WordPress News Digest for Thursday, September 10, 2015

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5 Reasons WordPress Users Should Switch to Facebook Comments

By / — When you allow visitors to make comments on your WordPress posts, you’re increasing engagement, nurturing a conversation, tempting people to… The post 5 Reasons WordPress Users Should Switch to Facebook Comments appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

A Genesis Jaunt – A Look at the Agency Pro Child Theme – BobWP

By / — This week is a Genesis Jaunt with the Agency Pro Child theme. What I am sharing with you in this video is what you can and cannot do with this theme out-of-the-box. This means without having to do code customizations… More →

Adobe Color Wheel

By / — If you’re having a hard time coming up with a color scheme for a client project, check out the Adobe Color Wheel (sometimes known as the Kuler). If you haven’t used it before, it allows you to pick any root… More →

Be: How Substituting Pre-Made Layouts for Wireframing Saves Time

By / — Wireframing is a web design mainstay, yet the wireframe design process is by its very nature a time consuming one. A wireframe is a visual guide that serves as the framework for a website’s page(s). It connects a website’s proposed… More →

Best Booking Plugins for WooCommerce

By / — WooCommerce is becoming a huge player in global online e-commerce, and online bookings is an important sub-niche. Hotels, travel operators, tours, spas, personal trainers etc etc all need a booking system for their website. So which WooCommerce extensions are best… More →

Creating a Responsive WordPress Site Your Mobile Users Will Love

By / — As more and more people get online with mobile devices, it’s essential your site is responsive and device-agnostic. So here's everything you need to know to ensure it looks great on everything from 27-inch UHD desktop displays to 4-inch iPhone… More →

Evan Wade

By / — My son, Evan Wade Krogsgard, was born on June 22nd, 2015. The last two and a half months have been an incredible journey. Before he was born, I hardly recognized the difference between a newborn and a one year old,… More →

Jetpack 3.7 Introduces a Simpler Interface, Adds Support for Development Sites

By / — Jetpack 3.7 is available and includes a simpler user interface, support for development sites, and fixes several issues with a variety of modules. The new interface separates some of Jetpack’s functionality into categories such as, performance and security, traffic growth,… More →

ManageWP Orion Developer Diary #7 – Install Plugins & Themes App And Other Goodies

By / — With the Orion launch less than two months away and the development going at full speed, we have a number of improvements. Most of them are in the back end, like dashboard and backup optimization, so I’ll focus on the… More →

Succinct writing

By / — Writing is hard. Gregory Ciotti describes why. It’s terrific advice, and reminds me yet again that I have much to learn. Succinct writing is a post by Brian Krogsgard. If you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a comment. More →

Support Team meetup summary for September 10th

By / — Items discussed at today’s meetup. WordCamps At any given time there is a WordCamp and you can read the schedule on WordCamp Central. WordCamps are a great opportunity to meet people you have been collaborating with for years but in… More →

The WordPress Developers Club

By / — For anyone who is involved in WordPress – be it running a business, contributing to plugins or to core, blogging about it or generally doing something really cool with the application – is bound to receive the following question: >… More →

The story so far with Twenty Sixteen.

By / — Things have been moving along fast with Twenty Sixteen. There have have been two, short, half-hour meetings so far, where we scrub through the GitHub issues. Everyone is welcome and they are held at 16:00 UTC on Monday and Friday.… More →

WPML Confirms It Did Not Have a Security Breach

By / — When WPML emailed new passwords to customers in plaintext, some customers thought it was due to a security breach. Amit Kvint, compatibility team leader for WPML, confirmed the emails are not a result of a security breach. In a post… More →

What’s It Like To Be A DevOps Or SysAdmin At WP Engine?

By / — It’s easy to think that being a DevOps or SysAdmin at WP Engine means days and nights spent troubleshooting WordPress sites. And while as a company we do indeed do that 24/7, that’s not the charter of our infrastructure team.… More →

WordPress Developers: How to Evaluate Your Personal Performance

By / — Although this post is directed towards WordPress developers, it applies to anyone working in the WordPress freelance arena. There are really only two kinds of entrepreneurial freelancers: Those who place a high value on personal performance and improvement. Those who… More →

WordPress and PHP7

By / — For the last few months, WordPress Core has been getting ready for the upcoming release of PHP7. PHP7 is bringing a host of improvements to PHP. One of the most notably is substantial performance improvements.Benchmarks of WordPress using PHP7 are… More →

WordPress, PHP7, and Themes

By / — Theme developers: please see this important information from @jorbin on Make/Core regarding upcoming core support for PHP7, and how that does and will impact Themes. More →

algebra.js by nicolewhite

By / — A JavaScript library for manipulating and solving algebraic expressions. Handles fractions (including reducing), linear equations, quadratic and cubic equations, solves for one or more variables. Amazing. algebra.js by nicolewhite Original Article: algebra.js by nicolewhite Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress,… More →

bbPress 2015 Survey Results Show Users Want Attachments, Better Moderation Tools

By / — The bbPress development team published the results of its 2015 survey. This year, 213 people participated which is 30 more than last year. After reviewing, replacing, and removing some questions from the 2014 survey, this year’s survey has 25 questions.… More →