WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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5 Best WordPress Business Directory Plugins

By / — Are you looking to create a business directory in WordPress? Want to know which is the best WordPress directory plugin? There are several free and paid options available which makes it hard to choose the right one. In this article,… More →

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Facebook Remarketing for eCommerce

By / — Once a shopper has left your store, you might think there’s no way to get them to return. Either their mind’s made up and they’re never coming back, or they’ve gotten distracted and have forgotten about you completely. All hope… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots Chat on June 10

By / — Hey dear Polyglots, Here’s the proposed agenda for the chat today. As always – feel free to add to it in the comments or directly during the meeting on Slack. Locale Stats Tech Update GlotPress Task list – let’s help… More →

Dev Chat Agenda for June 10

By / — Here’s the agenda for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Menu Customizer Status Review – @westonruter Feature Updates Admin UI – @helen Multisite Admin UI – @jeremyfelt Passwords – @markjaquith Component Updates (if time permits)… More →

Displaying Google Maps in WordPress

By / — If you’ve been following along with this particular series, then you’ve got a template setup and ready to begin displaying Google Maps in WordPress. For whatever reason, if you’ve just stumbled across this series, then I’ve shared a basic introduction of… More →

Giveaway from Miappi – Winners Announcement

By / — Recently we ran this fantastic giveaway. All the participants had an opportunity to win a WordPress yearly Miappi account worth $49 each! Today I would like to announce the winners. More →

How To: Display Your WordPress Posts & Pages in a Grid Layout

By / — Responsive grids on a WordPress site are a great way to display content as well as manage page layouts. While there are many excellent themes that feature grid based layouts, if your theme doesn’t have these capabilities you can still… More →

How to Add Dummy Content to a WordPress Website

By / — It’s always exciting to install WordPress and your favorite theme on a fresh domain, isn’t it? After just a few minutes of setup, you’re sat looking at a beautiful, unrestrictive blank canvas that you can mold into any type of… More →

Interview With WordPress Developers: WordPress Frameworks

By / — It is widely accepted that WordPress Frameworks are a fast and easy way to create and edit WordPress themes and websites, but is it really so? The TemplateMonster team contacted 9 experienced WordPress developers, asked them to give their opinion on WordPress… More →

It’s The Future

By / — This is brilliant. And a similar sentiment to my previous post, though much more humorously communicated.# More →

Notes from the Polyglots chat on June 3rd

By / — Locale stats Only four locales left a minor version behind. And out of those four Welsh is at 100% so will be contacting the translation editors to see how we can help them release. Other than that, we have 51… More →

Peter Thiel on MBAs

By / — I think one challenge a lot of the business schools have is they end up attracting students who are very extroverted and have very low conviction, and they put them in this hot house environment for a few years —… More →

Quick tip: Disconnect Jetpack from the WordPress.com side

By / — Before now, deleting Jetpack enabled sites from WordPress.com was pretty hard unless you were in the WordPress admin. Now you can finally do it from the WordPress.com side, which is nice when the site no longer exists. More →

Site icon and image cropping controls

By / — A couple of weeks later than intended, a brief update on the site icon functionality which has been touted as a potential feature for 4.3. The site icon functionality aims to provide an admin UI (via the Customizer, at least… More →

Summer Refresh: 21 Ways to Improve Your Blog Content – BobWP

By / — In case you are spending some of your summer brainstorming ways to improve the value, usability and share-worthiness of your blog, here are some things I’ve learned over the years. The post Summer Refresh: 21 Ways to Improve Your Blog… More →

The Agency

By / — From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid “trolls” has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet — and in real-life American communities. I was late to read the story about The Internet Agency… More →

The Best Places to Find WordPress Jobs and Build Your Career

By / — If you've been working with WordPress for a while, maybe as a hobby or to develop your own website, and have developed some solid WordPress skills, then you might be thinking about making the leap to working full time with… More →

URL Validation

By / — Clunky code because I can't just say 'is_url' for some reason. More →

Video Backgrounds for WordPress: When and How to Add Them to Your Website

By / — Displaying a video as the background of your website is a sure-fire way to make a strong impact on your visitors. While animated, or video backgrounds aren’t suitable for all websites, if it’s a good match for the type of… More →

Why WholeGrain Digital Chose WP Engine

By / — When we started WholeGrain Digital in 2007, we were London’s first specialist WordPress agency. Eight years later and amongst increased competition, we continue to grow and are thriving! We currently work with more than 300 clients ranging from lifestyle businesses… More →

Writing a Non-blocking JavaScript Quicksort – Jimmy Breck-McKye

By / — Implementing a non-blocking quicksort in JavaScript to avoid sorts that run too long, freezing the browser (particularly in IE8). Also: browser timer resolution is only 4ms (or more)? That’s *forever* in CPU time! Writing a Non-blocking JavaScript Quicksort – Jimmy… More →

Yo-Yo Ma

By / — Seinfeld feels a bit dated now, but they just don’t make them like this anymore. More →