WordPress News Digest for Sunday, February 8, 2015

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4 Ways to Better Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site

By / — Instagram is one of those popular and addictive social networks that makes it easy to upload and share your images and videos. It currently has over 300 million active users per month. That’s impressive. It also means there is some… More →

Add Content Requirement Checklists to the WordPress Post Editor

By / — If you have additional writers who are contributing to your website, or you are managing a multi-author blog, then the plugin we are looking at today has the ability to help you make sure your team are submitting posts with… More →

How to Add a Character Counter to the WordPress Excerpt Box

By / — Many themes have a specific requirement for how long excerpts should be. Adding a character counter to your except meta box will ensure your words fit perfectly – and you're not cut off mid-sentence. More →

Personal Insecurities

By / — This past weekend I spent some time with my friend, Chris Lema. He's a fascinating man with great insights in a number of areas; the one we stumbled on this Saturday was people and leadership. Over the past few months,… More →

Productivity of Working from Home

By / — FiveThirtyEight says People Working From Home In A Snowstorm May Be Producing More Than You Are, on the productivity of working from home. More →

Simple “Zen” Reading Mode with MooTools

By / — Gigantic, image-based headers are an up-to-date web-feature. It looks amazing but they are squandering space, especially on sites with large tutorials containing long text. This site is using a simply method which transforms the header-size depending on the current page-scroll:… More →