WordPress News Digest for Thursday, February 12, 2015

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20 Blank WordPress Starter Themes and Frameworks 2015

By / — If you are looking to build your own WordPress theme, either for releasing publicly or for your own or a client’s site then a great way to start is by using a blank starter theme. Having all the required files… More →

Am I Giving To WordPress?

By / — Yesterday, I stumbled across tweet from a fellow developer for whom I greatly respect. He said: Pursuant to which, I've failed as a member of the WordPress community lately. I have taken from the community without giving back. — John… More →

Customizer Theme Switcher Officially Proposed for WordPress 4.2

By / — This week, Nick Halsey officially proposed the Customizer Theme Switcher feature plugin for merge into WordPress 4.2. Halsey summarizes the goal of bringing theme switching into the customizer: “By integrating themes directly into the Customizer, live-previewing workflows are greatly simplified,… More →

Divi Goes Global — Now Fully Translated Into 32 Languages, Including RTL Support

By / — Not only do we want Divi to be a theme that allows someone to build anything, we want Divi to be a theme that allows anyone build anything. WordPress is a global platform that seeks to democratize publishing around the… More →

DradCast Episode 073: Drunken Rubber Duck

By / — Show notes: Joshua Strebel is the founder and CEO of Pagely, a managed WordPress hosting solution. He is also one of the great minds behind PressNomics—a 3-day event where passionate and successful entrepreneurs gather together […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

FontSquirrel Webfont Generator

By / — If you’ve ever hunted for fonts for a site, you’ve hopefully come across FontSquirrel, which I’d say is second to Google Fonts as the web’s most useful free typography resource. More →

Growing Our Global Team With WP Engine London

By / — The web empowers businesses to be truly global. WordPress has become a platform that gives a voice to the entire world – it provides the tools that enable organizations and individuals to tell stories, reach their audiences, and build their… More →

Happy, loyal customers: How to retain eCommerce customers

By / — How do you make an existing eCommerce store more successful? It’s a very good question, and one that many store owners approach the wrong way. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of […] The post Happy, loyal… More →

How To Safely Change The WordPress Theme On Your Website

By / — On the surface, changing a theme, might seem harmless. It’s so easy, it’s hard to imagine it can do any… The post How To Safely Change The WordPress Theme On Your Website appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

How to Control Revisions for Post Types in WordPress

By / — Post revisions provide you an easy way to undo changes, restore posts, and revert to old drafts. However, many users believe that too many revisions can increase their backup file sizes, increase post query times, and affect overall performance of… More →

Image Flow Update 12th February

By / — Thanks to everyone who attended the image editing meeting today. Here’s what we discussed: prototype: the prototype is progressing. You can see the current version here. @mor10 pointed out that the current version of the PT isn’t ready for testing.… More →

Multipurpose WordPress Themes are Bad for Your Shop and Users

By / — Multipurpose WordPress themes are not good for your shop and users because they are bad for conversions, insecure, confusing for buyers and hard to maintain. More →

Planning WordCamp Miami 2015

By / — WordCamp Miami 2015 dates were announced officially yesterday, and it’s happening on May 29th-31st. As one of the organizers of WCMIA i’m planning on sharing my thoughts more about it’s organization, planning, and my general thoughts going forward. Although i’ve… More →

SiteGround Sponsors a Full-Time Contributor to WordPress Core

By / — Iseulde Van Dorpe is joining SiteGround to work full-time as a contributor to WordPress core. She expects to work on a variety of different tasks, particularly those that relate to media and the editing experience. Van Dorpe’s recent core contributions… More →

Support Team meetup summary for February 12th

By / — At today’s meetup the following items were discussed. Ideas for the NUX working group The NUX Working Group was discussed and Drew Jaynes (@drewapicture) joined in. At a later date (not a nag!) Drew will post on the make/flow blog… More →

Tax Tips

By / — Even if you hire someone else to prepare your taxes, it's useful to be aware of potential savings so that you can provide your accountant the proper documentation. Here are some tips to minimize your tax bill. The post Tax… More →

The Best Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

By / — Wouldn't it be great if we never needed to be 100% dependant on some expensive web developer to code our site for us and we could do it all ourselves? No need to learn how to code, no need to spend thousands… More →

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

By / — Not sure about whether or not to take the leap and start using WordPress Multisite? In this comprehensive guide we cover everything from what it is and how to set it up and how to create your own network of… More →

This Week in WordPress: NUX Team Announced, and Polyphasic Sleep

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

WPWeekly Episode 179 – Interview With James Laws, Co-founder of WP Ninjas

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by the co-founder of WP Ninjas, James Laws. WP Ninjas specializes in WordPress plugins such as Ninjas Forms and Ninja Demo. In the show, Laws explains the origins… More →

We Tried InMotion’s SSD Hosting; You Can Too, Free for a Year!

By / — In this article, we profile a WPShout partner: InMotion Hosting, proud purveyors of SSD shared hosting for WordPress. More →

What I Miss and Don’t Miss About San Francisco

By / — A few months ago I was chatting with John Borthwick, who had just returned from a trip to San Francisco. I asked him how the city was doing as if he were a traveler who had visited someplace exotic — “How… More →

WooCommerce 2.3 Is Here. Update Time!

By / — Yesterday WooCommerce 2.3, or aka Handsome Hippo was released. And if you know me, I’m a big WOO FAN. In fact, just a couple of days ago Joel Bronkowski from Woo shared this tweet. Was almost derailed on a call… More →

WooCommerce Drip: Q&A with Rob Walling

By / — WooCommerce Drip connects your WooCommerce store to your Drip Email Marketing account. It allows you to track conversations, sales (events) and lifetime value. You can even add a subscribe checkbox to enable customers to subscribe to your Drip campaigns. Awesome… More →

rel=canonical • What it is and how (not) to use it

By / — In February 2009, six years to the day from when this is published, Google, Bing and Yahoo! introduced the rel=canonical link element (Matt’s post is probably the easiest reading). While the idea is simple, the specifics of how to use… More →

wpDiscuz: A Free Alternative to the Core WordPress Comments System

By / — Blog post comments are a great way for you to interact with your readers and get feedback on your work and ideas for future content. However, the core WordPress comments system, while functional, does have some room for improvement. In… More →