WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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6 Best WordPress Security Authentication Plugins

By / — It doesn’t take much for your digital life to be totally destroyed. If you manage a WordPress site, or even several sites for clients, beefing up the overall security of a site is a no-brainer. Most users know how to… More →

A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve Losh

By / — A brief guide to various ways to manage branching in mercurial. A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve LoshOriginal Article: A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve Losh Dougal Campbell’s geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and world… More →

Best WordPress Plugins: 40 Experts Share Their Favorite WordPress Plugins

By / — There are currently more than 29,317 free WordPress plugins available in the WordPress repository at the time of writing this post; each plugin can enhance the functionality and performance of your site. And lets not forget the premium and custom… More →

Book Review – The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun

By / — Today I want to share my review of one of the best books I’ve read in the past months, The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun. It’s a book that has been selected as one of Amazon’s best books of… More →


By / — Brevity (the soul of wit) is my favourite principle for good writing. It may seem impossible to, say, arbitrarily cut any one text in half but the challenge of attempting it forces you to consider the importance of every phrase,… More →

Build Things You Want To Use For Yourself

By / — Languages, food, package tours, sitcoms, or (for my followers and myself) plugins and themes. Build things you want to use for yourself. In the original Java white paper, Gosling explicitly says Java was designed not to be too difficult for… More →

DW Argo WordPress Theme Overview

By / — We take a look at the DW Argo theme available on Themeforest Join us as we give a complete overview of the DW Argo Theme available on Themeforest. Find out more about this theme and why it may well be… More →

Fight government surveliance

By / — I’ve installed the The Day We Fight Back WordPress plugin to protest government surveillance. More →

How We Work: A Look behind The Scenes at Moove Agency

By / — Moove Agency Moove are a design agency based in trendy Hoxton, in London UK who specialise in developing websites with WordPress and have worked on some pretty cool projects. In the third part of our “How We Work” series (… More →

How to Avoid Accidental Publishing in WordPress

By / — Have you ever accidentally published a post on your blog? It can happen to any of us. Even the most experienced bloggers have accidentally hit the publish button. Recently one of our readers reached out to us asking for a… More →

Jimmy Fallon and The Muppets Sing The Weight

By / — http://youtu.be/otRr23Brir8 I’ve become a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. I don’t watch any late shows anymore, but if I were going to watch one, it would be his. More →

Last Week in WordPress Core

By / — Howdy, everyone! It’s time for Last Week In WordPress Core, for the week of February 3–February 9. Let’s start out with a couple of discussion points, then commit highlights, and close with housekeeping. CSS autoprefixer? @ocean90 has a proposal up… More →

Manage WordPress Posts with PHP – Create and Update

By / — As promised, here is the second part to my first post, ‘Create WordPress Posts And Pages Using PHP – A 101 Tutorial’. In this article we will be looking at how we can extend the basic functions and theory I… More →

Override the Default bbPress Stylesheet

By / — After installing bbPress back onto my theme site, I realized the default stylesheet was pretty bloated. At first, I started abusing the important declaration in my own stylesheet, but then… More →

Patch mode for Git – an eye-opener or a useful ref…

By / — Patch mode for Git – an eye-opener or a useful refresher. http://bit.ly/1jtxBxR More →

Separation of Concerns with WordPress Templates

By / — One of the biggest pain points in working with WordPress templates – or, really, any  PHP and HTML in general – is how we end up jumping from language to language within the context of a single file. Obviously, this… More →

The Downsides of WordPress Maintenance Services

By / — So you’re deciding between hosting your blog at one of the cheap non-managed WordPress hosts while pairing it with a “WordPress Maintenance” service versus hosting it with a “Managed WordPress Host”. They sound like they’d be about the same, right?… More →

The rise of WordPress maintenance services

By / — WordPress maintenance services seem to be all the rage. As people are using WordPress to do more, more maintenance is sometimes required. Also, having a seasoned development team on hand for when things go wrong can be quite valuable. There… More →

Users Site Menu Link Plugin

By / — This morning, while working in my support forum for Easy Digital Downloads, I needed to look up a user’s account. Instinctively, I went to the site menu in the tool bar, opened the sub menu and tried to navigate straight… More →

What To Do When A WordPress Plugin Causes An Error

By / — Plugins are at the heart of WordPress’s success. A plugin is simply a series of functions that can be added to your WordPress website to extend its functionality. Many theme developers choose to add this additional code through WordPress themes,… More →

What is your working environment?

By / — I’ve actually wondered as to what most of us like to use when it comes to reviewing themes and possibly even creating themes. One thing I would like to see is the use of VVV. I know most of us… More →

When there is liberty

By / — When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. -Thomas Jefferson If you are in the US, I encourage you to go to The Day We Fight Back and contact your… More →

Where to Find BuddyPress Language Files

By / — Did you know that BuddyPress can be used in different languages? It’s actually a very international community. Based on the results from a survey conducted in 2013, nearly 50% of BuddyPress sites are in languages other than English. With BuddyPress… More →

WordPress E-Commerce Plugins Update to Support Stripe’s Global Expansion of Currencies

By / — Stripe announced that it now supports 139 currencies in an effort to increase patrons’ ability to sell to worldwide audiences. The update allows those using Stripe to charge customers using any of the new currencies. Stripe handles the conversion and… More →

WordPress Email Newsletters Have Never Been Better

By / — Email newsletters are a key component of any successful website. So, how does professional newsletter and subscriber management direct from your WordPress dashboard and no third-party monthly plans sound? More →

WordPress Themes by Yoast

By / — It’s done! The WordPress Themes by Yoast are now finally available. This project has been over a year in the making. When Mijke joined Yoast in September 2012, we decided it’d be a good plan to use her design skills… More →

WordPress and the Front Controller Design Pattern

By / — Computer programmers love to think about systems. In doing that, they generalize how they work and how we can classify them. So you’ll find lots of people talking about “design patterns” — both loved and hated ones — that are… More →

WordPress.com Joins Google, Reddit and Tumblr in Protesting NSA Surveillance

By / — WordPress.com announced that it is joining forces with other organizations and companies around the globe to protest NSA surveillance. Earlier this morning Google endorsed the USA Freedom Act, new legislation with bi-partisan authorship that calls for NSA reform. Today WordPress.com… More →

Yoast enters the WordPress theme market

By / — Joost de Valk has announced his company (Yoast) have released three Genesis Child Themes, with more on the way. We’re releasing 3 themes today, all of them very different but all of them share a lot of functionality too. They’re… More →

You did not see this WordPress theme overview

By / — Explicit WordPress theme overview I probably should not do this video of one of the best WordPress review themes ever made, alas I did. Now all and sundry will buy this awesome theme. Suffice to say this is probably the… More →