WordPress News Digest for Friday, September 12, 2014

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Aesop Story Engine 1.1 Beta Now Available for Testing Ahead of First Major Update

By / — Aesop Story Engine 1.1. beta is now in the hands of eager testers, as project leader Nick Haskins prepares to launch the first major update to the plugin since its release. Haskin’s open source storytelling plugin was fully funded via… More →

Are You Leveraging the Right Tools for Marketing Your E-Commerce Site?

By / — Before we dive into this complex topic, there’s one thing I need to get out of the way: No matter what type of marketing campaign you’re working on, I can’t overstate the importance of analytics. Top online marketers are able to… More →

Beginners Guide to RSS and WordPress

By / — What is RSS? Well, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, though its origin can be traced to “Rich Site Summary”…. The post Beginners Guide to RSS and WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Boost Engagement By Prioritizing Comments On Your WordPress Site

By / — Take control of your WordPress comments so that they work for you and encourage that engagement that all WordPress authors crave. More →

Build Stories Using Multimedia With The Storyteller WordPress Theme

By / — Storyteller is an interesting concept by Katharina Brunner. It’s a WordPress theme that when combined with the AddQuickTags plugin, provides the ability to build multimedia stories. Once activated, you’ll need to import a special JSON file into AddQuickTags. This file… More →

Confused by the Apple Watch

By / — I’ve been somewhat excited about smartwatches this year. I picked up a Pebble which I liked; but the function provided fails to outweigh its form. I followed the Android Wear announcements and nothing seemed compelling. Too big, too little battery… More →

Did You Know …. Gravatars

By / — Need to check on your Gravatar? There's an easy way. More →

Fashion Police – The WhiP #84

By / — Big brands that make WordPress look awesome, organizational socialization, and weekend WordPress projects. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Get A Handle On Your WordPress UX

By / — How site visitors experience your website—more concisely known as the user experience or UX—is something you absolutely must consider. Without a good UX, no one will get to appreciate your innovative ideas, cool graphics, or top-notch products. And it’s not… More →

Graph Paper Press Launches Theme.Works, A Drag and Drop Platform for Building WordPress Themes

By / — The folks behind Graph Paper Press launched a new custom WordPress theme builder this week. Theme.Works was created to be a new brand, featuring a theme building platform that allows users to build a WordPress theme in under 60 seconds.… More →

How to Track User Scrolling in WordPress with WP Scroll Depth

By / — Ever wondered how users interact with your long articles or lengthy landing pages? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how much users scroll when viewing a page on your website? If you are already using Google Analytics, then you… More →

Importing CSV Files into WordPress: Clean Up

By / — This is part three four a series for how to Import CSV Files into WordPress.Over the past few posts, I’ve walked through a strategy that I’ve found to useful and effective when importing large CSV files into WordPress. Specifically, I’ve broken the… More →

Managed WordPress Hosting Turns 5

By / — We had an idea. Five years ago, way back in the internet dark ages, hosting options for WordPress were pretty lousy. Hosting companies were selling “unlimited everything” plans for $4.95/mo (some still do). It looked good on the surface, but if you ever… More →

Take The Annual WPShout Webhosting Survey

By / — Since 2011, WPShout has conducted a comprehensive, non-biased, webhosting survey. Although the site has changed hands, Fred Meyer and David Hayes are continuing the tradition and the survey questions are ready to fill out. There are four required questions with… More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.79

By / — This week saw the release of the initial designs for the new WordPress default theme, Twenty Fifteen. From the look of the mockups provided its heading back to a more traditional blog layout with sidebar. It all looks very clean… More →

Tidy Repo Finds a New Partner, with Many Updates to Come

By / — For a little while now, I’ve been running a little site called Tidy Repo as a resource for new and advanced users alike. The site’s principle is fairly simple, a single repository of all the […] The post Tidy Repo… More →

Treehouse: Improve your Design, Development, and WordPress Expertise Online

By / — Treehouse is an online learning resource for aspiring and experienced web designers, developers, and mobile app programmers, who want to learn new skills and improve their existing skillsets. Treehouse offer over 100 courses, with the content delivered through hundreds of… More →

WP Couch Mode Gives Readers an Option to Read Content Without Distractions

By / — If you operate a content heavy website and want an easy way to give readers an option to read content without distractions, now you can with the WP Couch Mode plugin. Developed by Ritesh Vatwani, WP Couch Mode adds a… More →

What WordPress Themes Are

By / — We all know that when you’ve been working with WordPress forever, it can be tricky to teach someone who’s completely new to it. If you’ve ever struggled to explain the difference between themes, plugins, and widgets to a client or intern,… More →

Win 3x Premium WordPress Themes from 7Theme Worth $49.90 Each

By / — Hello everyone. Today we’re pleased to announce our 2nd giveaway for this month. First of all, thanks to our sponsor for this giveaway, 7Theme. This isn’t the first time as last year they were also very generous to sponsor prizes for one… More →

WordPress 4.0 Download Stats 2,063,307 ~48% English US…

By / — WordPress 4.0 Download Stats: 2,063,307 ~48% English (US) | i18n ~52% https://cloudup.com/cz2fNfjDoTx/f More →