WordPress News Digest for Monday, February 10, 2014

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By / — Did you know that there’s a WordPress.com-specific version of Underscores? By adding a special parameter, your download will include special … Read More → More →

7 Mistakes Beginner WordPress Users Make

By / — For a large number of people, WordPress is the first script that they have have installed online for the first website they have ever developed. As a result of this, WordPress beginners make a lot of basic mistakes. In this… More →

AH-O₂ Update — 10 February 2014

By / — (cross-posted from docs, sorry for any duplicates) a11y and title attributes It was discussed last week at the meeting — and subsequently added to the plugin — that we would take the title attributes of linked elements that had them… More →

Battling round numbers with WordPress 4.0

By / — WordPress 3.9 hasn’t quite reached beta, but many of us are already looking ahead to WordPress 4.0. I know, I know: 4.0 is no more significant than 3.9 or any other major release. It just so happens that WordPress’ twenty-third major… More →

Building a Rad Overview Page that Lists Posts for Every Category

By / — Give your visitors an easy, scanable bird’s eye view of all your site’s content. More →

Changing Your Brand’s Name: Things To Consider

By / — In this article, I shall be assessing the fruitfulness of changing your brand’s name — things to consider, and when should you change your company’s name? More →

Could WordPress Plugin Adoption Lower the Rate of Abandonment?

By / — In light of recent events wherein WordPress.org plugin authors have been receiving suspicious requests for repository access, Mike Epstein posted a clarification on taking over plugins. The plugin team does not give out plugin author emails. Instead, the team acts… More →

Creating Your First Custom Taxonomy in WordPress

By / — Tag and category are two default WordPress taxonomies. They help to manage and grouping your WordPress posts. However, sometimes that isn’t enough, especially when you have Custom Post Type. For example, if you have Portfolio CPT, having ‘Type’ or ‘Price… More →

Don’t Let Your Empty Search Page Drive Off Visitors

By / — Keeping visitors on your site is vitally important but an empty search page is akin to telling visitors to “move along, there’s nothing of interest to see here”. Your search results page can work harder than that. More →

EP76 – Photographer options in WordPress – February 10 2014

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we will be discussing the various options that photographers have for their websites. Themes showcasing their photos, plugins to build galleries and sliders or tools for selling photos on their website. Live stream starts at 11am… More →

Forget 100%

By / — Please don’t tell me about how your service is 99.999% reliable. Tell me all about how you’re prepared to handle the unexpected. More →


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Great Giveaway – 4 Yearly 20 Website Memberships of CMS Commander

By / — Today we teamed up with CMS Commander an online service that aims to make managing multiple WordPress weblogs as easy and fast as possible. You have a chance to win one of 4 yearly memberships for 20 websites worth $149… More →

How to Add a Simple User Ranking System for WordPress Comments

By / — Do you want to increase user engagement on your site? Gamification has been a proven method to boost engagement. Recently one of our readers asked us for an easy way to add a user ranking system for WordPress comments. This… More →

Mobile Weekly developer chat summary for Feb 10, 2014

By / — #WordPress-Mobile IRC Log Agenda WP Android Status WP iOS Status Other platforms Google Summer of Code 2014 Team Reps This Week WP Android Status We were fixing bugs reported from the 2.6 release last week and made a lot of… More →

Remove Protected: From Post Titles

By / — In WordPress you can easily password protect a page from the admin area. All you have to do is under the publish block edit visibility and select password protected. A textbox will appear and you can type in a password… More →

Rocket Lift On The Sync Hacks Blog

By / — Thanks for subscribing to Rocket Lift Incorporated. Please enjoy this post from Douglas Detrick, a Rocketeer of Rocket Lift Inc.!Bit Torrent Sync liked our post about why we dropped Dropbox so much that they reposted it on their blog. Bit Torrent’s Sync… More →

Should Products Have Landing Page Consistency?

By / — Last week, I did a “soft launch” for the upcoming release of Mayer.  ”Soft launch” may even be more of an overstatement. Honestly, it was nothing more than a tweet to the landing page that I setup to prepare for the… More →

Sorbet: A Free WordPress Theme From Automattic

By / — Sorbet is a beautiful responsive blogging theme with post formats on parade. The theme has been a big hit on WordPress.com ever since it was added at the end of January. This weekend Sorbet made its debut in the WordPress… More →

Support appreciation

By / — After the last WordSesh, I’ve been working out this idea in my head, and I would love some feedback on it (and maybe we could work it into Thursdays IRC meetup if applicable). During the interview with @photomatt a question… More →

The Best Travel WordPress Themes for Online Travel Bookings

By / — An comprehensive list of best travel WordPress themes that will help you build a well functioning travel website with WordPress. These themes can be used for various purposes including travel agencies, personal blogs, tour portals, travel guides, hotels, motels, resorts, and… More →

The Day WordPress Took Back the Internet, Again

By / — With each new leak getting consecutively worse, stories of NSA surveillance have caused quite an uproar recently online. We’ve gone from gawking at amateurish PowerPoint presentations explaining the level at which PRISM operates, to hearing about government sponsored […] More →

This week’s support IRC meetup agenda

By / — Any items for this week’s support IRC meetup? So far I’ve Clorith’s item about support appreciation (read and reply there, I think it’s a cool idea) Cyberchimp’s theme support FYI Reminder about wp-forums tone (there’s a vague term, I’ll think of… More →

UpThemes Publishes Open Letter, Sounds Wakeup Call To Other WordPress Theme Shops

By / — The founders of UpThemes, a commercial WordPress theme business started in March of 2010 has published an open letter to their customers and to the wider WordPress community. It’s a fascinating look into how the company has evolved over the… More →

WPCollab Provides Collaborative Opportunity For New WordPress Plugin Developers

By / — It started off as a blog post. Fresh out of WordCamp Norway, Slobodan Manic shared his experience at the event. Near the end of the post, Slobodan asked fellow developers if they’d like to release a plugin together. The idea… More →

WooCommerce 2.1 Released

By / — WooThemes announced the release of WooCommerce 2.1 “Peppy Penguin” today. Major changes include a REST API, a new look for the admin panel to match the WordPress 3.8 UI, improved reporting tools, and responsive default templates. Read more @www.woothemes.com →The post… More →

WooCommerce 2.1, the Peppy Penguin

By / — After an intensive month of testing and almost a year in development, it is my pleasure to introduce WooCommerce 2.1, code named Peppy Penguin, today. This new release is now available via the plugin page on WordPress.org and for you… More →

WordPress capabilities magic with map_meta_cap

By / — Mannie Schumpert has done a nice job offering some practical examples using map_meta_cap. Mannie also took all of the examples from Andrew Nacin’s excellent WCSF talk from last year. If you are dealing with roles and permissions, the things from… More →