WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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15 Trends That Dominate 2015 WordPress Web Design (Cool Site Examples + Themes)

By / — See the 15 hottest web design trends adopted by WordPress sites. Check out ready-made themes for developing a trendy web presence. More →

Bing Webmaster Tools: Diagnostics & Tools

By / — Bing Webmaster Tools provides a number of tools to analyze your website. Somehow, they managed to squeeze these into one page in Bing Webmaster Tools as the dashboard page for the section Diagnostics & Tools. Fortunately, all tools also have a… More →

CodeGuard Survey Shows More Education is Needed on Backup Software, Services, and Strategies For WordPress

By / — CodeGuard, a service that specializes in automated backups to the cloud, has published the results of its 2015 WordPress survey. The survey took place between February 18th-20th and was answered by 503 WordPress users. Backing up is an important part… More →

Customer Story: Arc’teryx Alpine Academy

By / — DigitalMind are a Swiss development agency that believe in building websites simple enough for their clients – ranging from small online shops to large corporations – to manage themselves. Last year, they used WooCommerce to whip up an online store for the Arc’teryx Academy‘s… More →

Delicious Brains Publishes In-depth Guides on The WordPress Database

By / — Delicious Brains, the creators of WP Migrate DB, published a guide that walks developers through the WordPress database. The guide describes every database table and there associated columns within WordPress single site. It also features an entity relationship diagram that… More →

Gear Up For SXSW Interactive With WP Engine

By / — SXSW, the annual conference focused on the latest and greatest in music, film, and technology, is descending upon the city of Austin faster than you can say “where’s the afterparty?” Are you ready for it? We find that even taking… More →

How to Build an Auction Site on WordPress

By / — Sold to the highest bidder! Since the beginning of time, man has been auctioning off his stuff. Okay, it may not have been from the actual beginning of time. It might have been a few days later. As popular as… More →

How to Run Multiple WordPress Sites from a Single Dashboard

By / — How many WordPress sites do you manage? Most beginners start off with just one to try selling a product or to… The post How to Run Multiple WordPress Sites from a Single Dashboard appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

Making an Admin Options Page With the WordPress Settings API

By / — This article covers the benefits of the Settings API, how to use it to create admin options pages, and how to keep your sanity despite its oddities. More →

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics Review for WordPress

By / — Ever since the moment Internet traffic from mobile devices exceeded traditional computers, marketers and analysts noticed a monumental shift toward the “mobile first” world. The time for monolithic desktop PCs were slowly coming to a standstill. More →

New Plugin: Build Your Community with Private Messaging

By / — If building an engaged community where users can exchange ideas and share information is at the heart of your site, then you'll love our latest plugin release. Private Messaging makes it easy for your users to communicate with each other… More →

Plugged in: A Review of qTranslate X

By / — “Plugged in” is a reoccurring feature on Torque that aims to take a closer look at different plugins each week. If you have any suggestions for plugins you’d like to see reviewed, write us at editor@torquemag.io. Let’s […] The post Plugged in:… More →

Recipe Card: A Free WordPress Plugin for Publishing Professional Recipes

By / — If you are starting a food blog, or you just want to share the occasional recipe with your readers, then installing a plugin that stylishly formats your recipe posts is a great idea. By installing a plugin built for this… More →

Rejuvenate Your Faith with This Awe-Inspiring WordPress Church Theme

By / — Today I would like to introduce you to a fresh, inspiring and engaging Church theme called Pious. This beautiful theme comes with a clean responsive design and gives you a divine feel of stepping into the living Church. It's yet… More →

Test Chat Summary, March 9

By / — Meeting log on Slack Last week, two patches were tested: #31415 – Plugin and theme editor focus trap #31368 – Let WordPress speak (a “test run” with Shiny Updates) Overall test results look good and most issues found aren’t directly… More →

The Importance of Keeping Your WordPress Version, Plugins and Theme Updated

By / — When managing your self-hosted site, you will notice that not only does the version of WordPress need to be updated occasionally, but also your plugins and themes. For both functionality and security reasons, it’s important to stay updated. Updating Tips:… More →

The WPLift Roundup of the Best Free WordPress Themes March 2015

By / — It’s that time again, here is our monthly roundup of free WordPress themes. Has been a bit more difficult to put together as the new theme directory now lumps together new and updated themes, so apologies if some of these… More →

Upfront: Tweaking Elements with Custom CSS

By / — Sometimes, what Upfront elements provide by default just isn't enough. Maybe you want to add at extra shine to your slider, or perhaps the style of your site suggests that the tabs element could really do with a texture for… More →

WordPress Antispam Bee Plugin Adds Option to Trust Commenters with a Gravatar

By / — Version 2.6.5 of the popular Antispam Bee plugin is out today with a new feature that allows administrators to trust commenters with a Gravatar. The idea for the function was suggested by Caspar Hübinger, a long-time user of the plugin.… More →

Your Code Is Not Wrong (Or Right)

By / — Every now and then, I’ll be having conversations with fellow developers about various things we’re working on, working through, and looking to focus on in the coming days, months, or weeks. And sometimes, when doing this, it seems like there’s… More →