WordPress News Digest for Friday, August 8, 2014

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10 Content Marketing Ideas for WordPress Businesses

By / — Content marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies around, but can it produce results for WordPress businesses like it does for regular ones? More →

A Programmer’s Guide to Effective Naming

By / — Programmers spend a lot of time thinking about how to optimize the code they’re writing. This week’s post from Press Up examines the benefits of and tradeoffs between brevity and explicitness in code naming, and offers suggestions for how to… More →

Best Mobile Apps and Tools for Blogging with WordPress on the Road

By / — Now that there are many established ways to make money with WordPress, and even more options for monetising your blog, it’s understandable that those with the right skills or a popular website might want to hit the road from time to time and… More →

Change Language Locale From WordPress Plugin

By / — WordPress has the ability to be fully translated, this can be done in both themes and plugins. Translation Files To get WordPress to translate all of the text it uses the GNU gettext system, which wraps all the text on… More →

DradCast Episode 054: Chris Brogan Is Wrong

By / —   Show Notes Host Chris Brogan is an advisor and strategist to professionals and owners alike. Having been on the Dr. Phil show and presented to thousands at conferences he is a highly regarded keynote […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

GSoC Menu Customizer Update: Live-previewing Menus

By / — I’ve finished implementing menu-previewing in the Menu Customizer plugin, building on the scalable approach to saving menus that I discussed in my last update. The entire Menus experience is now consolidated into a Menus panel in the Customizer, where you can… More →

Heroku WP: A Template for Installing and Running WordPress on Heroku

By / — Over the past few months, WordPress developers have been experimenting with speeding up PHP execution with HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) and have achieved some amazingly fast load times. HHVM compatibility with WordPress is gradually improving and more hosting companies are… More →

How Crowd Favorite Utilizes Multiple Offices and a Distributed Work Force

By / — As I was listening to an interview with Chris Lema, I was surprised to hear how Crowd Favorite has offices setup across the world. Many of the WordPress agencies I’m familiar with are 100% distributed with one physical office. This… More →

How To Use Google Fonts On Your WordPress Website

By / — Google has supplied the community with a large collection of web based fonts for quite a few years. There are several ways Google provides to implementing these fonts for free on your website. Today I will speak on how to… More →

How has WordPress changed your life?

By / — Last week, I was in New York City for WordCamp and some client meetings. The event was a huge success, with four full tracks of expert designers, developers, and WordPress professionals sharing what they’ve learned. I had a great time… More →

How to Add Portfolio Custom Post Type With Jetpack Plugin

By / — If you use Jetpack plugin, you might notice that they have added few new features with the release of version 3.1. One of the features that really caught my attention is the addition of Portfolio Custom Post Type (CPT). Previously,… More →

How to AutoPost from one Site to Another with WordPress

By / — If you want to automatically post content from one site to another this can easily be done with WordPress and RSS feeds. You will need a WordPress plugin that automatically creates posts from an RSS or Atom feed. That’s exactly what the WP… More →

How to Feature a Page in WordPress

By / — Have you seen popular websites featuring specific pages in their sidebars? These static pages are used to display information like an about page, getting started page new readers, an archives page, etc. Recently one of our users asked us if… More →

Image Flow Update 8th August

By / — Thanks everyone who attended the meeting. Here’s what we discussed: Market Analysis We looked over the market analysis. The main findings are here, but in case you don’t want to read, the salient points were: most blogging platforms don’t have… More →

Is Reality Ready for Augmentation

By / — The publicity around Google Glass has brought new attention to the idea of augmented reality (AR), which connotes the idea of overlaying information onto the physical world.  These certainly are not the first glasses for […] The post Is Reality… More →

Mailbag: I Don’t Woo, But I Do CPT

By / — The art of Custom Post Types and control More →

Me: Do you want some ham or turkey on your grilled…

By / — Me: Do you want some ham or turkey on your grilled cheese sandwich? 5-year old: How about bacon?! That’s my girl… More →

Old School Color Cycling with HTML5 | EffectGames.com

By / — Back in the 80s and early 90s, animated graphics were mostly very low-res. Computers and graphics cards just didn’t have the oomph needed to animate hi-resolution pictures with lots of colors, and they could only display 256 different colors on… More →

Setting Up Google Rich Snippets in WordPress

By / — In the fiercely competitive online environment, you should be looking to use every tool at your disposal to your advantage…. The post Setting Up Google Rich Snippets in WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Steps for Soft Launching WordPress Products

By / — One of the things with which I’ve just started experimenting is soft launches of product updates. That is, I’m providing updates to users of certain plugins through automatic updates in order to garner feedback – if any – prior to announcing… More →

Support Team Update for August 7th

By / — Items discussed at this week’s #wordpress-sfd support: WordPress security release Update. Do it now. I’ll wait. Versions 4.0 beta 3, 3.9.2, 3.8.4, 3.7.4 were updated and co-released with the Drupal security team. That’s pretty impressive with all those versions and… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #59

By / — Important WordPress security update, the future of rich content, and weekend projects. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Understanding WordPress Taxonomy Table Relationships

By / — When working with taxonomies in WordPress, it’s helpful to understand the taxonomy database schema. The WordPress database contains three tables for storing taxonomy data: wp_terms – stores all of your taxonomy terms wp_term_taxonomy – defines what taxonomy each term belongs… More →

Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Sitemap (And How to Generate One)

By / — 63% of ecommerce sites have a sitemap. That might seem like a high percentage, but what bothers me is the 37% who are missing out. Why? Because a sitemap is an integral component in your online store’s success. Thankfully, a missing… More →

WordPress cdnjs Plugin Makes It Easy to Offload Scripts

By / — The cdnjs service is used by hundreds of thousands of websites to offload static files for performance. It’s an open source community-driven project that hosts a variety of different file types, including JavaScript, CSS, SWF, and images, thanks to help… More →


By / — p5 takes inspiration from the Processing environment, but is made for JavaScript and the browser. Unlike processing.js, p5 embraces JavaScript’s loose typing, and allows interaction with the DOM and other browser functions. p5.js Original Article: p5.js Dougal Campbell’s geek ramblings… More →