WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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10 Fresh and Free Fullscreen WordPress Themes

By / — You can’t go past fullscreen themes when you’re looking to make a statement with your WordPress site. Not only are they bold and striking, they are the perfect fit for photographers, creative artists and graphic designers, and anyone else looking… More →

8 FREE Nexus 7 PSD Mockup Templates

By / — Our Nexus 5 mockups finally get some friends with these 8 Nexus 7 tablet mockups. These are fully scalable, vectored PSD templates that are perfectly sized for the latest Nexus 7 screen resolution. All you have to do is place… More →

A Little Refresh for Themes by bavotasan.com

By / — Now that I’ve been using Bootstrap 3 in all of my latest WordPress themes, I thought I should try it out on one of my actual sites. I decided to… More →

A Monstrous Regiment of Content

By / — Ruminations on the monstrous combination of an installation being managed in a overly complicated way. More →

A New Career Chapter

By / — Today I quit my job working as a Secondary School teacher in a Lancashire high school. The job was well paid, with a good pension and a good salary. I am leaving to work as a freelance WordPress developer and… More →

Avoid a Google Penalty with the “Rel=Canonical” Attribute

By / — Google changes their search engine algorithm extremely quickly. When Google changes content, there is always potential to be penalized by Google. If you are someone who has been creating lots of posts with similar content, you might be the next… More →

Change Default Theme For WordPress Multisites

By / — When you create a new site in WordPress multisite it will automatically assign a theme to the new site. It does not use the theme that you have activate on the other sites or on the network setup but will… More →

Exploring WordPress Theme Designers’ Love Affair With Mint Green

By / — There’s a curious design trend among WordPress themes that shows no signs of stopping. The prominent use of mint green has become designers’ favorite highlight color. The trend started in the greater design community, as recently illustrated by Automattic design… More →

Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes – 30 Great Ones

By / — Frame your work in the best light possible – 30 free portfolio themes. More →

How to Add Special Characters to WordPress Posts

By / — Did you know that WordPress has built-in support for finding and using special characters in your content? This was news to me, after noticing a tweet from Mel Choyce, inquiring if anyone ever used the feature. The replies indicate that… More →

How to Display Custom Taxonomy With Genesis Framework Shortcode

By / — Besides hooks, Genesis Framework has lots of shortcodes to help you customize your child theme. Before this, we’ve published a tutorial on creating your first custom post type and custom taxonomy and today, we’ll show how easy it is to… More →

Introducing Codeable

By / — Ever had one of those moments when you’d rather pay someone than try to debug a piece of your code on your own? Or had to change a small portion of your website but didn’t know how? Or had a… More →

Large Bruteforce Attack Against WordPress Sites Starting To Subside

By / — Security company Wordfence is reporting that the large distributed brute force attack on WordPress sites is starting to subside. On the morning of February 10th, employees noticed a large increase in the volume of attacks. Their real-time activity map was… More →

Moving From WordPress Development to Back-End Development

By / — As a front-end developer, most of my back-end experience has come from developing WordPress sites. In fact, the first back-end language that I “learned” was PHP, and even that was just enough to develop WordPress. […] More →

New Plugin: Custom 404 Error Page

By / — Ever wanted to use a regular WordPress page when a 404 Not Found error is generated? WordPress has support for dedicated home and posts pages but leaves everything 404 related to the theme designer with no option for specifying custom… More →

New Server

By / — We’ve moved this site and Crowd Favorite to a new box. If you’re seeing this, you’re on the new box. And if you see any issues, please let me know. Thanks! More →

Perfecting your goals in Google Analytics

By / — There are quite a few tracking features in Google Analytics for which you have to do a bit more than just implement the UA-code on your pages. One of those features is the ‘goal’. The goal is a feature in… More →

Please suggest agenda items for the February 12…

By / — Please suggest agenda items for the February 12 developer meeting. Aside from usual 3.9 stuff, we’re going to be using part of this meeting for brainstorming for GSoC. Here’s the agenda thread and meeting notes from last week, as a… More →

Separation of Concerns with Queries and Helper Functions

By / — In the previous post, I shared a little bit about the idea of separation of concerns – a concept that’s usually isolated to software development – and one way in which it can be achieved as it relates to working… More →

Social Media for WooCommerce: Five Extensions You Should Check Out

By / — Today’s post comes courtesy of Zack Fagan from StoreYa. Have you capitalized on the full potential of social media in your WooCommerce store? According to HubSpot.Com, people are 71% more likely to make a purchase if they got a referral… More →

StoryBots Astronomy

By / — I’m not quite sure what the StoryBots are but my almost four-year-old daughter loves them. Their Astronomy videos? I love them. My whole family loves them. Catchy hip hop songs with cute animation. If you have kids or have no… More →

The Art of the WordPress Startup: Part 6

By / — This post is part 6 of a series on how to launch your startup on WordPress. Last time I talked about the mind-body connection and how you can leverage physical exercise to improve your mental edge and hence business performance. Today’s post was inspired by Matt… More →

WP Force restyled.

By / — We’ve been doing a quick restyle on WP Force, moving it to the new Versatile theme by Yoast. Versatile is one of the new themes Yoast launched yesterday, there are two other ones, Vintage and Tailor Made, this is what… More →

WPExplorer Redesign And Giveaway

By / — Did you notice our brand new look? Pretty spiffy huh? We’ve cleaned house and added a fresh coat of paint…The post WPExplorer Redesign And Giveaway appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

WordPress Businesses Should No Longer Fear Refunds

By / — How many times have you bought a theme that would look perfect for your next project only to discover it’s not the right fit? I have gone through this experience multiple times but the companies I dealt with didn’t have… More →

WordPress Core Proposal: Offline Editor

By / — WordPress has a lot of killer features already, and more on the roadmap for future versions. One feature I’d really like to see would be an offline editor: create and manage posts in the browser without a network connection (then… More →

WordPress for iOS 3.9.1 Released!

By / — WordPress for iOS 3.9.1 Released! Hey everyone, we just released WordPress for iOS 3.9.1 that fixes a few bugs that you guys reported to us. Some of the bugs fixed by this release were: A bug where the last tab you selected is now… More →