WordPress News Digest for Saturday, April 8, 2017

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A Chapter Ends. A New One Begins.

By / — This chapter in my life began March of 2011. I was invited to join the team by Dre and Daniel. Coincidently, it ended on the month that I officially hit 6… Read More The post A Chapter Ends. A New One… More →

Engaging with the Divi Nation and Taking your Web Design Career to the Next Level

By / — Welcome to part 5, the final installment our Divi mini series How to Become a Successful Divi Web Designer. In this series, we’re showing you a proven path that you can take from learning to build websites to becoming a… More →

Introducing the Aztec Mobile Editors

By / — The hybrid (HTML & JavaScript) approach has worked well enough to bring a rich editing experience to our users. The limitations of the web view has prevented us from giving those users the anything better than a 7 out of… More →

How to Download WordPress in Any Language

By / — The WordPress admin is fairly straightforward to use no matter where you live in the world since it has been translated into many different languages. The trickiest part is knowing where to grab a translated copy. While WordPress can be downloaded… More →

Five Ways of Selling Through Channels Beyond Your Shopify Store – BobWP

By / — With Shopify you can go beyond selling on your Shopify site. Sell on any website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even through Point of Sales at physical store. More →

5 Best Ways to Reduce Video Size for Faster Loading

By / — As technology evolves, so does our ability to share information. Internet connections are faster and more reliable than ever, but video files are still large compared to audio files or images. Large files can be the cause of slow upload/download… More →

Restructuring the Theme Review Team

By / — At the meeting on Friday with Matt, it was suggested that we should have Team Reps who could make the final decision as a direct democracy does not really work well in our situation. A few reason for this is… More →

Yoast SEO’s PHP Upgrade Nag is Producing a Significant Increase in Sites Upgrading to PHP 7

By / — Less than three weeks ago Yoast SEO version 4.5 was released with an ugly, non-dismissible notice for sites on PHP 5.2. The notice encourages the user to upgrade to PHP 7, explaining that it is faster and more secure. It… More →