online… More →

July 6th Support Team Meeting Summary

By / — When to spam, archive and un-approve Just a reminder when to change the statuses of topics and replies in the forums. There are no situations when the un-approve button should be used (perhaps we should hide this one as it’s… More →

EP240 – Managing Difficult WordPress Projects

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we’ll be discussing the managing of difficult WordPress projects. The post EP240 – Managing Difficult WordPress Projects appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

Weekly Roundup: July 7, 2017

By / — For those of you looking to do outreach our webinars, I enjoyed reading Patrick Rauland’s “Lessons Learned Running an Online Summit”, and recommend checking out his LiftOff Summit recordings for tips on generating traffic for your online store. New or… More →

4.8.1 Bug Scrubs

By / — The following bug scrubs have been scheduled on tickets milestoned for 4.8.1 and the conversation will take place in #core.: Reminder of the tentative timeline for 4.8.1 is the last week of July so we’ll be heavily focused on punting tickets… More →

Dev Chat Summary: July 5th (4.8.1 week 3)

By / — This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from July 5th (agenda, Slack archive). 4.8.1 planning #40907 is committed to trunk, but needs user testing #40951 has a good patch, but not committed yet and needs user testing Main holdup is the best use of pointers (or… More →

WangGuard Plugin Author Shuts Down Splog Hunting Service Due to Trauma and Death Threats

By / — After seven years of developing and supporting the WangGuard/SplogHunter service, José Conti has shut down the server permanently due to the stress and trauma associated with maintaining it. Conti is a WordPress plugin developer and consultant, and a member of… More →