WordPress News Digest for Monday, December 8, 2014

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20+ Best Music WordPress Themes For Bands & Musicians

By / — With musicians utilizing every ounce of social media and online influence they can muster, it’s important that they also have access to affordable websites, built to showcase their best assets. Since bands, composers, festivals, and solo artists are busy writing,… More →

Add an Auto Reply to Your Jetpack Contact Form

By / — Jetpack has been downloaded more than 13 million times. The Contact Form module is one of its most popular features, as nearly every site requires a way for visitors to get in touch. The module is reliable and easy to… More →

Awesome Giveaway – Win One of Two KeyCDN Accounts

By / — Today we teamed up with KeyCDN to give you a change to win one of two KeyCDN accounts with 1 TB of traffic. More →

BPG Image format

By / — BGP is a lossy image format with high compression and alpha channel support that can be decoded in JavaScript. The quality comparison against JPEG is impressive. BPG Image format Original Article: BPG Image format Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress,… More →

Can we verify who has r w access…

By / — Can we verify who has r/w access to the http://vi.wordpress.org repo? @rilwis and I need rights so that we’re able to prep everything for 4.1 tomorrow when we meet. Thanks thanks. More →

Design challenge weekend learning sessions

By / — We’re going to do some sessions in the lead up to the design challenge weekend. These will be done and then recorded to post on WordPress.tv. Each session will be no longer than an hour with a Q&A session. So, what are they… More →

Don’t Be Afraid To Learn In Adversity

By / — Don't be afraid to code badly. You can't know it all from the beginning. And don't let people get you down about that. More →

EP115 – Tips for a successful WordPress Meetup – Dec 8 2014

By / — On this episode of WPwatercooler we'll be talking with WordPress Meetup organizers around the world and have them share tips for a successful WordPress meetup. Show aired Dec 8 at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7PM UTC The post… More →

Enable Email Notification Subscriptions for Blog Post Comments in WordPress

By / — If you want to make it easy for your readers to find out when someone has replied to a comment they’ve left on your blog, then the free plugin we are going to be looking at today can enable you… More →

Get the Torque app for your iOS or Android device

By / — Hey smart readers, we just wanted to let you know that the official Torque Magazine app is now available for your smartphones. You can download it free for your Android or iOS device! Last week […] The post Get the… More →

Handy Free Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions for WordPress Users

By / — If you are a WordPress user who also uses the Google Chrome web browser, there are some free apps and extensions you can use to help you complete tasks on your website faster and more efficiently. By installing these free… More →

How To Create A WordPress Review Site Using Themes & Plugins

By / — Writing reviews for books, movies, gadgets, and more has been a ubiquitous part of the blogging experience from the very beginning. After all, it’s only natural that in the course of thoroughly covering a blog topic that a blogger might want… More →

How To Find a Post, Page or Category ID in WordPress

By / — Often when you are using a theme, plugin or widget, it will ask you for a post, page or category ID. It’s as simple as scroll over the post or page name you want the number of and you will… More →

How to Add YouTube Video as Fullscreen Background in WordPress

By / — Many top brands are using background videos to make their landing pages more interesting. If used carefully, a moving background can instantly grab attention of your visitors. In this article, we will show you how to add YouTube video as… More →

How to Use AJAX in WordPress to Load Search Results

By / — AJAX is a very powerful and flexible tool that allows developers to create more streamlined applications. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as loading content or verifying login credentials. The main benefit of AJAX is… More →

Increase Your Social Following with the Comment Redirect Plugin for WordPress

By / — Today we are going to be looking at a simple but effective WordPress plugin that can help you build a better relationship with your blog readers who leave a comment on your site and also increase your social media following.… More →

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with WPDASH, Now in Beta

By / — WPDASH is a new service that launched in beta today, created by a group of WordPress developers in Poland. It joins the ranks of ManageWP, WP Remote, InfiniteWP, and a handful of others that provide a centralized WordPress dashboard for… More →

Open Update Thread, Week of December 8th

By / — What’s happening? More →

Persistent Object Caching

By / — Caching within WordPress is complex, and most people don’t have the foggiest idea how WordPress handles internal caching. Object caching is a vital tool for your toolbox and it can provide huge performance improvement without requiring you to resort to… More →

Polyglots chats Dec 3rd and Dec 4th Summary

By / — Polyglots chats Summary: Dec 3rd and Dec 4th Archive | Agenda We’re going to try to adopt the structure of core’s chats summaries. Here goes. Hits: Tagalog has a new translator team thanks to a call for new translator on slack worked well. @krzheiyah,… More →

PremiumPress Offering 50% Christmas Discount On All Themes

By / — 30,000+ users worldwide use PremiumPress' responsive WordPress themes to power their business website. This month of December PremiumPress are feeling extra generous and have come up with this great offer. They've gone ahead and set up a 50% discount on all themes using coupon… More →

The weekly test session on Monday will be…

By / — The weekly test session on Monday will be postponed until Monday January 5 2015. More →

This week’s agenda is going to be firming…

By / — This week’s agenda is going to be firming up some requirements and recommendations. We’ll meet at 18:00 UTC Tuesday in #themereview on Slack. Find out more about joining Slack here: https://make.wordpress.org/chat/ Both of these requirements are not a matter of… More →

Top 10 Things You Need to Do to Have a Successful eCommerce Holiday Season

By / — Consumers spend around $52 billion on holiday shopping, and 90 percent of people will complete at least some of their shopping online. Those are some huge numbers, potentially bringing holiday cheer for all eCommerce website owners and businesses that are… More →

Updating Permalinks in Ghost

By / — When I think about blogging, there is perhaps no more important feature or concern than impacts to SEO. It's perhaps one of the biggest concerns many will likely experience when performing a migration to the Ghost blogging platform. I recently… More →

WP Mayor is 4 Years Old!

By / — A bit over four years ago, I launched WP Mayor as a way of recording what I'd been learning and also listing some of my favourite WordPress products. I'm very thankful of how the site has grown during the past… More →

When You Export All WordPress Data…

By / — TL;DR: Exporting a lot of data? Don't forget the "posts_per_page" argument.If you’ve ever done any work for yourself or for others in WordPress where you’re responsible for importing a lot of data in a specific format (such as a CSV),… More →

WordPress Review Themes: Build a Review Website with WordPress

By / — Online reviews are everywhere for just about every industry – people like to read and write reviews about TV Shows, Games, the food they eat, restaurants and places they visit – the list is endless. Gaining other people’s insight helps… More →

WordPress on-page SEO: How to do it perfectly

By / — Pop quiz time: What is the most important factor in WordPress on-page SEO? What really determines how well your web page will rank on Google? Is it content length? Social sharing? Keyword density? All of […] The post WordPress on-page… More →

Working with the Eventbrite API Plugin

By / — Eventbrite and WordPress are the perfect fit, but until now, integrating the two has not been for the faint of … Continue reading → More →