WordPress News Digest for Friday, March 10, 2017

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Widget Visibility Without Jetpack

By / — Sometimes you just want to display different widgets per page. Jetpack has a great module for this, but taking on all of Jetpack can be a lot if you just need one thing. More →

Review: From Plato to Post-modernism

By / — One thing I’m going to try this year is to write a review of every book I get a chance to read. It’s March already so I’m a bit behind and the next few will be out of order, but… More →

SF9 Realex Magento Module Targeted by Credit Card Scrapers

By / — Attackers are constantly developing new techniques to compromise ecommerce websites and steal sensitive data. Over the last several weeks, we tracked massive attacks against Magento sites where attackers are injecting malicious scripts that create functions designed to steal credit card… More →

“Open Source in Brazil” eBook Now Available for Free

By / — Open Source in Brazil is a new free eBook from O’Reilly Media that offers an inside look into the growth of Brazil’s free software community despite the country’s unique barriers. Brazil has a vibrant IT and startup culture and hosts… More →

Centralizing WordPress Code with a Theme Wrapper, Custom Actions and Layout Classes

By / — I’ve been developing WordPress themes and plugins for the past 6 years, and in that time, I’ve learned a lot […] The post Centralizing WordPress Code with a Theme Wrapper, Custom Actions and Layout Classes appeared first on Pagely®. More →

How To Get a WordPress Taxonomy By Term ID

By / — There are times in which it'd be nice to have an API function to help retrieve a taxonomy by term ID. Here's one way to do it. How To Get a WordPress Taxonomy By Term ID was written by Tom.… More →

The Upside to Not Scaling Your Business Featuring Kate Toon – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 35

By / — Hey Divi Nation, we’re back with another full length episode, featuring Kate Toon. Kate is a Divi designer, copywriter, and teacher who has combined these skills to run a small, interconnected network of ecourse websites. Learn more in today’s episode!… More →

Names, Short Names, and More Names

By / — Naming things is hard. It's harder when you're not sure who's going to be using your things. Thankfully I have a friend who inspires me to think deeply. The post Names, Short Names, and More Names appeared first on Half-Elf… More →

How to Restore WordPress When It’s Down or Locked with Snapshot Pro

By / — Losing your WordPress site to a hacker or a silly mistake on your part and then not having a backup to restore it is – say it with me – the worst. Luckily, Snapshot Pro can get you back up and running, even… More →

How to find the perfect WordPress theme

By / — We’ve seen it happen so often. You have a great blog, and at some point, you decide to go for a new look and feel. There are a couple of things you’ll look at, usually in the order: layout /… More →

27 Best Hotel WordPress Themes with Beautiful Designs (2017)

By / — Building a website for your hotel doesn’t have to be hard. WordPress hotel themes makes it easy for you to start your hotel website, so more travelers can book your hotel directly from your website. In this article, we will… More →

8 Easy Strategies to Greatly Increase Your Content Quality

By / — Content is the main driver of Internet traffic these days and an increasing part of online marketing revolves around creating more of it. While that is good for end users who have access to more and more top-quality web content,… More →

Sell Your Photos Online with WooCommerce and Envira Gallery – BobWP

By / — Learn how the power of a great eCommerce plugin and photo gallery can help you sell your photography easily on your WordPress site. More →

CSS Box Loader

By / — This is part of the CSS loader series that show different loaders that can be used in your application to show the user the app is processing and to please… More →

Weekly Roundup: March 10, 2017

By / — Howdy! I’d love it if you could check out an interview I did with Kinsta this week, it was fun reflecting back on how I got involved with WordPress to begin with 🙂 New or Updated Plugins & Themes Restrict… More →

WeFoster Launches Hosting Platform Catered to Online Communities

By / — WeFoster, co-founded by Marion Gooding and Bowe Frankema, is a new managed hosting platform fine-tuned specifically for online communities. The duo came up with the idea for WeFoster two years ago at WordCamp London 2015. “Bowe and I sat down… More →