WordPress News Digest for Monday, August 7, 2017

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Improving Accessibility in WordPress with Dynamic Font Sizes

By / — At Automattic, I lead a team of three designers dedicated to our native apps. We focus our time on the design of WordPress for Android and iOS. Over the last few months, the developers and designers who work on our… More →

Gutenberg 0.7.0 Adds Opt-In Usage Tracking

By / — Gutenberg 0.7.0 was released just before the weekend with improvements to the writing flow and greater flexibility for theme authors to add their own customizations. Last week’s version 0.6.0 release made significant changes to the way paragraphs are created within… More →

Introducing Funnel Month: Boost Your Conversion Rates Before Q4!

By / — Are you prepared to generate the most revenue possible from your Q4 traffic spike? The summer lull is about to end and August is the perfect month to get your conversion rate in shape so you make the most money… More →

WordPress Weekly Digest: 8/7/17

By / — Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week we learn how to avoid common form mistakes, who the leaders in WordPress site maintenance are and more!  Doc Pop’s News Drop: How Hackers Can Find New… More →

This week in WordPress Accessibility, August 7th, 2017

By / — Transcript of the meeting Accessibility of Select2 WooCommerce makes use of Select2, and has forked Select2 to create a more accessible version. Select2 has not been updated since the beginning of the year, and none of the accessibility pull requests… More →

Multisite Agenda for the week of August 7th

By / — Office Hours Agenda This is the agenda for the weekly office hours meeting on in #core-multisite. Discuss whether we are going to introduce a new function get_site_by() as an improved replacement for get_blog_details() (see #40180), or whether we’re going to… More →

Multisite Recap for the week of July 31st

By / — Office Hours Recap The agenda for this office hours meeting included the discussion of a “global” state for multisite. The meeting’s chat log Attendees: @desrosj, @flixos90, @paaljoachim, @johnbillion, @feshin, @spacedmonkey, @stephdau, @jeremyfelt Chat Summary: In the multisite context, “global” is… More →

How to Manually Update WordPress Plugins via FTP

By / — Do you want to learn how to manually update WordPress plugins via FTP? Sometimes the 1-click WordPress plugin update fails which can break your website. The only way to fix that is by manually updating the plugin. In this article,… More →

Semi Related Posts

By / — Once in a while you write some code that you’re pretty sure will never be useful to anyone else on the planet, but the idea is cool, so you want to share it. Hence this post. The Power Of Relations… More →

10 Free Invoice Software Tools That Can Help You Run Your Business

By / — Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, invoices play a vital role in your work. They’re not only how you get paid – they also help you organize important information and present a professional appearance. You could create… More →

Why Should You Find Your Web Design Niche & How To Do This?

By / — This article is recommended for freelance web designers. Here we will talk about choosing a web design niche. Why should you make a choice? Because if you are not one of those big vendors on ThemeForest like ThemeREX, who focus… More →

11 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins for Better Network Management

By / — In the world of “best plugin lists”, there’s plenty of love for regular WordPress plugins. But when it comes to our compadres running WordPress Multisite, it’s easy for Multisite network admins to get left out in the cold. Let’s change… More →

Podcast E180 – Alternatives to shared hosting using Digital Ocean

By / — This week I talk about alternatives to shared hosting using Digital Ocean [powerpress] More →

How to Create Up-sells and Cross-sells in WooCommerce – BobWP

By / — One of the nice features in WooCommerce is being able to suggest other products to customers as they go through the buying process. There are some plugins and extensions that might have more robust features than you are looking for,… More →

MailOptin: WordPress Lead Generation and Email Automation Plugin

By / — Building email list is very important. It is the very essence of ‘grass-root’ marketing that will pay off over a long period of time. However, one thing is sure, effective… More →

Weekly Design Updates

By / — This is the weekly call for updates for those contributing to design, as outlined here. The idea of these it to keep all designers connected. If you are contributing to design please add your reply as a comment to this… More →