WordPress News Digest for Saturday, January 10, 2015

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How To Optimize Your WordPress Site For Local Search

By / — A big part of ranking higher in your local area is telling search engines such as Google more about you and what you do. Google needs not only to know the name of your business, but also the type of… More →

How to Create Your Own Workout Diary With WordPress

By / — Did you eat too much turkey and fruit mince pies during the Christmas break and gain a couple of pounds? Did you make a New Year’s resolution to start exercising properly in 2015? For many people tracking is the key to success.… More →

NFL is a Non-Profit

By / — Did you know the NFL is a non-profit? Slate says the NFL should lose its tax-exempt status: The league is not a “nonprofit.”. More →

PGP Tutorial

By / — Speaking of PGP and security, this self-describedbest PGP tutorial for Mac OS X, ever actually lives up to the promise. Check it out, makes encrypting and decrypting things on the fly super easy. More →

Should WordPress Businesses be Posting Revenue Figures?

By / — Last week I wrote a post listing some of the best year-end reviews from the WordPress community. I found them very inspirational and the perfect way to start the new year full of motivation to reach new heights in my… More →

The eleven40 Pro Genesis Child Theme Tutorial

By / — The eleven40 Pro Child Theme is a great option for a blog. The formatting is perfect to put  a focus on your content. And as with most of these child theme, you can also set up a static homepage.  This tutorial will… More →