WordPress News Digest for Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Interview with Matt Mullenweg on the new WordPress release cycle and more

By / — I had the opportunity to interview Matt Mullenweg at the end of WordCamp US 2016, and we chatted about the new WordPress development cycle, the WordPress REST API, and more. More →

Best WordPress Themes for Events

By / — If you are planning to create an event like a conference, seminar or some festival than a website might be an essential part of your organizing plan. Also, social media is the key to success, but you need to put… More →

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Booster

By / — Divi Booster is a plugin from Dan of DiviBooster.com where he creates lots of tutorials and code to enhancement Divi. This code is then added to the Divi Booster plugin for easy use. Divi Booster adds over 50 new configurations… More →

How to Solve the Parse and Syntax Error in WordPress

By / — There’s a small group of befuddling errors that elbow themselves in, front and center, on your WordPress site, forcefully ripping it down from the world wide web: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected…” “Notice: Use of undefined constant…” “Parse error: unexpected…”… More →

10 Tips for Local Business Marketing (For You or Your Clients)

By / — Looking to improve your or your clients’ local business marketing results? While the Internet is chock full of marketing tips, many of them are geared towards regionless websites. Local marketing is a whole different ballgame in many aspects. In this… More →

VueJS: Vue Router Reacting To Route Changes

By / — The the last example we learnt how to create dynamic routes in VueJs. This allows you to have the same component be reused on multiple page, for example if we… More →

Adding a bit of Fun to my WordPress Themes Build Process

By / — This is post 4 of 4 in the series “WordPress Automation” I recently learnt that when you type 'Say' followed … Continue Reading Adding a bit of Fun to my WordPress Themes Build Process The post Adding a bit of… More →

Rename Your Media Files with… …Rename Media Files

By / — It’s a bit odd that WordPress doesn’t let you rename your media files. For a feature with some usability questions and a lot of SEO questions (Google, of course, reads the filenames of images as a clue to what they’re… More →