WordPress News Digest for Monday, May 12, 2014

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25 Awesome Shortcodes & Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

By / — Oftentimes premium WordPress themes come with all sorts of shortcodes and builders built-in, but what if you ever decide to… The post 25 Awesome Shortcodes & Page Builder Plugins For WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Can you remove thr rtl direction from table…

By / — Can you remove thr rtl direction from: table.translations.translation-sets-rtl .foreign-text { direction: rtl; } It’s confusing when there are many variables in the term. I personally used a CTRL + SHIFT + X combination to change directions as needed. Now when… More →


By / — In a game of cowboys and crooks, nobody started out validating the very obvious threat.<…> I have been trying to systemize the process of entrepreneurship. I have been seeking that magical 1-2-3 step formula that I can successfully replicate from… More →

CrocoBlock Giveaway – Month’s Access to all WordPress Themes for 3 Winners

By / — Today's giveaway is mainly aimed at web designers and developers who specialize in building WordPress sites. The point is we are having this giveaway together with CrocoBlock.com which is a new WordPress Theme Club with more than 60 WP themes (2 more… More →

Evangelism Isn’t Just for Preachers

By / — As engaging as tech products are, for some people they lack a certain humanness. To circumnavigate this, companies producing truly great products often appoint (or inherit) a figurehead that personifies their product. This gives an otherwise faceless piece of technology… More →

Go home, May. You’re drunk.

(Welcome to spring …

By / — Go home, May. You’re drunk. (Welcome to spring in Colorado.) More →

How To Create Redirects With WordPress

By / — In my recent guide to WordPress permalinks, I spoke about the need of choosing the correct permalink structure for your website from the start. If you later decide to change your permalink structure, or if you remove posts or pages,… More →

How To Make A WordPress Post (Not Page!) Your Home Page

By / — Making a WordPress Page your home page is easily done but what a post? Here's how to make a post your home page. More →

How to Build a Church Website with WordPress

By / — All churches need a useful website but few have a large budget. What is a church to do? My favorite solution is one that I’ve… The post How to Build a Church Website with WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How to Use WordPress Theme Customizer To Modify Themes

By / — All ThemeLab themes allow users to customize their WordPress sites using the built-in Theme Customizer. Theme Customizer provides developers an easier way to replace theme option panels. But more importantly, it is easier for the end user to setup themes… More →

Join me in a Webinar on running a freelance business

By / — iThemes recently conducted an in-depth interview with me. Check out the interview, and join our Q&A Webinar for Wednesday, May 14th.The post Join me in a Webinar on running a freelance business appeared first on Bill Erickson. More →

MainWP Review – Convenient Management of Multiple Sites

By / — A few years ago managing multiple WordPress websites was a big headache. Thankfully a number of plugins and services have come along that make the task very easy. So as a start, I definitely have to say that if you… More →

Manage transients from the WordPress admin

By / — Pippin Williamson released a new plugin over the weekend called Transients Manager. You’ll never guess what it does, but I’ll go ahead and tell you: it lets you manage transients through the WordPress dashboard. The way this plugin works is… More →

Mapping Domains Without a Plugin

By / — How I broke my ecommerce store on the day of a big book release, and subsequently fixed it. More →

More Than 97% of Updates to WordPress 3.9.1 Were Automatic

By / — WordPress 3.9.1 was released late last week, resolving 34 bugs. This maintenance release includes several important fixes for multisite, TinyMCE, the customizer, widgets, and the new audio/video playlists. Site administrators who are still doing manual updates are encouraged to bring… More →

Pre-populate Post Type Content

By / — With custom post types you can separate the content into different section, for example you can post types, pages, portfolio pages and products. If you find that you enter the same content for different post types each time then you… More →

Reinventing the Wheel Is Okay (The How and Why of Programming)

By / — For those of you who are into development or programming of any type and if you read any type of blogs or long form articles that provide tutorials for how to achieve a certain type of task, then you’ve no doubt… More →

Running HHVM instead of PHP with Nginx on Ubuntu

By / — Since version 3.9, WordPress have been 100% compatible with HHVM and I have begun replacing PHP with it on a few of my servers to experiment. All my servers run Ubuntu LTS. Most of them still run 12.04, but some… More →

The Snippet Preview: what it means and how to use it.

By / — Our WordPress SEO plugin has come with a snippet preview from day 1. This snippet preview mimics what the current page would look like in the search results, by our best “guesstimation”. In this post I’ll explain what the different sections are… More →

Tips on providing efficient product support

By / — Steven Gliebe did a considerable amount of research when he realized he may be ready to hire support help for his theme shop, Church Themes. So, he asked others in the industry for advice. One of his primary takeaways was… More →

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins of the Month — May 2014

By / — It’s time once again for my monthly roundup of plugins. This list is pretty solid, if you ask me, and features plugins designed to make running your WordPress site just a little bit easier. Read more on Top 10 Free… More →


By / — If you’re a WordPress developer you really should take a thorough list through this repository of resources and tools. I’ve seen more than a few collections like this blow by, but this one from @wycks_s has a more complete and… More →