WordPress News Digest for Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Dev Chat Summary: January 10th (4.9.2 week 6)

By / — This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from January 10th (agenda, Slack archive). 4.9.2 planning Tentative release timing of 1/16 for beta, 1/23 for RC, and 1/30 for release 57 tickets currently on the milestone, @sergey will be reviewing them… More →

EP10 – Agency Life, WordCamps, & Work Life Balance w/ Tara Claeys – Community Connections Community Connections

By / — Based in Arlington, Virginia, Tara Claeys is the owner of Design TLC, and a co-founder of Nice Work, LLC, producing custom websites for small and medium businesses. Tara’s focus is on education and non profit websites, although she has also… More →

How to Transfer Your Site to SiteGround: Setting Up and Forwarding a New Email

By / — Transferring your site to a new host can be a bit scary if you haven’t done it before. We thought this would be a good time to teach you how to tackle that site transfer yourself! This post is the… More →

How to Add a Cost Estimation Form to Your Site Using the Web Agency Layout

By / — Every web agency has to make a critical decision about how they want to handle estimates. It is pretty much the first thing customers want to know when looking for a new website. With the release of the new Web… More →

How Passion and Innovation Became a Profitable Business and Online Store

By / — It’s a one-of-a-kind tool that Drake producer, Noah “40” Shebib, raves about and Diplo can’t live without. Fans of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Kanye West, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber have already heard Output’s work, whether they know it or… More →

WordPress 2018 Predictions: My Thoughts On The Upcoming Year

By / — A few days ago, I shared a recap of some of the biggest events that happened in the WordPress world in 2017. Now, I want to switch things up, get out my Magic 8 Ball, and look into the future… More →

The Missing Benefit of Slowth

By / — WTF is Slowth? I thought I had invented a new word until Google revealed the ever-trustworthy Urban Dictionary already beat me to the punch. Seriously though, I'm going to use slowth as a portmanteau for slow growth as I try… More →

How to use Yoast SEO: The readability analysis

By / — Everybody knows the colored bullets in Yoast SEO. There are two parts to the traffic light system, namely the content analysis and the readability analysis. The first checks whether your post is SEO-proof, while the latter checks if it is… More →

How to Bulk Upload WordPress Media Files using FTP

By / — Do you want to bulk upload WordPress media files using FTP? By default, WordPress does not allow you to upload media files via FTP which can be annoying for users who want to bulk upload files at once. In this… More →

Bitcoin and WordPress: Why and How to Take Cryptocurrency Payments

By / — Bitcoin is the new hotness. It’s also the old hotness. Basically, it’s the hotness, and if you’re not already riding the cryptocurrency wave, there’s never been a better time to hop on. While the cryptocurrency goes up and down in… More →

13 Awesome WordPress Facebook Groups To Boost Your Knowledge

By / — If you want to learn more about WordPress, blogs like WPLift are a great place to start – at least we think so! But blogs aren’t the only game in town when it comes to improving your knowledge – there’s… More →

How to Let Your Customers Ship Products to Multiple Locations in WooCommerce – BobWP

By / — Giving you WooCommerce store customers the option to ship to multiple addresses could help increase your sales and save them a lot of time. More →

Should You Give Your Website a Bonus…or a Pink Slip?

By / — How would your website score in an employee performance review? Your website should be working for you 24/7. Make sure it's not slacking on the job. Continue Reading Should You Give Your Website a Bonus…or a Pink Slip? More →