WordPress News Digest for Friday, January 12, 2018

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EP260 – WordPress Quick Tips

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we're going to share with you our favorite quick tips. The post EP260 – WordPress Quick Tips appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

Check out Gutenberg.courses!

By / — Our friend Zac Gordon rushed home from WCUS and made a great course (I’m still working my way through, but so far I’m impressed) about developing your own blocks for WordPress’s forthcoming Gutenberg editor. He published it just a few… More →

24 Best Medium-Style WordPress Themes

By / — Medium is a popular blogging platform which offers a clean design optimized for readability and user engagement. However due to the restrictions of Medium, most savvy journalists choose to use WordPress. In this article, we will share the best Medium… More →

6 Leadership Lessons from Phil Knight, Co-Founder of Nike

By / — Two companies IPO’ed on the same day in December of 1980. They would go on to change industries and redefine advertising. And buying stocks that day in either of these […] More →

What’s new in Gutenberg? (12th January)

By / — Hope everyone has had some good time! We are resuming the releases of Gutenberg for this new year. The first one — 2.0 — is rather big, with updates across the board. The highlights cover several pasting improvements, a more… More →

How to Know If a WordPress Project Will Harm or Help Your Business

By / — I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer here, but there are just some WordPress projects that have “bad news” written all over them. Unfortunately, they’re not always easy to spot and may leave you wishing you never got involved… More →

Ask Yoast: Changes to your site and the search results

By / — Whenever you make some big changes to your website, for instance to your brand name, you’re probably eager for these changes to show in the search results. Unfortunately, it can take a while for Google to crawl your site again… More →

Design meeting summary January 11

By / — This is the design meeting summary of January 11, 2018. (Slack log) In attendance were: @karmatosed, @boemedia, @mapk, @cathibosco, @mizejewski, @melchoyce, @joshuawold We discussed the following: Trello triage Because the Design Trello board is a road map, last week we… More →

The Elegant Themes 2017 Year In Review

By / — Sometimes it’s hard to recall or understand the scope of what you’ve done in a year unless you document it. I know in the past when I’ve written year in review posts (mostly focused on the content side of things… More →

Weekly WordPress News: 2017 In Review

By / — This week, we have two separate 2017 in review posts – one from ourselves and one from Pippin Williamson. Both are worth checking out! Beyond that, there are some good thoughts on Gutenberg from Chris Lema and Delicious Brains. And… More →

How To Use Images In Theme Or Plugin Demo Content From A Seller’s Perspective

By / — Ever wondered where the images that you see in WordPress theme and plugin demo content come from? If you’re a casual WordPress user, maybe that’s not a pressing thought on your mind. But if you’re thinking of starting a theme… More →

2017 Business Year in Review

By / — A reflection and summary of my business growth and highlights in 2017, with a look to "themes" to focus on in 2018. The post 2017 Business Year in Review appeared first on Phil Derksen. More →


By / — I am very thankful and grateful to have made it through the past year, which was a really special one personally and professionally. I learned to open myself up more to relationships, continued aspiring to be clear and direct with… More →