WordPress News Digest for Saturday, April 12, 2014

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Adorable Kitten

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Heartbleed and Pinboard

By / — In layman’s terms, the bug was the equivalent of asking a stranger “hey, what’s up?” and having them tell you their most private thoughts, going on about their divorce, sharing their credit card info, whatever was on their mind at… More →

Highlighting Comments on Your WordPress Site Since Your Last Visit

By / — In today’s Weekend WordPress Project we'll look at highlighting new comments made on a post since a person’s last visit. More →

Plupload 2.x in WordPress 3.9

By / — I love seeing posts like this from WordPress core.# More →

WPWeekly Episode 145 – An OMGBBQWTF Kind Of Week

By / — Marcus Couch and I were joined by Eric Mann to discuss the news of the week. After the news, we discussed in-depth a few of the core proposals Mann has published on his blog. We covered the following three WordPress… More →

in http wpcentral io internationalization what is the…

By / — in http://wpcentral.io/internationalization/ what is the difference between validator and translator? as I can include new translators? or change an old validator no longer involved, to translator role? thanks More →