WordPress News Digest for Friday, October 7, 2016

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10 Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WordPress Users

By / — Looking for some Facebook tips and tutorials for your WordPress site? With more than a billion active users, Facebook is the largest social media website in the world. No website owner can afford to ignore the potential of Facebook for… More →

10 Email Templates Every Web Developer Needs to Keep Handy

By / — Let’s face it — writing emails is not fun. It’s time-consuming, requires rewrites, and needs proofreading. But as someone who runs a web development business, you send emails daily. You virtually run your business on emails. Which means you spend… More →

AMP for eCommerce

By / — In October 2015, Google announced a little thing called AMP. Initially, AMP started with a focus on news pages, but that focus rapidly changed towards every page of your website. That doesn’t just go for news websites. It seems like AMP… More →

Custom Admin Pages in WordPress

By / — Custom admin pages in WordPress aren't needed if you're using something like the Settings API, the add_menu_page function, or a similar API. Custom Admin Pages in WordPress was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources then visit… More →

Dev Chat Summary: October 5 (4.7 week 7)

By / — This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from October 5th (agenda, Slack archive). Reminders Schedule: We are 2 weeks from the final chance to merge in major features. This includes Twenty Seventeen. Reviews and commits should be getting . Tickets:… More →

Docs-focused Bug Scrub Friday

By / — We’ll have a docs-focused bug scrub in the #docs Slack channel, for anyone interested in contributing. We’ll focus on the `needs-docs` keyword first, then on the `docs` focus if there’s time. More →

Easy Social Share Buttons 4.0 Review – A/B Testing, Email Optin, and Lots More!

By / — In the market for a social share plugin? Join me as I take a look at the newest release of Easy Social Share Buttons. This plugin isn’t exactly a new topic at WPLift. It’s actually the exact plugin Daan uses… More →

Hello Polyglots I would like to assign translation…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I would like to assign translation editor to our themes which can be viewed here: https://profiles.wordpress.org/priyanshumittal#content-themes Please add the following WordPress.org user as translation editor for respective locale: #uk – @bars Thanks. Webriti Themes and Plugins More →

Hello Polyglots I would like to have a…

By / — Hello Polyglots, I would like to have a translation editor added to my plugin which can be viewed here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gwolle-gb/ Please add the following WordPress.org user as translation editor for respective locale: #pl_PL – @lumiasty Thanks. More →

How To Create Custom Sidebars With Your Genesis Child Theme – BobWP – Your Trusted WordPress Source

By / — If you use the Genesis framework and a child theme, consider creating custom sidebars to provide your readers and user options that compliment your page or post content, rather than conflict with it. The post How To Create Custom Sidebars… More →

How to make the most of email marketing during the holidays

By / — Today’s guest post comes to us from Brandon at MailChimp. With MailChimp’s integration for WooCommerce, you can connect your store and create targeted email campaigns, send follow-up emails, and recommend products that your shoppers will love. Take it away, Brandon!… More →

Inclusive web design – Why our websites should be more accessible

By / — The web should be a place for everyone. But is your website accessible by as many people as possible? Our goals as website owners and creators is to make an experience that is as inclusive and accessible as possible. What… More →

New Google Maps Requirement: How to Get Your Google Maps API Key

By / — In June 2016, Google announced that it was shaking up the way users add Google Maps to their website. Going forward, new users will need a Google Maps API key. That means, for the time being at least, existing Google… More →

New Team o2s

By / — Two weeks ago we’ve rolled out 11 team o2s for testing. Today we’re pleased to announce that all 71 locales with a current release now have a team o2. What should you use the o2 for? A team o2 can… More →

Notes from the Polyglots meetings on October 5th

By / — Hello Polyglots, Posting the merged notes from both the Asia Pacific and the EU/Americas chats that we had on October 5th. A big thank you to everyone who showed up, we haven’t had such active and productive discussions in a… More →

The Non-Techy Guide to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

By / — It's annoying if you have the best content but people start to ignore you. Google even punishes you with lower rankings. And all of this because of blog speed. In this guide, you will discover how to boost the speed without really… More →

Twenty Seventeen Meeting Notes: Oct. 7 2016

By / — Here’s the meeting summary for this week. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments. Housekeeping Slack archive of meeting. Meetings are every Friday at 18:00 UTC in #core-themes in Slack. Agenda. Summary The group: gave an update… More →

Twenty Seventeen: Agenda for Oct 7, 2016 Meeting

By / — Here’s the agenda for today’s weekly meeting on Twenty Seventeen. It will last 30 minutes, and I’ll be around in the #core-themes channel for at least 30 minutes afterward to answer any questions. General theme update. There isn’t much that… More →

Two Forks In The Road

By / — Because healthy rivalry between friends and equals is a good thing. More →

WP Ninjas Friday Roundup 10/07

By / — Welcome to the WP Ninjas Friday roundup! October is upon us, and for those of us in the Caribbean and the southeast coastline of the US, so is Hurricane Matthew. Our thoughts go out to those in Haiti, Cuba, and… More →

Weekly WordPress News: Security September Series Wraps Up

By / — If you're thinking of launching your own WordPress plugin, you'll definitely want to check out Adrian's article about launching Paid Member Subscriptions from $0 to $4,000 per month. The post Weekly WordPress News: Security September Series Wraps Up appeared first… More →