WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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10 Premium WordPress Add-ons You Must Have

By / — WordPress themes give you a great deal of customization power, and plugins take things a notch higher by adding the… The post 10 Premium WordPress Add-ons You Must Have appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

An Overview of Recent WordPress Theme Design Trends: 2013 to 2014

By / — A common trait among most successful web designers – they’re very passionate about their work. If they don’t like something, they won’t spend another second on that train of thought. To keep their creative juices alive and afresh, they seek… More →

Augusta History Museum

By / — With a little time to kill yesterday I went to the Augusta History Museum. Pretty interesting mix of stuff. There was a bit on the revolutionary and civil war, complete with various weapons and uniforms. There was also a bit… More →

Blue Skies at Forest Hills

By / — What a difference a day makes. Today turned into the kind of day I was hoping for on this trip and I took advantage of the weather to play a round of golf at Forest Hills. I was joined by… More →

Cognitive Lode: tips for understanding user behavior online

By / — Cognitive Lode is a nice little resource site by the folks at ribot that aims to educate web-makers about the various behaviors of web-users, “to help you make better products.” Each study is nicely illustrated, cites additional resources, and generally… More →

Diving into Dictator: A Provisioning Tool for WordPress

By / — Some of you may have seen the announcement of a new WP-CLI package known as Dictator. Dictator allows you to define the “state” of your WordPress install. It keeps a running record of your WordPress […] More →

Do you want to post to Facebook?

By / — If you’re not a Quora user and you click “Sign up with Facebook” on the Quora homepage, you’ll see a popup like this: Note the text: “This does not let the app post to Facebook”. Well, no problem, I’ll click… More →

Hi Polyglots There are strings update in translation

By / — Hi, Polyglots. There are strings update in translation. More →

How to Rearrange Post Edit Screen in WordPress

By / — After using WordPress for a while, you may notice that there are some areas of the post edit screen that you do not use at all. Similarly, you will notice certain sections that you use more often, but they are… More →

How to Use Reddit with a Business

By / — In our numerous conversations about social networks like Facebook and Twitter and about the importance of getting social with your customers, we have largely left out a major player. Reddit. While many people have the tendency to assume that reddit… More →

Hypothesis: I could eat at a different Waffle Hous…

By / — Hypothesis: I could eat at a different Waffle House for every meal on this trip. Not going to test it. This post is part of the thread: 2014 Golf Trip – an ongoing story on this site. View the thread… More →

Introducing Hookr.io: A New Resource For WordPress Developers

By / — Hookr.io is a brand new project created by Christopher Sanford in the alpha stage of development. It’s an index of all the available WordPress Hooks and API calls stretching back to WordPress 1.5. The site is a result of a… More →

Redirect Users After Login In WordPress

By / — WordPress comes with the ability to create different users for your website. Each of these users can have different roles and different capabilities to perform tasks on your website. You can have users which are allowed full control over everything… More →

Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes That Really Work On Tablets

By / — Of the hundreds of responsive WordPress magazine themes available, only a handful actually work well across all platforms and particularly tablets. The good news is we've got the list of those you should be looking at. More →

Selective Ticket Assignment and Ticket Hogging

By / — Based on recent comments, I would like to clarify a couple points about ticket assignment. Selective Ticket Assignment First, when you assign a ticket to yourself, assign the first ticket in the queue. That means assign from tickets in Priority… More →

Soil: Roots Framework Features That Can Be Used With Any WordPress Theme

By / — Roots is a WordPress starter theme that incorporates the HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap, and Grunt. It’s also known for creating cleaner HTML, cleaner script output, and its unique theme wrapper method for handling template markup. Up until now, you’d have to… More →

Support Your Clients With White Label Videos and Awesome Tutorials

By / — Did you know we have dozens of continuously updated, high quality white label video user manuals for WordPress? More →

