WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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A Guide to Writing Secure Themes – Part 4: Securing Post Meta

By / — The previous two parts, we have gotten a high level overview of how to validate and sanitize data. In the next few parts this series, we’ll look at how we can apply these concepts in specific contexts, starting with post meta.… More →

Cool Giveaway from EngineThemes – Win 1 of 3 EstateEngine Themes

By / — EngineThemes has just a new WordPress theme today called EstateEngine. This theme has everything you need to bring your real estate online business: beautifully-crafted design, Google maps integration and an advanced search with criteria variations. More →

Developer or Designer? Why Your Clients Need You to Adapt (Or Die)

By / — As a writer, delving into the hotly contested debate that pits designers against developers is akin to jumping into shark infested waters. While I’m in no way suggesting that designers or developers are unfriendly or inclined to bite (surely not!), there seems… More →

Eliminating shared taxonomy terms in WordPress 4.3

By / — Work on the taxonomy roadmap, started in earnest during the 4.1 dev cycle, continues to chug along for WordPress 4.3. We’ve been focusing on the elimination of shared terms: terms in different taxonomies that share the same term_id and thus… More →

Four Weeks of Giveaways: And the Week 1 Winner Is…

By / — Find out if you've won our first week of giveaways. Every week for four weeks, we're giving away a free WPMU DEV annual membership worth $588! More →

Free Recording: WordPress Workshop for Beginners

By / — A lot of WordCamps and WordPress meetup groups hold beginner workshops. Unfortunately, most of those aren’t recorded. In this article, we will share free WordPress training videos that covers all the topics discussed in a WordPress beginner workshop. The goal… More →

GPL and licence agreement

By / — As discussed in this week’s Slack meeting. We are starting to think about how automation could work. One important thing is licenses. A possible idea is on upload the user agrees to a terms of having their theme on .org.… More →

Integrating Google Maps in WordPress

By / — As mentioned in the first post in this series, I’m going to be talking about a few of the different Google Maps APIs and how we can integrate them into our WordPress projects. Rather than actually build a plugin that… More →

Introducing Membership 2: The Most Powerful Plugin for Protecting WordPress

By / — Meet Membership 2, a powerful, scalable and user-friendly membership system for offering free and premium content from your WordPress site. Membership 2 is the successor to our hugely popular Membership plugin, and has been completely re-written from the ground up… More →

Introducing the WP Tavern Wapuu

By / — The Wapuu craze has spread far and wide. From its origin in Japan, to WordCamp London, and across the US, Wapuu has become quite the traveler. While the mascot has mostly represented WordCamps, site owners are creating a custom version… More →

Meeting notes We had a meeting today and…

By / — Meeting notes We had a meeting today and the archive is here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1433872742007643 Here are the summary points: We are changing to have twice weekly meetings until we work through the backlog of issues and changes. This drops the trac… More →

Multisite Office Hours Recap (June 9, 2015)

By / — Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite. Today’s chat log Overall 4.3 Release Objectives Last week’s objectives: Have all 3 of these tickets closed and committed. #22383, #32434, #32503 Additional iterations on `WP_Network` and `WP_Network_Query`.… More →

Online Privacy Lie

By / — Techcrunch has a really great essay by Natasha Lomas that I think got missed, The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling. Americans believe it is futile to manage what companies can learn about them. Our study reveals that more than half do not… More →

Popup Maker: A Free WordPress Plugin for Creating Popup Windows with Custom Content

By / — Popup Maker is a free plugin that lets you create popup windows for your WordPress website. These popup windows can contain any custom content you like, making this a very versatile tool. The popups are built using the familiar WordPress… More →

Prescription for a Stalled WordPress Agency: Mario Peshev’s Advice for Growing Development Services

By / — WordPress agencies provide a critical connection point between users and the software by building custom solutions and guiding some of the more complex implementations. Yet client work is challenging, and many developers who work in it are concurrently planning their… More →

Suggested uploading flow

By / — In our Slack discussion the flow of an automated process formed. We were discussing what would could happen in a making themes auto live experiment. It could look like this: Agree to terms/license Upload theme. Automated theme check: reject or… More →

The WPLift Roundup of the Best Free WordPress Themes June 2015

By / — This month we have another good selection of free themes for you, I particularly liked Tavisha by Colorlabs & Company, a nice magazine / news style theme. Another highlight is the Chicago theme which is a nicely styled blogging theme.… More →

This week's meeting agenda We've got a meeting…

By / — This week’s meeting agenda We’ve got a meeting today at 18:00 UTC in Slack #themereview. The following are suggested topics: Update on surveys Review phase discussion as per roadmap suggestion: https://make.wordpress.org/themes/2015/06/05/suggested-roadmap/ What is the minimum automatic testing we should be… More →

Three Ways to Learn the WordPress Transients API (With Pippin Williamson)

By / — If you’ve been meaning to learn WordPress’s Transients API, today is your lucky day! Soon you’ll be just rolling in cache. (If you didn’t get that joke, you should definitely continue reading.) More →

Trust, Live Preview, and Menus in the Customizer

By / — One of the most important things in WordPress is users being able to feel confident as they make changes to their content and more generally to their sites. Being able to make non-destructive changes and preview them is an important… More →

WP Featherlight: A Useful Lightbox for WordPress Images and Galleries – BobWP

By / — This easy-to-use WordPress plugin works great by creating a lightbox for single images or the default WordPress gallery. It’s very lightweight so no worrying about adding yet another plugin to your site or blog. The post WP Featherlight: A Useful… More →

Your website needs (better) forms

By / — One of the things we notice are hardly ever optimized on most websites are forms. Forms are an integral part of just about every website. However, for some reason, people don’t (want to) spend much time thinking about these. There’s a… More →

‘WP Engine Goes Beyond Just WordPress Hosting’

By / — I’ve been involved in WordPress pretty much since its inception. I did web design for a few years before moving to WordPress training with BobWP. The more I got into the education piece, the more I liked it. Over the… More →