WordPress News Digest for Friday, January 8, 2016

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25 Cool Websites Made with WordPress

By / — WordPress is the world’s largest self-hosted website creation tool, with millions of sites relying on it to deliver their content. It is also an entirely open source project that supports a wide array of incredible themes and plugins, giving users… More →

A Helpful Collection of Free Resources for Your Next Website

By / — This month's great round-up of resources includes HTML templates for screen-size photo portfolios, a mockup for your sketches, cool retro style poster designs, professional resume and business card templates, massive bundles for designers, a bundle of over 120 PSD web templates… More →

A Review of User Switching – WordPress Plugin –

By / — Russell Aaron reviews User Switching WordPress plugin The post A Review of User Switching – WordPress Plugin appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

Call for Trac Tickets and Recap of 1/8/2016 Bug Scrub

By / — Today we held the first regularly scheduled bug scrub of the WordPress 4.5 release cycle. As a reminder, for the 4.5 release, trac bug scrubs will be held weekly each . Bug scrubs are held in the #core channel of… More →

Challenges managing a WordPress consulting business and doing client work — Draft podcast

By / — This week’s Post Status Draft podcast is hosted by Brian Krogsgard and Joe Hoyle. This week, they talk working in an agency and doing client work. More →

Custom Contact Forms Plugin Passes 1 Million Downloads on WordPress.org

By / — Custom Contact Forms has just passed one million downloads after nearly six years in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Last year Taylor Lovett, Director of Web Engineering at 10up, released version 6.0, a completely rewritten version that made it one of… More →

Feature Plugin Chat on Tuesday, Jan 12

By / — As mentioned in the dev chat notes, we’ll be holding a Feature Plugin Chat on (the usual dev chat time). Please come if you’re looking for feedback on your Feature Plugin, are interested in a merge in 4.5, or have… More →

Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the plugin author for https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-embed-lastest-tweets/. Please add me ( @ArnaudBan ) as translation editor fr #fr_FR If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you! More →

Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the plugin author for the following plugins: https://wordpress.org/plugins/telegram-bot/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-attachments/ Please add me (@milmor) as translation editor for #it_IT Also, I have many translations pending. In particular: Persian for https://wordpress.org/plugins/telegram-bot/ Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, French for https://wordpress.org/plugins/eu-cookie-law More →

How WordCamp Paris Streamlined Speaker Submissions with the Idea Stream Plugin

By / — This post was contributed by guest author Jenny Beaumont. Jenny Beaumont is co-organizer of WordCamp Paris & WordCamp Europe, a frequent speaker at WordCamps in France and abroad, and a contributor to a number of blogs. After 17 years building… More →

I found a bug while translating the front…

By / — I found a bug while translating the front page for my plugin. For one paragraph, instead of using the paragraph’s translation, is only translating one word inside the paragraph and the remaining words are in English. This is the paragraph… More →

January 7th Support Team Meetup Summary

By / — WordPress 4.4.1 We are happy to report that all “Reported Oopsies” in 4.4 have been resolved by 4.4.1, though we have added a new reply listing known issues with 4.4.1. Global Contributor Drive @jenmylo, @bethannon1, and @kenshino are now in… More →

Mailbag: Access and Security

By / — Not everyone needs to be an admin. The path of least resistance is often the wiser one. More →

Progress Report: Measure Jetpack Benchmark Project

By / — Late in 2015, Arūnas Liuiza, a WordPress plugin developer, announced a new project called Measure Jetpack. Measure Jetpack is an independent, comprehensive series of benchmarks that will show how much impact Jetpack has on a site’s performance. Over the last few… More →

Should WordPress Product Support Be In-House?

By / — When asked if product support is done in-house by the company who built the product, the easy answer appears to be yes, doesn't it? I mean, why would you have it any other way? More specifically, why would you have… More →

Strings for WPiOS 5.9 Hey folks we’re shipping…

By / — Strings for WPiOS 5.9 Hey folks, we’re shipping WPiOS 5.9 to Apple in about two weeks and we could use some help translating the release notes and the app strings. Any help is much appreciated! More →

Summary Team Chat for January 4, 2016

By / — Tickets #33952: get_search_form() accessibility improvements The main issue when using `get_search_form()` is redundancy.  A lot of  “search, search for… search… search button” Given that `get_search_form()` is used in both the admin & the front end as well as by themes… More →

Utility Pro

By / — Genesis maven Carrie Dils has created a WordPress theme the right way. Utility Pro is mobile-first, translation-ready, and it takes accessibility seriously—in other words, it cares about all your users in a way that few themes do. It looks great,… More →

WP Ninjas New Year Roundup 1/8

By / — Happy New Year! It’s been a while since our last roundup as our weekly content geared down for the holidays. Things are back to business as usual around the WP Ninjas Dojo now though, and it’s time to take a… More →

Weekly SEO recap: Happy new year!

By / — First of all, a happy new year to you all! This is the first weekly recap of 2016 and the first weekly recap of the last 3 weeks so we have a few weeks of news to cover. Luckily, we… More →

Weekly WordPress News: 80 Free Themes of The Year, WPLift Hiring & More.

By / — I hope everyone had a good Holiday and New Year celebration, this was my first week back in work properly after some nice time off, you might have noticed I didn’t post much on WPLift for the last 2 weeks… More →

What store owners should learn from the holidays

By / — The holidays are coming to a close, and with them your online store’s discounts and deals. Things are quieting down and sales are slowing, which means it’s back to business as usual for you, yes? Perhaps not. You might be… More →

WordCamp Europe 2016 Sold Out, Organizers Working to Get More Venue Space

By / — If you waited to buy your ticket to WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna, you may be out of luck. The event sold out on December 31, 2015. All 1550 tickets, including 50 micro-sponsorship tickets are now gone. “We’re currently at… More →

WordCamp US Is Accepting Applications From Cities Who Want to Host The 2017-18 Event

By / — The application process to be the host city for WordCamp US 2017 and 2018 is now open. A lot of work goes into making WordCamp US successful and planning needs to start as soon as possible. The goal is to… More →

WordPress Themes and User Experience

By / — Good user experience in WordPress themes can make the difference between frustrated or happy users. Yet, it’s often overlooked. A … Continue reading → More →

WordPress for Non-Profits: A Comprehensive Guide

By / — From the $0 price tag to the robust community around it, WordPress lends itself well to non-profit use, whether you need to raise donations, spread awareness, or perform some other vital community outreach. More →