WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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Accounting For The Squeaky Wheel

By / — This has been on my mind for a while, likely because of how big of an issue it is for me. I didn’t realize how big of an issue it is though until I started doing some research. I came… More →

Display Submenu Only On Parent Page

By / — The in-built WordPress menu system allows the content author to create a menu by a simple drag n drop interface, it allows you to select existing posts, page or let you create custom links to add to the menu. Using… More →

Documenting The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

By / — A little over a month ago, I released the latest version of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. The response has been great – more than I was expecting, really but that’s a good thing – and, generally speaking, it’s been overall… More →

Easily do Theme Unit Testing With WPTest.io

By / — One of the most important steps before releasing WordPress themes to public is do a lots of testing as outlined in WordPress Theme Testing Process. One of the steps mentioned is to do Theme Unit Test. A unit testing is… More →

Evaluating Support Options for Plugin Developers

By / — Offering support for WordPress plugins is a tricky business. I consider it extremely important for plugin developers to offer some level of support, but it can be hard to figure out just how much. Fortunately, […] The post Evaluating Support… More →

Free WordPress Popup Plugin to Increase Your Social Media Followers

By / — Using a popup plugin on your WordPress website is a proven way to bring attention to your mailing list, social networks or other action you would like readers to take. Some people may loathe them but they are a very… More →

Hello world!

By / — Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! The post Hello world! appeared first on WPin. More →

How To Be Productive As A Web Designer

By / — Many people dream of ditching their forty hour, nine to five work week. Being able to leave behind the man, work for yourself, set your own hours, and make more money sounds awesome right? I mean, who doesn’t want that? If you’re… More →

How to Add Beautiful Pricing Tables in WordPress (No Coding Required)

By / — Creating pricing tables in WordPress is not easy. The visual post editor in WordPress doesn’t have a table generator either. In order to create a table, you need to install a plugin. However, most tables related plugins are not designed… More →

How to Choose the Right Social Media When Sharing Your Content?

By / — A few days ago I came across this fantastic infographic which I couldn't help but share with you. I always wondered who uses Facebook more: women or men? And what about Twitter or YouTube and others? These questions come naturally… More →

How to Find and Add Creative Commons Images to Your WordPress Site

By / — Images are an essential component of running a successful blog. They break up the text in interesting ways and can help to illustrate the various points you make. Most site owners and bloggers know this already. However, the actual task… More →

How to Maximize Online Store Conversions With Compelling Blog Posts

By / — Remember that the first goal of blogging is not just to get more traffic, but to get a specific outcome. You want more subscribers, more sales, or more people engaging with your brand. Despite the internet’s collective dream of “going… More →

Instagram: Quantum Centrifuge #makerfaireatl @mfatl

By / — Original Article: Instagram: Quantum Centrifuge #makerfaireatl @mfatl Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and world domination. More →

Integrating Twitter into WordPress: The Ultimate Guide

By / — Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks online and one of the biggest sources of traffic for many websites. If one of your articles goes viral on Twitter, you could receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors… More →

I’m liking the larger iPhone 6 screen more and mor…

By / — I’m liking the larger iPhone 6 screen more and more as my apps update to support the larger resolution. More →

New Seattle Workshop: Building Your Nonprofit Site with WordPress

By / — I had an idea for a workshop. One that would give local nonprofits the chance to explore the options in WordPress. A workshop where I provide a great learning experience for all—and all for free. So I approached several WordPress businesses… More →


By / — Hadn’t heard of this before but Qora looks really nice. It’s a videogame that has a lovely pixelly Studio Ghibli vibe to it. It’s currently on offer until October 9th […] The post Qora appeared first on Binary Moon. For… More →

Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Hosting

By / — This post is a part of a series Simplify Your Online Presence. We’ll walk you through the steps to create… The post Simplify Your Online Presence With WordPress: Hosting appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Tavern Interview

By / — Sarah Gooding of the WordPress inside baseball blog WP Tavern has an interview with me she titled Matt Mullenweg on Ensuring the Future of WordPress. More →

Today’s weekly meeting notes This week we had…

By / — Today’s weekly meeting notes This week we had a general meeting with a lot of housekeeping then a general discussion as things came up. Guidelines are being updated with recommended moving to the right places. We have an about page… More →

Unfrustrate Your Image Formatting with the WordPress Text Editor

By / — We’ll be looking at some useful ways to display images on the page that you simply can’t get with the Visual editor alone. Today we’re following up on a post from a few months ago detailing the differences between WordPress’s… More →

WebDevStudios Acquires Maintainn

By / — Today, website development company WebDevStudios announced the acquisition of Maintainn, a professional WordPress support and maintenance company. As WebDevStudios has grown into one of the larger WordPress companies in the space, the acquisition seems like […] The post WebDevStudios Acquires… More →

WebDevStudios Acquires WordPress Support Services Company, Maintainn

By / — WordPress development agency, WebDevStudios, has acquired Maintainn for an undisclosed amount. According to the announcement, the acquisition enables WebDevStudios to provide better maintenance and support to clients. Founded in 2012 by Shayne Sanderson, Maintainn provides maintenance services including 24/7 security… More →

WordPress iPhone App Mockup. New But Familiar

By / — I want to thank Aaron for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. I love WordPress. My life changed because of it. It’s part of who i am today. Looking at the WordPress app for iPhone i felt there… More →