WordPress News Digest for Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Blockers with the Theme Check plugin

By / — We are currently discussing how theme can be uploaded and set live without any human interaction. When themes are uploaded via the upload page the themes are checked with the Theme Check plugin and then the ticket is created. The Theme… More →

Customizer Typography: A Proof-of-Concept Plugin for WordPress Theme Authors

By / — One option that users often appreciate in themes is the ability to control typography without having to modify any code. Justin Tadlock has been experimenting with adding a typography control class for the WordPress customizer. Instead of writing a lengthy… More →

Dev Chat Summary, June 10

By / — Agenda, Slack log. Menu Customizer Status Update (#) @westonruter The a11y review did not unveil any blockers, although it wasn’t done on the feature branch the team is currently working on. Introduction of a blocker there was deemed unlikely however. A… More →

Google Maps in WordPress: Adding a Marker

By / — In the previous post, we added our first map to the template that we’ve been working on throughout this series. Through a third-party tool, we ended up getting the latitude and longitude of a city in order to center the map,… More →

How to Add Navigation Menu in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

By / — Do you want to add navigation menus in your WordPress site? Did you know that there is a very easy drag-and-drop menu interface that allows you to create drop-down menus in WordPress. In this step by step guide, we will… More →

Moving Dashicons from an Icon Font to SVG

By / — In the next couple months, we’re going to focus on converting the Dashicons icon font in core to SVG. The process of adding and updating the Dashicons font is an incredibly labor intensive, tedious process that is currently limited to… More →

Moving to the Customizer API from the Settings API, using Options API

By / — Theme developers using a custom implementation of Options API/Settings API, or who use one of the many excellent frameworks/libraries that use Options API/Settings API, to handle Theme options and create settings pages, will soon need to modify their Theme options… More →

Please check new Russian projects

By / — Please check new Russian projects More →

Pro Plugin Directory Launched This Week

By / — There are free WordPress plugins and there are WordPress plugins that you must pay for. These are often called "premium" WordPress plugins. Free plugins can be found in the official plugin directory on WordPress.org, but premium WordPress plugins are not… More →

Put your house in order with CrazyEgg

By / — A few months back we re-branded Pagely and deployed a new website. It was a total re-do of everything. Our primary goal was to not just improve the aesthetics of our site, but the sales performance of it as well. Get… More →

StackExchange is Testing a Proposed Q&A Site for WooCommerce

By / — StackExchange community members have proposed a new Q&A site for users and developers of WooCommerce. The proposal is currently in the “Definition” phase, which means that participants are working to design the community by proposing hypothetical questions that embody the… More →

Staging Sites Made Easy With WP Stagecoach – BobWP

By / — If you are a designer, developer or even WordPress power user, this service is great for moving your site to a staging area when you are either building your new site, redoing your current one, changing themes or adding plugins.… More →

The WhiP: Menu Customizer Mess and Theme Review Cleanup

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Today’s meeting agenda We’ve got a meeting today…

By / — Today’s meeting agenda We’ve got a meeting today at 18:00UTC in Slack #themereview. In it we’re going to be catching up on things not covered in Thursday. @grapplerulrich is going to be bringing the theme check stuff for discussion @chipbennett… More →

Video Recap: Nathan Porter On Finely Tuned Consultant

By / — This week on “Finely Tuned Consultant,” we spoke with Nathan Porter, president of Arete Imagine Inc. and the mind behind a WordPress-based CRM solution called Ukuu People. Porter shared his passion for using his development expertise to help nonprofits achieve… More →

WPSSO v3.3 — Social Settings for Category and Tag Pages

By / — WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) version 3.3 has been released — The latest version of this Social SEO plugin includes several new features, and extensive code changes to support WordPress taxonomies (categories and tags). More →

WPWeekly Episode 195 – Recap of WordCamp Orange County 2015

By / — In this episode, Marcus Couch and I recap WordCamp Orange County 2015 held in Costa Mesa, CA. We share our favorite sessions, highlights of the weekend, and I explain why I spent day two of the conference in my hotel… More →

What type of content should a cornerstone article be?

By / — People often ask us how to improve their rankings on specific keywords. In our site reviews, we can really analyse a site and come up with a tailor made answer to that question.  But in most cases, the information in… More →

Why There’s No Stopping WordPress Hitting 50% Market Share

By / — WordPress has seen massive growth during its relatively short lifetime and now powers almost a quarter of the world's websites. But will it ever reach Matt Mullenweg's lofty 50% market share goal? We take a look at the influential websites… More →

WooCommerce 2.3.11 Patches Object Injection Vulnerability

By / — WooCommerce 2.3.11 patches an object injection vulnerability discovered by Sucuri. According to the security research company, the vulnerability is only present when the PayPal Identity Token option is set in WooCommerce. Researchers used a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce components… More →

WordPress Developers: How to Make More Money With Fewer Clients

By / — In this highly competitive world, WordPress developers will often take low paying projects as a means to kick-start their career and build a portfolio. Starting with a low cost gig is an oft-used method and scores of developers will attest… More →

WordPress Theme Collections: Six of the Best WordPress Clubs

By / — These days, there are literally thousands of premium WordPress themes to choose from. With all that choice, surely finding a great WordPress theme is easy, right? Well sure, finding a great theme is. Finding the right theme, though? Well, that’… More →

iThemes Exchange Add-ons to Upgrade Your Online Store

By / — Recently we looked at iThemes Exchange, a simple way to start selling products online with WordPress. This free e-commerce plugin… The post iThemes Exchange Add-ons to Upgrade Your Online Store appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

“Off the Record”

By / — Recently, I was listening to Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast, and they were talking about the difference between “off the record” and “on background.” The show notes reference a 16 year old story debating the terms. The term “on background” is pretty… More →