WordPress News Digest for Friday, October 9, 2015

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#WPblab EP002 – Adsense, Blogging, Fast Hosting, CDN, Accessibility – WPwatercooler

By / — This week Bridget and Jason talk Adsense, Blogging, Fast Hosting, CDN, Accessibility and more! The post #WPblab EP002 – Adsense, Blogging, Fast Hosting, CDN, Accessibility appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

20+ Fresh Freebies to Enhance the Look of Your Projects

By / — A collection of amazing resources for your web and graphic design projects such a desktop scene generator, a lightbulb sign PSD Text effect, stacks of icons sets in different styles, great inspiration and crowd-ranked resources sites, powerful plugins for image,… More →

CaptainForm Review: Create Beautiful WordPress Forms Instantly

By / — You have your beautiful WordPress website up and running. You can’t wait to start getting inquiries, making sales, shipping orders and the works. You’re really excited you now have a business of your own – your idea no longer lives… More →

Configure your local Postfix to relay through a transactional email service

By / — Using Postfix with specialized, transactional email services like SendGrid or Mandrill is excellent for not only for optimizing email deliverability, but they usually also offer some nice features. You may of course setup your web application, like WordPress, to use… More →

Ellevio Thrives As WP Engine Grows In The Nordics

By / — When WP Engine launched its London office earlier this year, we did so to be closer to our growing customer base in EMEA. WordPress usage in Europe has grown steadily, and now the demand is turning to managed WordPress hosting… More →

Explaining Hard Things to Humans – The Principles of Effective Technical Communication

By / — If you missed us at WordCamp LA,  you can still check out Fred’s talk! If you have a lot of technical knowledge but have run into some problems communicating with clients or coworkers who have different areas of expertise, Fred… More →

Forgotten review push Sometimes themes get forgotten in…

By / — Forgotten review push Sometimes themes get forgotten in queues. Reviewers are unable to carry on, life happens. Unfortunately, this leaves the themes sitting in the back of queues. I have over the past few days gone through the queues and… More →

Introducing WooExperts, our new verified developer program

By / — For quite some time, the best way for someone looking to connect with a developer or agency specializing in Woo products was to visit our Affiliated Woo Workers page. Here, we listed numerous experts that could be contacted to assist with… More →

New Plugin: @Reply Two

By / — Making managing and leaving comments a little easier. More →

Responsive images for WordPress and mobile pages with AMP — Draft podcast

By / — This week’s Post Status Draft podcast is hosted by Brian Krogsgard and Joe Hoyle. The topics are responsive image support in WordPress and Google’s new AMP specification. More →

Summary for the October 8th support meetup

By / — Items discussed at yesterday’s Support Team meetup. Should the the wp-forums list go away? Lately the wp-forums list hasn’t been very active. The few emails there could have been handled in the forum or the Slack #forums channel. After some… More →

Super Impressive Mario

By / — This custom Mario Maker level, and the skill required to beat it, is one of the craziest feats of Mario virtuoso I’ve seen. More →

The Complete Guide to the Site Options for WordPress Multisite Networks

By / — The site settings for Multisite can be confusing at best, and the WordPress Codex doesn't help one bit – the accompanying entry has been marked incomplete for years! So we decided to roll up our sleeves and delve into the… More →

Using Third-Party Code Is Not Immature

By / — One aspect of growing in a career in development is knowing when to write your own code and when to use the work of others. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but when we start out it's like we… More →

Weekly WordPress News: New WPLift Free Themes Site & a Free Theme Launch

By / — This week I released a Free Theme on WPLift named “MediaPhase“, its the full commercial version of the theme we launched on ThemeFurnace. It’s a multi-purpose theme which you can use for Business sites, Blogging and eCommerce but that doesn’t… More →

Why Neuromarketing Is Critical to eCommerce Conversions

By / — In today’s eCommerce landscape, high traffic can no longer simply be the promise of business success. Hence this post will indefatigably focus on the idea of conversions, not traffic generation. Because your traffic is not effective if it consists of… More →