WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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20 Of The Best Free WordPress Themes In 2014

By / — Even though Elegant Themes could be properly labeled a “Premium Theme Shop”, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a great appreciation for themes – both free and otherwise – outside of what they themselves have created. As that is the case, I… More →

A Successful WordPress Plugin Adoption Story

By / — The “adopt-me” tag in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory is starting to gain traction, with two pages of current listings. While that may not seem like very many among the 33,000+ plugins, the new clear path for adoption is helping to… More →

Announcing the 2014 WordPress Hosting Review

By / — We’re really excited to announce the 2014 WPShout WordPress Hosting Review! First run in 2011, our annual Hosting Review aims to provide genuine, high-quality information on the hosts out there—powered by real data from real people. The idea is simple.… More →

Ants Are Amazing

By / — [A]ll of California’s Argentine ants belong to only four colonies. The largest, euphemistically named the Very Large Colony, contains hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of ants, and extends from the Mexican border to San Francisco. In the largest battles… More →

Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins for Impressing Potential Clients

By / — Portfolios are a great way to showcase your hard work and (hopefully!) impress future clients who many come across your site. While there are many themes designed specifically for displaying portfolios, in most cases it makes sense to use a… More →

Complete Guide to Make Your WordPress Themes Retina Display Ready, Free Plugins & Themes

By / — Apple’s Retina Display or HiDPI is a topic of discussion among web designers and developers. WordPress developers and designers have already started responding to this technology by providing Retina Display ready themes and plugins to do that. “Do I really… More →

Corporate WordPress Themes: Financial, Insurance, Banking, Consultancy & More

By / — Using WordPress for large corporate websites is no longer taboo, it has long stepped outside it’s blogging roots and now some of the largest businesses and brands all use WordPress as their CMS of choice. Big companies such as CNN,… More →

How to Add Custom Code to Your WordPress Site (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

By / — Writing PHP, CSS, and HTML5 to modify a WordPress site can get pretty frustrating, but a good guide can make… The post How to Add Custom Code to Your WordPress Site (It’s Easier Than You Think!) appeared first on Best… More →

How to Use Big Data for Your E-Commerce Business

By / — What is “Big Data,” anyway? It’s hard to define, and made even more difficult by the world’s inability to agree on what it is. One generally-accepted standard was laid out by analyst Doug Laney in 2001, and has been in… More →

Importing CSV Files into WordPress: Preventing Timeouts

By / — This is part one of a series for how to Import CSV Files into WordPress.This is one of set of posts that I hesitated writing because I don’t know how applicable it really is because it’s going to be dealing with… More →

Is Social the New Google?

By / — During one of our recent projects, we noticed something odd. The website at hand, a shop / blog selling organic products, had over 50% of all pageviews coming from Google Pinterest. Is this really as odd as we felt it was?… More →

OpenTickets: An Open Source Event Management and Ticket Sales Platform Built on WordPress and WooCommerce

By / — OpenTickets launched its community edition on WordPress.org this week. The open source project was created to provide event publishing and online ticket sales for bands, non-profits, venues, festivals, and other events. The platform is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce and… More →

Scotch Panels – jQuery Off Canvas Menus and Panels Plugin | jQuery Plugins

By / — jQuery based lightbox plugin with lots of configurability. Scotch Panels – jQuery Off Canvas Menus and Panels Plugin | jQuery Plugins Original Article: Scotch Panels – jQuery Off Canvas Menus and Panels Plugin | jQuery Plugins Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings… More →

Speed Up Your WordPress Site with Pound, Varnish, Nginx and mod_pagespeed

By / — This post was contributed by Tomaž Zaman. He is the founder of a Danish startup called Codeable, a WordPress-only outsourcing service on a mission to help WordPress companies and enthusiasts from all over the world effortlessly scale their businesses. He… More →

Startups For First-Time Entrepeneurs

By / — Some types of products and startups are more likely to succeed.<…> Especially for first-time entrepreneurs. My article last week about what South African tech needs sparked a lot of attention (with even the slightly more mainstream media picking up on… More →

The Pleasure Principle – The WhiP #81

By / — A call to arms to clean up WordPress, Automattic rejects Janet Jackson, and 22 people who desperately need a new iPhone. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

The Plugin Installation Experience Gets an Upgrade in WordPress 4.0

By / — It’s here: WordPress 4.0. As some of you know, my main passion in WordPress happens to be plugins, and above all, plugin discoverability. And WordPress 4.0 has made some great strides in this area, adding […] The post The Plugin… More →

Unit Tests for WordPress Plugins – Tests vs. Assertions

By / — There are two terms we use often when talking about unit tests: tests and assertions. It’s important to know the distinction between the two and to fully understand what each refers to. When we use the term test, we are referring to a group of one or more… More →

Weekly meeting notes

By / — As usual, the weekly meeting was held today. For those of you that don’t know, each Tuesday at 17:00 UTC we now have a meeting in IRC #wordpress-themes. Here are this week’s meeting notes: The topic this week was mentoring.… More →

What Happens When WordPress Is Updated With 100 Plugins Activated?

By / — Over the years, there have been several articles published on the topic of how many WordPress plugins are too many. A common point of debate is that too many plugins can slow down your site or cause things to break.… More →

WordPress 4.0 Update With 100 Active Plugins

By / — Yes, you read that right. A couple of days ago I had said how well my 4.0 update had gone here on this site, even with 55 plugins. Some people were amazed, others surprised. Let’s just say I need them… More →

WordPress Translation Plugins: WPML…and the Rest

By / — So, I live in Montreal, Quebec (that's Canada). You might wonder why that is relevant information on a site like this, where we deal with WordPress development. Simple: bilingualism. Over here, English and French are spoken. And so the issue… More →

“Wish we could say more”

By / — I’m looking forward to seeing my new phone and the wearable at today’s Apple event. The invite includes the tagline: Wish we could say more I’ve seen speculation that this refers to Siri, which could definitely make sense in the… More →