WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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10up Acquires Lift UX

By / — 10up, a leading WordPress design and development agency, has acquired Lift UX, a smaller user experience design-driven agency that will bolster the company’s existing Experience design team. Lift founders Chris Wallace and Brad Miller will join 10up’s 120+ person distributed… More →

Important Remarketing Tips To Drive Your Bottom Line

By / — Ever feel like the internet is stalking you? Maybe your Facebook advertisements reflect exactly what you were just shopping for on Amazon or somehow your advertisements know that you’re a Spurs fan. This is a tactic called remarketing. Remarketing is… More →

New Guide on How to Clean a Hacked Drupal Sites

By / — Drupal is an open-source content management system and website builder with a unique structure that allows it to be highly flexible and extendible. For these reasons and more, it’s favored by technical developers and many large websites, including .gov and… More →

Say Hello to Our New Product Roadmap!

By / — We’re pulling back the curtain and exposing our biggest plans for our most popular projects on our shiny new public facing Product Roadmap. You read that right! We have big ideas, a ton of new features in the pipeline, and a… More →

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasters

By / — Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for podcasters? WordPress is a popular blogging platform choice among top podcasters due to its flexibility that comes with various podcasting plugins. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best… More →

3 Ways Voice Search Will Shake Up Search Engine Optimization

By / — The more that mobile devices permeate every aspect of our lives, the greater the impact they have on the way we search for content online. In the past, you had to use the right keywords if you wanted to find… More →

SEO for a new website: the very first things to do

By / — How does a new website start ranking? Does it just magically appear in Google after you’ve launched it? What things do you have to do to start ranking in Google and get traffic from the search engines? Here, I explain… More →

Choosing the Right International Site Structure for Your WordPress Website

By / — If you are ready to make your brand internationally known, it is time you start thinking about how to best structure your website so that you can maximize its presence amongst this new audience base. How you structure your international… More →

Three Underestimated Marketing Channels for Your Online Store – BobWP

By / — There are so many marketing channels that can help you with your stores traffic and online sales. But sometimes we underestimate what is available to us. Patrick Rauland shares three of those that he recently discovered. More →

How To Change Domain Names for Your Self-Hosted WordPress Site

By / — Need to move your WordPress site to a new domain? While no one sets out intending to change domain names down the road, it’s certainly something that can happen to you. Maybe that perfect domain name opened up, maybe you… More →

Interview with WordCamp US 2017 Organizers Dustin Meza and Laura Byrne-Cristiano

By / — While at WordCamp Europe I had the opportunity to interview Dustin Meza, lead organizer of WordCamp US 2017, and Laura Byrne-Cristiano, who is part of the marketing team for the event. The two are members of a 20-person team of… More →