WordPress News Digest for Sunday, January 11, 2015

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40 Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2015

By / — Every new year, either towards the end of the previous year or within the first weeks of the new one, I tend to find a few hours to comb through my RSS feeds and refine the list of blogs I… More →

A Tutorial For Your WordPress Settings

By / — There are numerous settings buried in the dashboard that affect not only how your site might look, but also helping with things like search engine optimization and making your site user-friendly. We will look at this settings in six videos,… More →

Add a Dynamic “Back to Top” Button to Your WordPress Site

By / — User experience is often an overlooked aspect of website design, which is unfortunate, really, because it plays an important and essential role in ensuring visitors can easily use and navigate your site. It’s in your best interests to make your… More →

Hi everyone I’ve been working on the Sinhala…

By / — Hi everyone! I’ve been working on the Sinhala(si) translating project and it is almost done (98%) now. But when I visit to https://si.wordpress.org/ , it says “The Sinhala translation of WordPress is inactive” This is something unexpected and sad at… More →