WordPress News Digest for Sunday, October 12, 2014

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Accessibility/UI Collaboration on Posts/Pages Screen

By / — There are several tickets open that relate directly to accessibility in the content editing experience on the posts/pages screen (see this post by Joe Dolson for details). Since Avryl is currently working on the editor this is a good time to… More →

Beats Studio Wireless vs Samsung Level Over

By / — I listen to music pretty much constantly, and it’s not unusual to see me on the road with just a carry-on and still have 3 or 4 headphones on me that I’m testing. First off, Bluetooth changes everything. It’s so… More →

Can’t download localized versions https ja wordpress org…

By / — Can’t download localized versions. https://ja.wordpress.org/wordpress-4.0-ja.zip https://fr.wordpress.org/wordpress-4.0-fr_FR.zip https://it.wordpress.org/wordpress-4.0-it_IT.zip Those links just redirect to the top page. More →

EP108 – What to do when your WordPress traffic explodes – Oct 13 2014

By / — On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing what you should do when your WordPress traffic explodes. Show airs Oct 13 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC The post EP108 – What to do when your… More →

How To Protect Email Addresses On Your WordPress Site

By / — Your WordPress is still being scraped for email addresses. In this Weekend WordPress Project we'll look at how to make such harvesting too difficult for the average spam bot. More →

Simple Widget Classes WordPress Plugin

By / — Have you every had a time when you have added two of the same widget to a sidebar and wanted to style them differently? You may have run into problems as they have the same CSS classes etc. and the… More →

Using Pods and Divi To Easily Transform WordPress Into A Highly Customizable Content Management System

By / — While WordPress started out as a content management system for blogs, it’s evolved into a platform for managing any type of content. This is made possible by custom post types and custom fields, which allow you to organize your content… More →

bg BG is not available in the installation…

By / — bg_BG is not available in the installation process of 4.0. Testing the issue with the failing downloads from Rosetta sites, I tried to make a fresh install of 4.0 to make sure choosing a language works there and I found… More →