WordPress News Digest for Saturday, July 8, 2017

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Divi Plugin Highlight – Divi Accordion

By / — Accordions are basic design elements that provide great ways to provide content in collapsible form. Readers can open and close the content on demand. Divi includes a standard accordion module, but what if you wanted new accordion designs? For that… More →

Singletons And Shared Instances

By / — Every once in a while, when discussing software design with fellow developers, the topic of Singletons comes up, especially in the context of WordPress development. Often times, I try to explain why these should be avoided, even though they are… More →

9 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

By / — When your site is live, one of the first things you’re probably thinking is, “Is this thing actually working?” Without an immediate barrage of sales or signups, it’s hard to know what’s happening. Does your site even have any visitors… More →

11 Examples of Actor Websites Built with WordPress

By / — If you are an actor, then your website can be a key marketing tool, helping to promote you and your skills. So it is important that you take the time to create a vibrant and successful website, that helps showcase… More →

From Brick & Mortar to Online. How Many Products Should I Sell Online at First? – BobWP

By / — When you expand to online from brick and mortar should you expect that all of your products will be available online when you launch? We have the answer for you in today's post. More →

What’s new in Gutenberg? (July 8th)

By / — First, we want to thank everyone who has been testing the plugin and providing feedback. It’s great to see so many people helping with the project. We are collecting feedback from the call to test in the repository, if you are… More →