WordPress News Digest for Friday, February 10, 2017

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6 Quality Plugins for WordPress Login Security

By / — WordPress security is a popular topic for a good reason. Consider: In January 2017 alone, WordFence reported an average of 26 million brute force attacks against WordPress websites per day.[1] In the same report they recorded more complex, targeted attacks at… More →

WordPress Maintenance Checks to Get Out of the Way Today

By / — When things get crazy during the holiday season and leading up to it, many of us choose to put WordPress… The post WordPress Maintenance Checks to Get Out of the Way Today appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

Automatic Lossless Compression for WordPress Images with the TinyPNG Plugin

By / — I’ve loved TinyPNG for a long time, but didn’t realize until quite recently that they’ve got a WordPress plugin. I just tried it on a client’s site, and it’s amazing: automatic lossless image compression for all .jpg and .png images uploaded… More →

Becoming a Better Debugger

By / — Debugging software is the bane of existence for most developers. Once you can use a few key strategies though, it becomes something you love to do. More →

The WordPress Photo Gallery (and How to Nail It)

By / — Photo galleries are an incredibly useful and versatile tool for WordPress websites. There’s the standard mosaic gallery: The masonry board […] The post The WordPress Photo Gallery (and How to Nail It) appeared first on Pagely®. More →

Freelancing with Divi, Discipline, & Smart Preparation Featuring Olga Summerhayes – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 33

By / — Welcome to another week of Divi Nation. This time around I got to sit down with freelance web designer Olga Summerhayes. You may recognize that name from our blog as she’s contributed a few free Divi Layouts here in the… More →

WordPress Batch Processing with Locomotive

By / — Locomotive handles WordPress batch processing by batching data, logging processed records, and logging errors as they happen. WordPress Batch Processing with Locomotive was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources then visit Tom McFarlin's blog. More →

Ask Yoast: how to get users to the right subdomain?

By / — As a site owner you want search engines to point people to the most “fitting” language. For instance, if you’re Dutch, you’d rather see the Dutch version than the English version, if the Dutch version is available. But sometimes you… More →

On Uninstalling WordPress Plugins (and Data)

By / — Why uninstalling a plugin tells you it's removing data, even when it's not. The post On Uninstalling WordPress Plugins (and Data) appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

How to Fix the “Warning: File_Get_Contents” Error in WordPress

By / — There’s a WordPress error that’s frustrating to no end because if you’ve come across it, you probably didn’t actually do anything wrong. Still, plastered across your site will be these words: Warning: file_get_contents(path/to/wordpress/file): failed to open stream: No such file… More →

26 Best WordPress Themes for Musicians (2017)

By / — Want to build a website for your band? Not sure which is the best WordPress theme for musicians and band websites? Most musicians and bands rely on their social media following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, as you grow… More →

Ask Me Anything: WordPress Influencers Answering Your Questions

By / — Season 4 of the AMA is starting on March 8, and the line-up is complete. This season we have some great people joining us, Carrie Dils, Kristina Romero, Adam Warner, and Tammie Lister, just to name a few. Last season… More →

How to Create Real Estate Listings Using WordPress (In 3 Steps)

By / — Selling a property is no walk in the park. Even if you have the perfect listing available, chances are you won’t find the right buyers unless you know just how to show it off. That’s where WordPress can help you. WordPress… More →

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2017

By / — We’re about to throw a farewell for 2016 and proceed to 2017. This year has been pretty exciting for WordPress community as we’ve seen major plugin releases, theme additions, updates, and wordpress.org has started to test out its new plugin… More →

CSS Typing Loader

By / — This is part of the CSS loader series that show different loaders that can be used in your application to show the user the app is processing and to please… More →

Weekly Roundup: February 10, 2017

By / — WooCommerce store owners: Kinsta has put together a stellar guide to boosting eCommerce sales with lots of tips and helpful plugins, definitely worth the long read! New or Updated Plugins & Themes Restrict Content Pro version 2.7 has been released!… More →

Creative Commons’ New Search Tool is Now in Beta, Pulls CC Images from Multiple Sources

By / — If you’ve been wearing out Unsplash images on your blog, it’s time to take another look at Creative Commons. The site has just launched the beta of its new multi-source search interface. Unlike the current search tool, which will only… More →

EP222 – Community Service Through WordPress

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we’ll be discussing doing community service work using WordPress. From hackathons to community website drives we’ll inspire you to get involved and help a non-profit in your area. The post EP222 – Community Service Through WordPress… More →

Guideline reminder: commenting and comment moderation

By / — With many new observers and contributors joining the WordPress core project recently, let’s take a moment to review the comment guidelines for Make/Core, which can also be extended to apply to Make/Design, Make/Accessibility, and Core Trac. Overall, the majority of… More →