WordPress News Digest for Monday, November 10, 2014

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22 Brilliant Videos For Mastering WordPress You Don’t Want to Miss

By / — If you want to learn a new WordPress skill or just brush up on the basics, we've got the video collection for you. Watch, learn, and do! More →

5 Support Ticketing Platforms to Help Your Customer Service Shine

By / — Support ticketing software is a natural next step once your WordPress business starts to grow. Here's a list of the 5 top support ticketing software out there. More →

Agenda for this week’s meeting This week we’re…

By / — Agenda for this week’s meeting This week we’re meeting on Tuesday at 18:00 UTC in Slack #themereview. Housekeeping: Language meeting, Twenty Fifteen reminder doing_it_wrong theme update from @jcastaneda Handbook update Design week challenge. We briefly talked about it and there… More →

Better Content Scheduling and Contributor Managemaent for WordPress with Edit Flow

By / — In a recent post we looked at a plugin which allows you to create your own WordPress user roles, or customize the default options to better suit your needs, when working with additional writers or users on your website. In this… More →

Design of the on focus admin menu and plugin activation links Test session Nov 10, 2014

By / — This week we discussed two tickets in our weekly test session. #28599 Better Visual Focus Indication in Admin Menu: @florianziegler, @afercia and @michaelarestad designed proposals we discussed. @michaelarestad came up with a mockup that needs more contrast but is beautiful.… More →

EP111 – Latest WordPress Design Trends – Nov 9 2014

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we'll be discussing the Latest WordPress Design Trends. The post EP111 – Latest WordPress Design Trends – Nov 9 2014 appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

How To Create A Private WordPress Blog And Good Reasons For Doing It

By / — Most of the time when someone is looking to create a private WordPress blog, we can pretty much guess why; they want to blog about their baby or something but don’t want the world to see it. Understandable. And we’ll… More →

How to Change Date and Time Format in WordPress

By / — Have you ever wanted to change the date format in WordPress? Maybe you wanted to abbreviate the month or hide the year or display time? Recently one of our users asked if there was a way to change the date… More →

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting For Your New Website

By / — Finding a WordPress hosting solution for your new website isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of options out there and even if you do settle on a host, how do you know which type of hosting you should choose? This… More →

Joseph Herbrandson on The Most Common Attacks Facing Today’s Websites

By / — Every day, new web-based attacks are being developed, requiring anyone with a digital life to take security more seriously than they ever have before. This great post by Joseph Herbrandson covers the most common threats to internet security that we… More →

Lives of Jim: a Print and Play Board Game

By / — The past few days I’ve been working on a print and play board game in the evenings called Lives of Jim. It’s part of a 10-day paper game jam I’m taking part in. You can find Lives of Jim on… More →

Make a Decision

By / — Running a business you will be faced with more decisions than you count or track, what will set you apart is your ability to make a decision. Indecisiveness is the one trait you cannot afford when tasked to be a… More →

Onyx Communicator

By / — OnBeep, an Audrey company, hasintroduced their first product, the Onyx. It’s a lot like the communicator from Star Trek. (Don’t wear it with a red shirt.) Business Insider covers the news pretty well. More →

Open Update Thread, Week of November 10th

By / — Let’s try this again. How are those meeting assignments going? How goes feature plugin merge and beta 1 prep? Which tickets do you have your eye on? What’s on your mind and on your todo this week? Let it out… More →

Shore Theme: A Beautiful Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives

By / — Shore is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme. While there are many generic multipurpose themes available for WordPress, this one has a focus to help it stand out from the crowd and has been built to appeal to those crafting a… More →

Thinking Outside the Box with Envira Gallery

By / — Often when we think gallery on a site, we think photos. Portfolio. That kind of stuff. But if you have purchased a premium plugin, sometimes it’s good to think outside the box. Case in point, the Envira Gallery premium version… More →

Using GitHub Issue Checkboxes

By / — One of the things that I like most about working with issues in the context of GitHub is that you can classify them based on what type of issue. That is, they can be be bugs, enhancements, features, or any other custom label… More →

WIRED Doesn’t Use Multisite

By / — When a company makes all the right choices for all the right reasons, I want to jump up and cheer. More →

WP Engine Now Offers SHA-2 SSL Certificates

By / — As many of you have heard, Google (and others) recently announced their plans to deprecate SHA-1 certificates. Although this move may affect those with a SHA-1 certificate, WP Engine customers who purchased a certificate through us don’t need to take… More →

Why WordPress Doesn’t Need to Fear Ghost, Yet

By / — Mark Gibbs, who writes for NetworkWorld, published an article on how Ghost may one day scare WordPress off as the top publishing platform. Gibbs has some valid complaints with WordPress such as, plugins that don’t integrate with the menu system… More →

Write for Readers or Search Engines? Here’s How to Do Both

By / — Sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with how the rules of the web are changing. Remember when SEO was just a competition on who can fit a keyword on their site more often? Or […] The post Write for… More →