WordPress News Digest for Sunday, August 9, 2015

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Creating Tiled Galleries with Jetpack

By / — Looking for a way to spice up your WordPress website? With Jetpack, you can transform the WordPress default thumbnail photo gallery into a gallery that shows off your photos in a whole new way. This allows you to post your… More →

Launching Your Freelance Career – The First Steps to Creating a Side Income With WordPress

By / — Most of us are already familiar with the size of the WordPress landscape. Ripe with opportunity, it’s a freelancer’s dream. The variety of different ways in which you can earn an income are mind boggling and are only limited by… More →

WordPress 4.3 benchmark: HHVM 3.9 vs PHP 7.0

By / — A casual Sunday morning benchmark for August 9th 2015 using latest builds: 1000 Front Pages of WordPress (virtually stock default install) HHVM 11.99, 11.83, 11.81, 11.78, 11.85 seconds PHP7 11.18, 10.95, 10.85, 10.96, 10.88 seconds Using WordPress trunk 4.3 RC2… More →