WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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35+ Resources to Become a Kick Ass WordPress Developer

By / — There is a low barrier to using and working with WordPress. In fact, anyone with knowledge of PHP or with design skills can start using WordPress immediately and see results. But if you want to really succeed with WordPress, build… More →

7 Social Media Plugins . . . for WordPress Businesses

By / — Social media is a critical component to establishing your business in the WordPress space. By optimizing your presence in social media you can cultivate brand recognition and build customer relations. Integrating social media with your […] More →

Audio/Video 2.0 Update – Media Modal

By / — The latest major updates to Audio/Video before Beta were related to editing shortcodes in the medial modal. TinyMCE placeholders for audio and video have been added like so: When you click the placeholder, the media modal will now be launched. And… More →

BuddyPress Theme Development: Get Started Building Your Own Themes

By / — The BuddyPress Theme Development book hit the shelves late last year and I had the chance to review it for our readers. This book is a much-needed resource for the BuddyPress community and could not have come at a better… More →

Favorite WordPress Plugins

By / — My favorite WordPress plugins include WWSGD, SEO by Yoast and Akismet. More →

First WordCamp Dayton A Flying Success

By / — During this past weekend, I attended the first ever WordCamp Dayton, Ohio. Organized by Nathan Driver and a number of volunteers, the event was held on the campus of Wright State University within Rike Hall. Other WordCamps I’ve attended on… More →

Heads up WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 will be…

By / — Heads up: WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 will be announced in the next hour or so. You’ll see 3.9 on translate.wordpress.org (with all strings imported) within the next 12 hours or so, so you can get started. Thanks for your patience!… More →

How to Add User Browser and OS Classes in WordPress Body Class

By / — When developing WordPress themes, sometimes you may need user’s browser and operating system information to modify certain aspects of your design using CSS or jQuery. WordPress is capable of doing that for you. In this article, we will show you… More →

How to Migrate WordPress Multisite

By / — Migrating a WordPress Multisite installation can be a tricky business. It's not as straightforward as it is with single site installations, and there are no plugins to help you out. In this tutorial I highlight the steps I use to… More →

Integrate Gravity Forms and Easy Digital Downloads

By / — Gravity Forms is undisputedly the most powerful forms plugin for WordPress, and Easy Digital Downloads is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to sell digital products through WordPress, so what could be better than integrating the two plugins… More →

Major update of WordPress SEO (1.5)

By / — Today we’re releasing what’s probably the single biggest update to our WordPress SEO plugin since its initial release. It improves speed, fixes a ton of bugs and edge cases and adds a new bulk title & description editor. On top of… More →

Passing Variables in WordPress: WP_Query

By / — One of the most minute aspects of writing code is opting when – or when not – to use variables. It sounds like a trivial decision, right? And in some respects, it is, but the longer I’ve been writing code… More →

Pricing Changes For New Members

By / — Next week we will be raising our base subscription price from $39 to $69 for all new customers. We are raising the price because we believe that it will ultimately result in the best product and the best experience for… More →

Resurrecting the Polyglots Contributor Handbook

By / — Hello again polyglots! One of things discussed at the chat a few weeks ago was the handbook for your team. Contributor handbooks are a great way to cover all the basic and even advanced parts of what your team does. (Check… More →

SEO Tips – Optimizing Keywords in an Article

By / — Once upon a time, a small business went to Google Adwords and EmbraceWP and discovered what keywords they needed to use in their next blog effort or internet marketing campaign. But where do you go from there? Read this article… More →

Simple Ways in Which You Can Help Your Customers

By / — In this article, we shall be discussing steps you can take to help your customers and clients get what they want. More →

Site stats Jetpack were deactivated from localization websites…

By / — Site stats (Jetpack) were deactivated from localization websites? Or access removed? More →


By / — Spacebrew allows you to connect multiple client nodes via websockets to create realtime interactions. There are libraries available for connecting Arduino/Processing devices. SpacebrewOriginal Article: Spacebrew Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and world domination. More →

The Art of the WordPress Startup: Part 10

By / — How to Get Press This post is part 10 of a series on how to launch your startup on WordPress. Last time I talked about how to handle all the advice you’ll get as a first time founder. Today’s post is about something many… More →

Why WordPress Core Needs a Writing Style Guide

By / — Tone is often a subliminal thing. Over months and years, you work with a person, an organization, or a software package, and eventually you notice that it generally makes you feel either happy or bummed out, listened to or scoffed… More →

WordPress 3.9 Beta 1

By / — I’m excited to announce that the first beta of WordPress 3.9 is now available for testing. WordPress 3.9 is due out next month — but in order to hit that goal, we need your help testing all of the goodies… More →

WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 released

By / — WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 is out and ready for you to test. There are loads of enhancements that you can see a basic description of and hop into the tickets on Trac where they were hashed out. I’ll be covering… More →

WordPress Beta Testers, Start Your Engines: 3.9 Beta 1 Released

By / — If it’s true that the best gifts come in small packages, then WordPress 3.9 is set to be a stellar release. It’s fully of tiny improvements that improve the publishing experience, especially when it comes to editing content. You can… More →

WordPress core needs a writing style guide

By / — Does WordPress core have a voice and tone problem with its automated messages? That’s the argument from Fred Meyer on WP Shout. He gives a compelling argument: One of WordPress’s greatest and most fixable weaknesses is its own use of… More →