WordPress News Digest for Friday, April 11, 2014

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17th at Sawgrass

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Adam Brown’s Hooks List

By / — There’s not really a shortage of ways to find WordPress hooks, filters, functions, and more. It was actually Jeff Chandler’s story about Hookr.io — a new entrant into the field — that reminded me of this one which I remember… More →

Admin Help Update – 7, April 2014

By / — We’ve had a quiet few weeks as I was busy building a resume, interviewing and rounding up code. But yay for new jobs and time to move forward! Thanks to @clorith and @jazzs3quence for picking up the slack! I’ve talked… More →

An Overview of this Week’s Security Updates

By / — It’s been a big week for WordPress security. There have been several important security updates this week; including one that arose out of rather unnerving circumstances. These updates make the WordPress space more secure, and […] More →

Catch a Session

By / — Me, talking about ecommerce, running a store, and yeah, a little Heartbleed. More →

DevPress Announcement

By / — Around four years ago, DevPress.com started with four founders. Due to a case of too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, the team didn’t mesh well and the site never got traction. For a short time,.. More →

Devin Price is the new owner of DevPress

By / — Devin Price is a developer from Austin, Texas and owner of WP Theming, an excellent WordPress blog. He also hosts his plugins and themes on WP Theming. Devin is the author of the popular Options Framework plugin, the Portfolio Post… More →

Does anybody know where the translations for Akismet…

By / — Does anybody know where the translations for Akismet are located? More →

Donate to OpenSSL

By / — Virtually every open source OS and project on the web that uses encryption relies on OpenSSL. Yet they only get a few thousand a year in donations. Time to change that if we want better code: http://www.openssl.org/support/donations.html More →

Help Test Akismet 3.0, Win Exclusive Akismet Swag

By / — Akismet 3.0 is currently in development and the official release will likely coincide with WordPress 3.9 on April 16th. The upcoming 3.0 release represents a major rewrite of the plugin and the Akismet team is inviting everyone to help test… More →

How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Website

By / — Favicons, short for favorite icons, are a small but significant part of branding a website. They are used to display a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel image before the page title in your browser. Favicons are also used for bookmarks in… More →

How the WordPress Front End Editor Could Steal the Drag and Drop Site Builder Market

By / — The WordPress development team is always up to something, and one of their latest projects is the implementation of a front end editor to WordPress. This would make it possible for people to edit posts without having to see the… More →

How to Add Caption to Images in WordPress

By / — Ever wonder how some sites add small texts below their images? Well that’s a caption. It comes in handy if you want to provide additional details about your image. WordPress comes with a built-in functionality to add captions to your… More →

How to Hide or Highlight the Screen Options Tab in WordPress

By / — Now you have options with Screen Options. More →

I read that WordPress 3.8.3 is out Shall…

By / — I read that WordPress 3.8.3 is out. Shall we build our packages or it will be handled automatically like it was done for 3.7.2? Cheers, Gabriel More →

Important Notice: Update Your Jetpack WordPress Plugin Now

By / — We love Jetpack – it’s full of great features for lots of websites. We’ve share reasons why you should use… The post Important Notice: Update Your Jetpack WordPress Plugin Now appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

I’m having an issue with 3.8.2 In fr…

By / — I’m having an issue with 3.8.2. In fr_FR, we use HTML entities in order to have correct French typography, especially nbsp (non-breaking space). For example, while in English numbers are written “1,234.56″, in French it should be “1 234,56″ (with… More →

Major Milestone For BuddyPress: 2 Million Downloads and Counting

By / — BuddyPress reached a major milestone today, crossing the two million download mark just a week ahead of the official 2.0 release. The plugin, known as “a social network in a box,” now has more than 500 related community extensions. Over… More →

Metadata API/UI Meeting 04/11

By / — As discussed in the previous meetings, we’re pushing the time back one hour from 19:00 UTC to the new time at 18:00 UTC on Fridays. We’ll be in #wordpress-core-plugins tomorrow, April 11th, 2014 as usual. We will be talking about… More →

New Plugin Adds BuddyPress Activity as a Wire/Wall to User Profiles

By / — For the past four years, BuddyPress developer Brajesh Singh has maintained a popular tutorial for allowing BuddyPress activity as a wire. This was the default behavior for activity during the early 1.x era of BuddyPress, which allowed users to “write… More →

Next Version Of WordPress To Fix Quick Draft Dashboard Widget

By / — If you’ve noticed after upgrading to WordPress 3.8.2 that the Quick Draft dashboard widget no longer functions correctly, you’re not the only one. Unfortunately, one of the security fixes in 3.8.2 caused the widget to break. Auto-drafts created through the… More →

Plupload 2.x in WordPress 3.9

By / — Plupload is the library that powers most of the file upload interfaces in WordPress, and in 3.9 we’ve updated the bundled library to version 2.1.1 (#25663). Here are some of things that have changed, which may affect WordPress plugins and… More →

Restrict Content Pro Version 2.0 Released

By / —  Restrict Content Pro, my plugin for running a complete membership system on your WordPress website, has just been updated to version 2.0. This is a large update that I have been working on for several months now and I am… More →

The Importance of Using Domain Language in WordPress

By / — In building software – especially at the enterprise level – one phrase that’s used to describe the work that goes into understanding what all needs to make up an application is that of the “problem space” or the “problem domain.”… More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.65

By / — There were 2 security releases this week, WordPress 3.8.2 and the Jetpack plugin, there will always be bugs found in software that is used by so many people but the important thing is they are updated quickly – and all… More →

What to Look for in a WordPress Backup Solution

By / — There are two kinds of WordPress users—those who have lost their site and those who will. If you own a website, then you are sure to hit this situation at some point. Why, you ask? […] More →

Where Can I Learn About WordPress?

By / — Every now and then I receive an email asking me for advice on resources where one would start learning about WordPress. Specifically, such enquiries tend to focus on going beyond the basics. Here's what I recommend. More →

Who Else Wants To Collect Payments Using WordPress Sites?

By / — As a robust content management system, WordPress gets preference from bloggers, freelancers and eCommerce business owners. Apart from being a… The post Who Else Wants To Collect Payments Using WordPress Sites? appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

WordPress Plugin CoSchedule Secures $500K In Funding

By / — CoSchedule, the editorial workflow and activity scheduling plugin, has secured $500K in a Series A round of funding. The angel investment was led by Sandin Holdings and Bullinger Enterprises of Fargo, North Dakota. Matching funds were provided by the North… More →

WordPress Product Demos

By / — If you sell a WordPress product, then you’ve probably had a perspective customer ask if they could test it out first or if you have a demo available. Recently, we realized that our demo of Ninja Forms wasn’t working properly. Also,… More →

WordPress.com introduces a Portfolio content type

By / — I’m honestly surprised it took this long, but WordPress.com has introduced a Portfolio custom content type for their platform. Current themes that support the new content type are Espied and Illustratr, however I think that many themes will begin introducing… More →

wordpress 3.8.2 revision number

By / — wordpress 3.8.2 revision number? More →