WordPress News Digest for Monday, December 7, 2015

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20 SEO Experts You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

By / — If you're looking to seriously step up your SEO game, you can’t trust just any source you find online that happens to offer SEO advice. More →

4.4 OMGWTFBBQ draft post

By / — It’s a little rough and copy-pasta but here’s the 4.4 draft. Starting with the boilerplate, first introduction post. Hooray! FIX TITLE is here! But OMGWTFBBQ!? WordPress 4.4 broke everything? Don’t Panic! Before you go any further, make sure you’ve updated… More →

Backup Your WordPress Site With BackupBuddy & A Holiday Cheer Deal

By / — We’re in the second week of December already – wow this month is flying by! But don’t let the holiday… The post Backup Your WordPress Site With BackupBuddy & A Holiday Cheer Deal appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →


By / — It's just an app to the left, and then a blog to the right as we get used to the new world order of WordPress on the desktop. More →

Finding the Best WordPress Caching Plugin to Speed Up Your Website

By / — If you want your website to as load quickly as possible then one of your best options is to install a caching plugin. The reality is that if your site takes a long time – even a few seconds –… More →

Hello all One of my plugins Nav Menu…

By / — Hello all, One of my plugins (Nav Menu Roles) takes the Walker_Nav_Menu class and extends it, but only adds an action hook. The rest of the class is unchanged from the core version. Do I need to add my plugin… More →

Hi I noticed that my changelog has automated…

By / — Hi! I noticed that my changelog has automated translations based on earlier translations. I’m OK with this, however, as you can see on https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/autodescription/changelog/, the class names I describe between backticks are also translated. This might cause fatal errors or… More →

How I Rediscovered Purpose

By / — This weekend, my life purpose was reawakened. And it was important. I had the chance to not only attend, but also speak, at the inaugural WordCamp US in Philadelphia. But before we go there, let me share some related feelings. The first… More →

How to Easily Add CSS Animations in WordPress

By / — Have you seen those beautiful CSS Animations on popular sites? Animated effects like sliding content, fade in feature boxes, bouncing images, etc. In this article, we will show you how to easily add CSS animations in WordPress without writing any… More →

Looking For a Buyer For Live Theme

By / — Years ago, the previous team with whom I worked built a theme tailored for a live event. Once the event was over, we refactored a bit of the code and began selling it. When 8BIT folded, one of the previous… More →

Matt Mullenweg’s State Of The Word Address

By / — WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg delivered his 10th annual State of the Word Address on Saturday during the inaugural WordCamp US at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the heart of Philadelphia. With 1,800-plus tickets sold for this event, a crowd from… More →

Quiz: Are You a WordPress Developer or Implementer?

By / — Theres a fair amount of controversy in the WordPress community when it comes to professional titles. Imposter syndrome is common everywhere, but in many cases with WordPress it might actually be justified. If you’ve wondered if your skill set is… More →

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

By / — Since Google announced that they were going to start using HTTPS as part of their ranking you would of seen a vast amount of websites switching to use HTTPS instead of using HTTP. If you are switching your site to… More →

State of the Word 2015

By / — Here is the State of the Word presentation I delivered on Saturday, and the following Q&A. If you just want to check out the slides, here they are on Slideshare: State of the Word 2015, WordCamp US from photomatt More →

Stopwords in your focus keywords?

By / — Stopwords (a, the, of, for) are usually filtered out by Google in a search query. Up until now, the Yoast SEO plugin would advice you to filter the stopwords from your focus keyword as well (and optimize your post or… More →

The 7 Best WordPress Scheduling Plugins to Help You Run a Smooth Operation

By / — As a service-based business owner, scheduling appointments can be a real nightmare. Not only can it be a huge and unpredictable time suck, but mis-scheduled appointments can also have a seriously negative impact on both your bottom line and your reputation. If… More →

The beginner’s guide to marketing your WP plugin

By / — Last I counted, there were over forty thousand plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. (Yes, I count them. What? It’s a hobby, don’t judge). Of those, I’m guessing there are only about 2% that are earning their authors money in… More →

Torque Weekly Digest: 12/07/15

By / — Here we provide a weekly recap of the biggest stories from torquemag.io. Dedicated to informing new and advanced WordPress users about the industry, Torque is a hub for WordPress news, business, and community. Here are some of last week’s top stories from… More →

WP REST API: New Tools & OAuth Updates

By / — Hi everyone! I’m here today with some special news for everyone, rather than a standard release announcement. I have three things to announce instead. Discovery Library for PHP A super cool thing that you might not know about with the… More →

WordPress Security Check Introduced Into ManageWP Orion

By / — Security is the number one concern for WordPress professionals. Your site going down is the least of your problems; malware injection attacks can ruin your website performance and ranking in a number of creative ways. You usually don’t find out… More →