WordPress News Digest for Monday, April 10, 2017

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WordPress Editor Experience Survey Shows 75% of Respondents Don’t Use Distraction-Free Writing Mode

By / — The WordPress Editor Experience survey results have been published with data from 2,563 participants, a significantly larger sampling than the 50 who responded to the recent customizer survey. Both the editor and the customizer are included in Matt Mullenweg’s three… More →

An All-Time Most Useful Plugin: Enable Media Replace

By / — I was looking through a few WordPress sites I’ve worked on recently, and they all had a few plugins in common—plugins I use almost every time I touch WordPress, because they patch something important that WordPress itself is missing. More →

WordPress Weekly Digest: 4/10/17

By / — Every week brings fresh news and updates in the world of WordPress. Here we recap some of the biggest stories in the WordPress community provided by Torque. Dedicated to informing new and advanced WordPress users about the industry, Torque is… More →

New Twitter Bot Automatically Tweets Links to Trac Tickets Tagged as Good-First-Bugs

By / — In 2014, WordPress Trac received a facelift and one of the improvements was the “good-first-bug” tag. The goal of good-first-bug tickets is to get newcomers familiar with WordPress code, processes, and contributing patches. If you’d like to be notified of… More →

Globally Installing WP-CLI for Access Across Your System

By / — Globally installing WP-CLI is a relatively trivial matter. It does, assume you have Composer already installed and available on your system. Globally Installing WP-CLI for Access Across Your System was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources… More →

Announcing Safe Updates – a new way to update your websites

By / — If there’s one thing I really hate doing, it’s updates. It’s important to keep everything up to date, but it also eats up a lot of your time: if the update itself does not fail, you still need to make… More →

How to Fix “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress

By / — Are you seeing ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error on your WordPress site? This error makes it impossible to upload images, update themes and plugins, or update WordPress core. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix “Missing… More →

How to Build a Staff Intranet with BuddyPress and WordPress

By / — BuddyPress continues to be one of the most popular free WordPress plugins. Its customizability and flexibility make it a great tool for creating your own social media platform. But it has another use as well, one that I’ve used with… More →

Sharing WordPress Content with any PHP App

By / — Using WordPress to show data on any PHP site, via the JSON API. The post Sharing WordPress Content with any PHP App appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

How to Stress Test a WordPress Website

By / — One thing they don’t tell you about starting a blog or business site is that someday your website is going to reach its limit. Hosting companies don’t have any interest in informing you about this, and the plugin and theme… More →

How to Set Up Autoresponders in MailChimp Step by Step

By / — When people talk about email marketing platforms, MailChimp is usually one of the first names to come up. Not only is it one of the most popular options around, but it also happens to be highly intuitive. Plus, it comes… More →

How To Start and Manage a Large-Scale Affiliate Program with Alfred Najem from Bluehost – BobWP

By / — If you are looking to start a large-scale affiliate program for your company, or wanting to grown an existing one, Alfred Najem from Bluehost has some great tips and insights in today's show. More →

Oxygen Provides Powerful Visual Customization for WordPress

By / — Oxygen for WordPress is a visual page builder with pixel-level control. For both beginners and power users, it allows for real-time customization of any site element using CSS properties, dozens of prebuilt components, and coding. More →

Podcast E163 – Interview with Tim Strifler

By / — This week I talk to Tim Strifler about his take on attending his first Pressnomics conference Upcoming Events WordCamp Douala – April 15 Segment 1: In the News Yoast — is nagging people to update PHP! Segment 2:  Interview with Tim… More →

6 Clef Alternatives for WordPress For When Clef Shuts Down

By / — Need a Clef alternative? For a long time, Clef was one of the most popular WordPress two-factor authentication plugins. It had an innovative product, well over a million active installs, and was just all around one of the best two-factor… More →

Bootstrapping your MEAN Stack application with Openshift, Kubernetes and Docker

By / — The MEAN stack is a popular, open-source, full-stack JavaScript framework for building dynamic websites and web applications. By combining useful JavaScript modules such as MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. The… More →

Email Case Study: Social Proof Email from Allen Edmonds

By / — Social proof for your products can elevate your brand value and highlight the audience you’re targeting. In this email case study, we’ll take a look at the social proof email from Allen Edmonds around one of their products. We’ll take… More →