WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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5 Things Seldom Shared About Blogging

By / — Have you ever noticed that sometimes we paint a rosy picture about a task that others might find impossible, or very, very hard? Take blogging, for example. Let’s face it, blogging isn’t for everyone. I have taught several blogging workshops… More →

5 years into business, Pagely is growing faster than ever

By / — Pagely is celebrating their fifth year of business right now. They have just launched their newly designed website (note to early readers: it’s in process of launching at this moment, so some links may not work until later today) to… More →

Agenda for October 8th dev chat

By / — Agenda for today’s dev chat () in #wordpress-dev. Updates from @helen and @markjaquith on post/user dropdown performance, and editor focus improvements, respectively. Anything needed from either party? Updates from @boonebgorges on his query enhancements. Any pending blockers, feedback, testing, etc… More →

Become a Longreads Member

By / — Our goal is to create a sustainable membership with a large enough base that it will fund reporting and writing at rates that are competitive with the best print magazines in the world. You might not have heard of a… More →

Does Homepage SEO exist at all?

By / — It’s clear that a homepage serves a number of different purposes. Among others, it is your welcoming page and your main user guide for your website. I promise to devote another post to that. There is however one purpose that I feel… More →

Easily Add Drag and Drop Page Order Feature in WordPress

By / — Although WordPress has become the most popular CMS, it’s still not perfect and it will never be. There are lots of things can still be improved. One of those little things is the ability to change page order by drag and drop.… More →

Enter The Elegant Themes Showcase Contest For A Chance To Win $12,000 In Prizes!

By / — Last year we launched our first Customer Showcase Contest, and we were so pleased with the amazing sites that were submitted that we decided to make it an annual tradition! In the 2014 edition, we have upped our game with… More →

Hey dear Polyglots Here are my notes from…

By / — Hey dear Polyglots, Here are my notes from the Polyglots chat today for everyone who couldn’t be there: Who is going to WCSF? There will be about 20 + polyglots in SF, it would be great to finish some projects… More →

Hi I released Czech cs CZ version of…

By / — Hi, I released Czech (cs_CZ) version of WordPress 4.0 two weeks ago, but users noticed some problems when using Wordfence. Version is displayed as 4.0, but there are probably some fixes from upcoming 4.0.1. I used HEAD for generating package,… More →

How To: Create Custom Register & Login Pages with Rich User Profiles in WordPress

By / — If you wish to allow user registration and login on your WordPress website you will quickly find that the default system which ships with WordPress is not the best – users have to go to the wp-login.php page to signup… More →

How to Automatically Share Your Old WordPress Posts

By / — Social networks are an important source of traffic for many websites. You can use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to introduce your new followers to your old content. This helps you engage users on social media, build a… More →

How to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Bounce Rate

By / — Bounce rate is defined as the number of times a visitor leaves your site without clicking on any links or… The post How to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Bounce Rate appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

I Don't Know

By / — Building a business is a journey of learning.<…> Today I'm more convinced of this than ever before. I sometimes find myself almost hiding behind the bravado of making new mistakes, when in actual fact, I'd like to think that my… More →

Ideas for plugin/theme install/update UIs

By / — In the last few releases, the theme and plugin installers received new UI. But the actual procedure of installing a plugin or theme is still old-school: a JavaScript alert confirms you actually did want to install something, then you get taken an ugly… More →

Improving Third-Party API Performance in WordPress with the WP-TLC-Transient Library

By / — Minimizing page load time is incredibly important for both UX and SEO. We spend tons of time obsessing over getting our code and servers optimized to serve our sites as fast as possible, but once you incorporate […] The post Improving Third-Party… More →

Last Week in WordPress Core

By / — Hi Everyone! It’s time for Last Week in WordPress Core! This update covers through Sunday, October 5th, and contains many commits from WordCamp Europe. Yay! Things are rolling along well, including first passes on pinning the admin menu, and many… More →

My Experience at WordCamp Ann Arbor 2014

By / — After a busy weekend of WordPress conferences, among those that took place is the first ever WordCamp Ann Arbor. Situated on the University of Michigan campus at the Michigan League, nearly 150 people from all walks of life gathered to… More →

Powerful Must-Have Tools for Every WordPress Developer

By / — While developing for WordPress we frequently get into situations that call for specialized plugins and tools to make our lives easier. Importing test posts, regenerating images, automation of WordPress reinstallation, creating options pages – just a fraction of an endless… More →

Q&A With Tom Ewer: Beginner Blogging

By / — We know this guy called Tom who’s really good at blogging. He’s a guest blogger for WooThemes and recently launched a free online course called Beginner Blogging to get people set up for success with WordPress. We chatted to him to find… More →

Scalable Dropdowns and More, chat on 2014/10/8

By / — In 3.9, I started taking a look at solving some long-standing scaling issues with dropdowns, notably those for users (#19867) and pages (#9864). I arrived at a conclusion about our mixed usage of autocomplete and autosuggest far too late to… More →

Setting Routines and Boundaries for Self-Employment

By / — Many of us who work with WordPress do so from the comfort of our own laptop. While having a great degree of flexibility is one of the main perks of being self-employeed, it also comes with it’s own set of… More →

Team chat agenda week #41

By / — Items for this week: WCSF Agenda items (Feel free to post them in the comments below … like and subscribe!) Keeping the ball rolling on getting chat up here in some form or other Which not surprisingly looks a lot… More →

The Advantages of Moving Abroad and Working Remotely – WPCAST018

By / — In this episode, we discuss our thoughts and experiences on living abroad and working remotely. More →

The Bias of Transparency

By / — How transparent do we need to be? More →

Using jQuery To Set Select2 Selected Value

By / — As much as I firmly believe in making sure that anything we build for WordPress especially as it relates to the dashboard should remain as consistent as possible. As with anything, there are a few exceptions that I’ve made in… More →

Your Ultimate Weekly WordPress Email Fix

By / — As you already doubtless know, dear reader, we love our WordPress emails around here. Love ‘em! But it’s not all about us, and today we thought we’d bring to your attention something we read every week here at WPMU DEV HQ, namely the… More →

wpDataTables – a Plugin that Makes Tables in WordPress Easy

By / — Tables are a convenient way of displaying data to your website users: information is well-organized, structured, and people always know how to find what they need within table columns and rows. But preparing a table in a WordPress post can… More →