WordPress News Digest for Friday, November 7, 2014

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10 Deadly Sales Mistakes Startups Make via @gabelunao – #SalesHackerConf

By / — I spent this past week in San Francisco, attending events, meeting and collaborating with interesting people. To say I’m mentally tired would be an understatement. On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend an event called Sales Hacker Conference. I… More →

13 Surprising WordPress Statistics

By / — There’s no denying that WordPress has become one of the most, if not the most popular content management system. What started off as a personal project is now an integral part of the Internet’s architecture, powering […] The post 13 Surprising… More →

A Closer Look at iThemes’ Sync Pro Client Dashboard for WordPress

By / — Sync is a product from iThemes that makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites from a central location and is free to use for managing 10 sites or less. Using Sync, you can manage plugins, themes, users, comments, view… More →

Beautiful Taxonomy Filters for WordPress Custom Post Types

By / — Beautiful Taxonomy Filters is a new plugin that adds filtering to your custom post type archives, based on taxonomy (terms/categories/tags). It allows visitors to filter CPTs by multiple terms on the frontend. The plugin automatically adds rewrite rules to create… More →

Best Practices For Using Categories And Tags In WordPress

By / — You’ve written your post, and your mouse is hovering over the “Publish” button, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve forgotten something… Don’t worry, WordPress will remind you: “You must select a category before publishing a post.” And that… More →

Board Game Night

By / — Next Friday I’ll be putting on a board game night for our neighbourhood youth group of kids around grades 4–7. Of course, I’ve started geeking out about this already. Over the past four or five months I’ve had a lot… More →

Creating A Customizable Post List Template in WordPress With Advanced Custom Fields

By / — I’ve mentioned Advanced Custom Fields in previous articles before and thought it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and show you how it can be used to create great features with relative ease. In this article we’ll… More →

Documenting JavaScript in Core

By / — We had a lively session on JavaScript in WordPress core at the Community Summit last week. Topics were varied, but I’d like to sum up a few threads that point towards an actionable goal: better documentation in JavaScript. New Feature JavaScript is complex WordPress’ internal JavaScript “libraries”… More →

Great Web Projects Start With the Right Goals

By / — “What would count for you as a win on this project?” We were asked that question by our Graphic Designer when working on WP Shout’s new design. It might seem like a simple project, but it can be surprisingly difficult… More →

How to Override Comment Deadline in WordPress

By / — One solution often suggested to reduce comment spam is to disable comments on older posts. There is an option on the Discussion settings page where you can turn off comments on posts older than a certain number of days. The… More →

Image Flow Update 7th November: Prototypes and Frames

By / — We had a quick meeting this morning to discuss next steps and near term goals. As mentioned previously we need to create a few wireframes for different screen sizes (browsers, landscape mobile, tablet portrait) to represent the following views: Grid… More →


By / — Put on your hakama and play Karuta, WordPress style. More →

Misconceptions about the Hybrid Core framework

By / — Yesterday, WPMU DEV published an article on WordPress theme frameworks, calling it the ultimate guide to choosing one. I was happy to find that my own Hybrid Core Framework was listed among some great projects. It even garnered some nice… More →

Notes from the GlotPress discussion at #WCSF Community summit

By / — Notes from the discussion on improving GlotPress (Mon, Oct 29th), suggested by Marko for the Community Summit in San Francisco. Participants Birgit Olzem, Catia Kitahara, George Stephanis, Mayo Moriyama, Marko Heijnen, Paolo Belcastro, Petya Raykovska, Rafael Funchal, Sam Sidler, Stephane… More →

Optin Ninja Plugin Review: An Easy Way to Build Optin Squeeze Pages for WordPress

By / — Optin Ninja is a tool for WordPress that allows you to create high converting landing or squeeze pages for your website, in order to grow your email subscriber list. The plugin gives you a good selection of tools and customization… More →

Persistent Object Caching

By / — This post was contributed by Ryan Hellyer. He is from New Zealand, lives in Germany, and works as a full-time WordPress geek for Forsite Media in the Netherlands. He spends his time building WordPress plugins and getting up to mischief… More →

Pure Chat’s New Live Chat Plugin Makes Awesome Customer Service Easy

By / — Your customers want to chat with you. That’s why consumer studies have shown that 90% of customers consider live chat helpful and 63% are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat during their shopping experience. But these… More →

Support Team Update for November 6th

By / — This meetup was the first time using the WordPress Slack #forum channel. It was good and we’re all sold on using Slack for team collaboration. Just try and keep the animated GIFs to a minimum if possible. Items discussed at… More →

The Best Free WordPress Themes in October 2014

By / — There's a lot happening on the WordPress scene these days. And even though WordPress took over as the most popular content management system on the web a long time ago, the reach of the platform somehow continues to grow in a… More →

The Surprising Benefits of Uniform Culture at WP Engine

By / — I don’t mean “uniform” as in “identical.” (Although, that’s not a bad definition of culture: The attributes that we all share.) I mean “uniform” as in, “Wearing the same clothes, thereby reducing individuality.” We have a swag culture at WP Engine,… More →

This Week in WordPress: Automattic Acquihires and Big Web Host Survey Results

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip daily for lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Using fail2ban from behind a Rackspace Cloud LoadBalancer

By / — If your fail2ban is on a host behind a Rackspace Cloud LoadBalancer, you’ll want to block the offending IP addresses directly in your LoadBalancer. If your LB is acting as a reverse proxy, you’ll HAVE to block in the LB,… More →

Using fail2ban to block WordPress login attacks

By / — Fail2ban works by filtering a log file with a regular expression triggering a ban action if the condition is met. After a preset time, it will trigger an unban action. Without much effort, we can have WordPress log all authentication… More →

Vagrant Manager for OS X: Manage All Your Vagrant Machines from One Place

By / — Many WordPress developers have adopted Vagrant as part of their toolbox for creating development environments, due to the fact that it’s relatively lightweight and makes collaborative work much easier. Varying Vagrant Vagrants is one of the most popular Vagrant configurations… More →

WPWeekly Episode 169 – WordPress is Now a Verb

By / — In this week’s edition of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I get you caught up with the news you need to know. We discuss the changes in Jetpack 3.2, WordSesh 3, and a recent security vulnerability in WP eCommerce. We… More →

WordPress.com Adds Emoji Support, Coming Soon to Jetpack

By / — Twitter announced today that it has open sourced Twemoji, a set of 872 emoji characters. This means that emoji characters tweeted from phones will now be visible on the web and will look the same across all platforms. Twitter also… More →

Your Decisions Are Weak (Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water)

By / — It seems to be relatively common in the online developer community to easily dismiss others’ work when it doesn’t align with whatever we consider to be the best way to go about doing something. I think it’s fair to say that… More →