WordPress News Digest for Monday, April 11, 2016

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3 Painless Scripts to Free Yourself of Problem Clients

By / — If you’ve been working with WordPress as a freelancer or running your own agency, you’ve probably come across a client who’s project you wish you hadn’t accepted. If it’s gotten to the point where you don’t think you can keep… More →

Awesome Giveaway from Search WP – 5 Single Site Licenses Awaiting You

By / — Today we've partnered up with Search WP to deliver this awesome giveaway! You have a chance to win 1 of 5 single site licenses of Search WP plugin for WordPress. More →

CleanTalk Review: A Spam Blocking Plugin with Cloud-Based Firewall

By / — CleanTalk is a cloud-based solution for preventing spam on your WordPress based website, I have talked about using this plugin before here on WPLift. Since then it has received updates with new features, the latest being the addition of a… More →

Combining Data from Multiple CPTs

By / — Bring out your dead! Sometimes you just need to track random things. More →

Ep183 – WooConf Recap – learning, developing, selling WordPress eCommerce. –

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we'll be discussing and recapping WooConf 6 – 8 April 2016, Austin, Texas. We're looking for folks involved in the event's creation and people that spoke at the event. Show airs April 11 at 11am PDT… More →

How To Scale Your WooCommerce Store (Upcoming Webinar)

By / — To maximize sales, growing your ecommerce store’s traffic is crucial. But to increase traffic, your WooCommerce store needs to be able to scale. In this upcoming webinar, learn all about scalability and the dos and don’ts of scaling your ecommerce… More →

How to Track User Engagement with Google Analytics

By / — Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to understand how engaged your website audience is. By looking at the data you can learn and identify problems and issues that prevent you from successfully engaging your audience.… More →

Keep WordPress Running Smoothly with these 5 Maintenance Tasks

By / — Almost everything you own requires maintenance. Your car, your home, your computer — even yourself. Not surprisingly, your WordPress website is no different. Of course, you could choose to forego maintenance on any one of those items, but doing so… More →

Live Q&A With WordPress Expert Carrie Dils

By / — At WP Engine, we’re passionate about helping our customers learn and grow. In keeping with that ethos, we proudly present “Finely Tuned Expert,” a series of interviews with some of the brightest talents in tech, marketing, and (naturally) WordPress. For… More →

MySQL Admin Can’t Connect To Localhost

By / — I'm going to have a significantly longer post (or series of posts) that go more into detail about setting up WP-CLI, proper unit testing of WordPress plugins, and so on. But for those who are already working on setting all… More →

Supercharge Your WordPress Comments With These 15 Plugins

By / — The default WordPress comments functionality works just fine, especially if you are just starting out. However, your commenters are likely your… The post Supercharge Your WordPress Comments With These 15 Plugins appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Translation and Localization

By / — Did you know more people download WordPress in languages other than English than, well, English? Neglecting site visitors who speak English as a second language (or don't speak English at all) isn't a great idea, so we've put together this… More →

Torque Weekly Digest: 04/11/16

By / — Here we provide a weekly recap of the biggest stories from torquemag.io. Dedicated to informing new and advanced WordPress users about the industry, Torque is a hub for WordPress news, business, and community. Here are some of last week’s top… More →

Ultimate Guide on How to Connect AWeber to WordPress

By / — Want to connect AWeber with your WordPress site? AWeber is the one of the most popular email marketing services on the web. In this ultimate guide, we will show you how to connect AWeber to WordPress. Why Email List is… More →

What Do You Want To Read?

By / — Internet nowadays contains an array of choice when it comes to reading material. You can pretty much find anything you want/like online, google any word and you will get a list of articles relating to it. It’s never been so… More →

WordCamp London 2016 Highlights

By / — WordCamp London 2016 occurred this past weekend at London Metropolitan University and was a huge success and unique experience. More than 550 people from around the world attended #WCLDN to meet, learn, and collaborate on all things WordPress. Here are some highlights from the… More →


By / — chartd makes it easy to include charts (either png or svg) on your web site, by just passing parameters in the URL of an img tag. For simple charts, this will be easy-peasy to automate. Of course, the downside is… More →