The Heartbleed Bug is Not Affecting Sites Hosted by WP Engine

By / — We want to reassure our customers that the current version of the Heartbleed bug, a recently discovered high priority security vulnerability, is not affecting sites hosted by WP Engine. At WP Engine we take security very seriously.  We conduct regular… More →

The Idea Of Sponsored Comments Disqusts Me

By / — Disqus announced it is testing out a new advertising technique in the form of sponsored comments. According to the post, the experiment has been going on for at least a month and based on the results, is expanding it across… More →

The WordPress Voice and Tone Survey: Results

By / — This survey continues a post from around a month ago discussing the tone and voice of WordPress’s written content, and recommending a community-approved writing style guide. The post led to a lively discussion about the nature and aims of WordPress… More →

Using LighthouseApp For WordPress Issues

By / — One of the things that I love about GitHub is how they’ve done a great job integrating source code, milestones, tickets, pull requests, and so on. But if you’re working with WordPress, not all projects all on which you work… More →

We’re Updating All WP Engine Sites to WordPress 3.8.2

By / — WordPress 3.8.2 was just released. This security update includes greater protection against potential authentication cookie forgery and a new feature to pass along the IP address of the pingback senders to help networks and hosting companies identify abuse. There’s also… More →

Why Your Website Needs An Email Newsletter

By / — Why do you think websites are always asking for your email? Surely they know that social media is the big thing right now, right? It seems that website owners will do anything to get you to “Sign Up”. You need… More →

Why the Web Still Matters for Writing

By / — I wanted to share unique perspective for why the web matters in an app world with a guest post from Stratechery writer Ben Thompson: This week Twitter was abuzz with the most recent report from Flurry that showed people spending… More →

WordPress 3.8.2 Security Release

By / — WordPress 3.8.2 is now available. This is an important security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. This releases fixes a weakness that could let an attacker force their way into your… More →

WordPress 3.8.2 Update

By / — We’ll be systematically rolling out WordPress 3.8.2 today, no need for alarm, this was a low risk patch addressing various security issues and some bug fixes. As usual this will be a managed release so if you do run into… More →

WordPress 3.8.2 has been released It is a…

By / — WordPress 3.8.2 has been released. It is a security release. There are no string changes. WordPress 3.7.2 was also released, but it is only being used for auto-updates. Users are not presented with this package. There is no need to… More →

WordPress 3.8.2, 3.7.2, and 3.9 Release Candidate 1 have been released

By / — All of your websites are ready for updates. There is a security and maintenance release ready for WordPress 3.8.2 and WordPress 3.7.2. It’s being released for both 3.7 and 3.8 due to the auto-updating feature released in WordPress 3.7. One… More →

WordPress 3.8.2: First Security Release Shipped as a Background Update

By / — WordPress 3.8.2 was released today with several important security fixes that warrant an immediate update. If you have background updates turned on, you should get the 3.8.2 security release within 12 hours. Of course, you can always update immediately via… More →

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate

By / — As teased earlier, the first release candidate for WordPress 3.9 is now available for testing! We hope to ship WordPress 3.9 next week, but we need your help to get there. If you haven’t tested 3.9 yet, there’s no time like… More →

WordPress Migration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By / — In theory transferring a WordPress website should be a straightforward process that involves few well-defined steps like: export your database from the old host, import it on the new one, move your files, reconfigure WordPress and change the DNS records.… More →

WordPress Theme Review VVV: A Quick Vagrant Setup for Testing Themes

By / — Varying Vagrant Vagrants is likely the most popular Vagrant configuration for setting up a WordPress development environment. VVV makes it easy to create new WordPress installations for developing themes and plugins as well as contributing to core. One of the… More →

WordPress for iOS 4.0.1 Released Hey everyone we…

By / — WordPress for iOS 4.0.1 Released! Hey everyone, we just released WordPress for iOS 4.0.1 which fixes a few of the bugs and crashes you’ve been experiencing. Some of the bugs fixed by this release were: Improved the performance of stats.… More →