WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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3 Easy Steps for Installing WordPress on Your Local Machine!

By / — There are a variety of reasons you might want to install WordPress locally. Want to test to see if a new plugin will conflict with other plugins? Want to change some code but not sure if you’ll break something? Just… More →

4.4 Dev Chat, October 7: Suggest items for today’s agenda

By / — Here are my agenda items for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Feature Plugin Merge Window CLOSES REST API Ryan McCue up to bat Already Committed! Responsive Images oEmbed Twenty Sixteen Components Customizer Multisite Shortcodes Post… More →

47 three-month-old Automatticians, and the future

By / — Back in May we announced we were joining the Automattic family. After much paperwork and completing all the legalities, we officially closed the WooMattic deal on July 1st, which makes us three month old Automatticians! Here’s a little of what… More →

Accelerated Mobile Pages & WordPress

By / — As was just announced on the VIP blog and Google, there’s a new open standard that competes with (or complements) Facebook’s Instant Articles. It’s easy for WordPress sites to support both, you can check out this Github project to see… More →

Agenda for October 8th meetup

By / — It’s a light week for me agenda wise. Items for the Community Summit (see last week’s summary). Aside from that it’s an open floor. Please reply in the comments or reply in the #forums Slack channel. More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on October 7

By / — Hi Polyglots! Here’s a short agenda for today’s chat at 10:00 UTC: Locale stats meta-i18n updates Theme/Plugin directories Open Discussion If you have suggestions for the agenda, please comment below. See you all on Slack! Alin More →

Automation here we come!

By / — As a step towards automation we are going to approve all updates at least once a week.  If you guys have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post below! More →

Conductor: How to Customize Your WordPress Website Without Code

By / — Have you ever found a WordPress theme that had the desired design, as far as style and color scheme, but not the ideal layout? What about the amount of time it will take you to code different layouts, either for personal use, business,… More →

Don’t Be Suckered by Scaremongers

By / — Have you received a message telling you that your site is not mobile-friendly? Don't take their word for it. Go to the Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool and enter your URL to find out the truth. Continue Reading Don’t Be… More →

Environment Specific Doctrine Datafixtures

By / — When working on a Symfony project the database you will most likely be working with is doctrine. A bundle used on doctrine you can use in your projects is called data fixtures. Data fixtures are used to load a controlled… More →

Fetch As Google Failed

By / — A short tale of debugging and WordPress. More →

Free Theme Release from WPLift – MediaPhase Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

By / — I’m pleased to offer our latest theme from ThemeFurnace completely free for WPLift readers, named MediaPhase this is a multi-purpose theme suitable for businesses, online shops and bloggers. This is the full commercial version of the theme which is being… More →

Holiday Website Optimization [Upcoming Webinar]

By / — Is your website up to par for the holidays? While we are only in the early stages of fall, the premature holiday decorating onslaught will soon arise, and online shoppers will start their quest for the perfect holiday gift. In… More →

How to Completely Remove Genesis Framework Breadcrumb

By / — Breadcrumb is an element in a website to help users easily navigate through out your site. Genesis Framework allows developers and non-techy users to add or disable the breadcrumb in clicks. However, for developers and designers, there are times where… More →

How to Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress

By / — Do you want to embed a Facebook video in WordPress? With the recent popularity of Facebook videos platform, several of our users asked if it was possible to embed Facebook videos in WordPress. In this article, we will show you… More →

Measure Jetpack: An Independent Project Aimed at Measuring Jetpack’s Performance

By / — Just about every time we publish an article about Jetpack, one or more readers leaves a comment similar to the following, I don’t use Jetpack because it slows down my site. Many of the comments don’t link to or provide… More →

Multisite Office Hours Recap (October 6, 2015)

By / — Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite. The next will be . Today’s chat log Overall 4.4 Release Objectives This was our first structured office hours in a bit after a lag, but here’s to being… More →

The 9 Web Development Resources I Can’t Work Without in 2015

By / — Daniel Pataki reveals the resources he can't live without in his day-to-day work as a developer, including the one that brought tears to his eyes because it was so well-designed! More →

The Grid Ruler Chrome Extension

By / — If you work in web development long enough, odds are you're going to discover that your strength lies within writing code or designing a site. It's possible to be good at both – I've seen it in rare cases -… More →

The Must Have Menu Plugin for WordPress

By / — The menu is the go-to point to navigate a website. It’s like having directions on a map for your users to navigate your site. It has always been like that but it was never as important as today to make… More →

Two Factor Authentication for WordPress

By / — Even with a strong, secure password, an attacker can get hold of your login credentials. By using a two factor authenticatin solution, you will increase your WordPress login security by an order of magnitude. More →


By / — When we attended WordCamp Los Angeles last month, I had the pleasure of sitting in on Se Reed’s talk on WordPress themes. One of her projects, WPwatercooler did a recap of WordCamp LAX with fellow organizer Greg Douglas, Orange County… More →

add_rewrite_rule() accepts an array of query vars in WordPress 4.4

By / — A small change to add_rewrite_rule() in [34708] means that in the upcoming WordPress 4.4 an array can be passed as the second parameter instead of a query string. Previously: add_rewrite_rule( 'foo/([^/]+)/bar/([^/]+)/?$', 'index.php?post_type=foo&name=$matches[1]&taxonomy=bar&term=$matches[2]' ); Now: add_rewrite_rule( 'foo/([^/]+)/bar/([^/]+)/?$', array( 'post_type' => 'foo',… More →

single-{post_type}-{post_name}.php: New theme template in WordPress 4.4

By / — A new theme template has been added to the theme hierarchy as of r34800: single-{post_type}-{post_name}.php.  This template follows the rules of is_single() and is used for a single post or custom post type. It’s most useful for targeting a specific post… More →

‘Clean Slate’ Blogging: How to Write a Post Your Readers Will Remember – BobWP

By / — As bloggers, it can be scary putting our work out there for the world to see. Learn how to get past those fears and write a memorable post—every time. The post ‘Clean Slate’ Blogging: How to Write a Post Your… More →

🎉 One more committer for 4.4!

By / — Please join me in welcoming a new guest committer for WordPress 4.4 — Ryan McCue (@rmccue)! Ryan has been contributing to the WordPress world for many years, through various patches, as well as being one of the maintainers of the SimplePie… More →