WordPress Digest for Thursday, January 9, 2014

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10 BuddyPress Plugins You Must Have

By / — BuddyPress is the backbone of WordPress social networking. If you are looking to create a social network (or a community) on your existing WordPress platform, BuddyPress is the plugin you want. The plugin “unlocks” the social networking capabilities of WordPress.… More →

A Guide to Optimal Image Compression in WordPress

By / — Many bloggers put so much of their focus on writing up decent posts that they lose sight of some arguably essential details. Like images. If they do remember to include high-quality, thought-provoking images, they miss out on the opportunity to optimize… More →

Automatically Link Twitter Usernames In Content

By / — If you mention people in your WordPress posts or link to your own Twitter profile in a post you can use the following code snippet to automatically asd a link around the Twitter username which will link to the Twitter… More →


By / More →

Blobcat Game: Post Holiday Update

By / — So – it’s now after the holidays and I’m back at the day job – and I’m pleased to say I was able to do some good work on Blobcat over the break and the game is coming together rather… More →

Customize Your Login Page with the Memphis Custom Login Plugin

By / — When you visit your WordPress login page, what do you see? If you are still using the default page, you are missing an opportunity to stand out. The default login page will do its job well but it isn’t the… More →

How To: Track WordPress Changes & User Activity – Free Plugins to Download

By / — If you manage a WordPress site with multiple authors, then being able to easily see what your contributors have been doing can be a very useful resource to have at your disposal. While monitoring the activities of the registered users… More →

ManageWP is Launching Hosting Partnership Programme With SiteGround Integration!

By / — We’re excited to announce that ManageWP integration with SiteGround has rolled out across their entire server infrastructure. If you have been using WordPress you probably have heard about the great job SiteGround does providing WordPress hosting. With this integration, SiteGround is able… More →

My first WordCamp talk

By / — Today I’m going to tell how I experienced my first WordCamp talk. It was far from good and a lot of things happened afterwards that some people most likely would have stopped speaking. I’m going to explain how I started… More →

The Best eLearning and LMS Options for WordPress

By / — If you are looking for a way to deliver an online course, complete with all the traditional tools and features of an eLearning system then some of the learning management plugins available for WordPress might be able to provide all… More →

This is my happy place

By / — Now when I need a minute; I just go back to my office, shut the door, and stare at my house plans. More →

Why we’re offering Conversion Reviews

By / — As of January 2nd we’re offering Conversion Reviews, in which we review your website and give you a list of improvements to increase your conversion rates. We’ve come to the conclusion we needed to offer these Conversion Reviews as a… More →

WordPress Multisite Locally Using MAMP

By / — Recently I have been working on a large WordPress multisite project. After working for a while it was clear that we needed a more robust development environment to work with, including local, staging and production. I use MAMP for local… More →