WordPress News Digest for Friday, January 9, 2015

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5 WordPress Initiatives That Didn’t Make it Out of 2014

By / — Throughout the course of a year, several new ideas, products, and businesses are launched in the WordPress ecosystem. However, not all of them are destined for success. Here are five WordPress initiatives launched in 2014 that didn’t make the cut.… More →

7 laws of WordPress maintenance

By / — You’ve built a brand new WordPress website, and it seems like the hard work’s over and you can just sit back. Well, not quite. Now is the time for the one thing most WordPress users […] The post 7 laws… More →

9 Conventions and Events For eCommerce Business Owners in 2015

By / — There happen to be hundreds to thousands of e-business conventions, conferences, and events that occur every year, each of them pushing ticket sales to hopeful entrepreneurs and e-business owners who are looking for the next tip or trick to take… More →

AcademiaThemes One Year Later

By / — When Dumitru Brinzan launched AcademiaThemes in early 2014, he did so with the goal of providing high quality themes for the education sector. With one year under his belt, I reached out to Brinzan to find out how the business… More →

Conductor Review: A Different Kind of WordPress Layout Builder

By / — Conductor is a WordPress plugin from Matt Medeiros of Slocum Studio that aims to allow you to build content rich… The post Conductor Review: A Different Kind of WordPress Layout Builder appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Developing Frontend for ManageWP Orion

By / — As discussed in the previous articles, we’ve decided to rebuild ManageWP from ground up. And now we refer to this journey of ours as ManageWP Orion. We knew from the beginning it is going to take a lot of time… More →

DradCast Episode 069: The Incredible Hawk

By / — Show notes: John Hawkins is a 3 time host of the Dradcast, web developer, and WordCamp speaker/organizer from Las Vegas. He co-founded 9seeds, a custom WordPress development company. You can find John on Twitter @vegasgeek Sippin’ on Brad – […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

Duplicate and Merge Posts: A New Editorial Plugin for WordPress Publishers

By / — WordPress sites with multiple users often run into challenges when attempting to work on the same content. Larger publications require more robust editorial tools for efficient collaboration between administrators, editors, contributors, and authors, who often need to jump in on… More →

Easy Security Guide

By / — There’s a simple, unattributed site called Decent Security which has very nice common-sense but effective advice on security. I believe it’s from the same person as behind the Infosec Taylor Swift account. It’s refreshing like reading Bruce Schnier’s blog. More →

Fun with WP-CLI

By / — A random collection of things you perhaps didn’t know you could do with WP-CLI. Maybe you’ve imported an image before, but did you know you can import a whole directory just as easily? For example, if the directory is named… More →

Getting to Grips with the WordPress World

By / — Hey there, I'm Mark, a contributor for WP Mayor and a WordPress enthusiast from the tiny mediterranean island of Malta. I was only introduced to WordPress just last year when I was asked to take over the upkeep of my field hockey club's… More →

How To Build A Coupon Site With WordPress

By / — Who doesn’t love saving money? We live in a time where pinching pennies isn’t just for frugal moms anymore. Not only do we want to save money, but most of us have to for one reason or another. But what’s… More →

How to Add a WordPress Shortcode to Your Site

By / — The shortcode is a powerful tool for anyone interested in modifying the way their WordPress site works, since shortcodes offer the ultimate customization without forcing you to know much about coding in general. Shortcodes are essentially short words or phrases that… More →

How to Integrate Slack With WordPress

By / — Slack is a powerful team communication suite that allows you to be less busy and more efficient. In this article, we will show you how you can integrate Slack with WordPress and directly push notifications from your WordPress site to… More →

MailBag: Why Do You Do It?

By / — Why I WordPress, more thoughts on security, and also responsibility. More →

Plugin Authors: How to Avoid Download Prompts Associated with Screenshots on the WordPress Plugin Directory

By / — If you’ve ever clicked on a screenshot in the WordPress plugin directory and received a download prompt, you’re not the only one. In fact, it’s a widespread issue that affects a number of plugins. Screenshots are important as they help… More →

The Geeky Tech Behind WordSesh 3

By / — WordSesh 3 attracted more than 3,000 unique viewers from 89 countries. This equates to nearly three times the amount of people who attended WordCamp Europe 2014. With so many people interacting with the WordSesh site and 24 hours of live… More →

Tried Little Snitch? The demo shows you network co…

By / — Tried Little Snitch? The demo shows you network connections you are making in the background. http://www.obdev.at/products/littlesnitch/ More →

Understanding WordPress Hooks: Knowing What to Use Where

By / — Recently, we explored getting started with WordPress hooks and look at what WordPress hooks are and how to use them. One problem with hooks is that it isn’t immediately obvious which hook to use in what situation, and what parameters you have at your… More →

Using WP_Query and Multiple Meta Keys

By / — When it comes to searching the WordPress database, there’s probably no better API than WP_Query. That doesn’t mean it’s not without it’s limitations, though (only which will be improved over time, I’m sure). For example, consider the case where you… More →

Video: The Three Plans You Need to Have in Place Before Starting a Website

By / — This week WP Business Tips is diving into the world of video production with our first Youtube tutorial! Check this quick video (featuring our own Fred Meyer) designed to help site owners figure out what they need before setting forth on… More →

Weekly WordPress News: New Theme Release & Website Redesigns

By / — This was my first week back after New Year and the first day or so was quite a struggle – I was used to eating much food and playing many video games ( Dragon Age: Inquisition mainly!) on the sofa… More →

WooDojo Plugin from WooThemes Tutorial

By / — The WooDojo plugin from WooThemes comes with a powerful toolkit of features to enhance your WordPress site. You only activate what you need. In the first tutorial I will show you the bundled features that come with this plugin. These… More →

WordPress 4.2 Will Automatically Enable Pretty Permalinks for New Sites on Installation

By / — WordPress 1.0 introduced search engine friendly permalinks using mod_rewrite. Setting your site to use pretty permalinks is usually one of the first things that administrators do after installation. WordPress 4.2 will add a new function that will automatically enable pretty… More →

WordPress Checked and Selected Functions

By / — Two of my favorite functions in WordPress are the checked() and selected() functions. Both of these functions are extremely useful whenever you are working with form elements in your plugins and themes so it helps to understand both of these… More →