WordPress News Digest for Saturday, December 12, 2015

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11 Tips for Collaborating with Designers (A Developer’s Guide)

By / — For developers, the halcyon days of being able to hide behind multiple monitors and walls of impenetrable code are over. Nowadays, you’ll have to work closely with designers, product managers, and other stakeholders towards a common goal on any given project.… More →

25 Expert Tips for Cleaner CSS Coding for WordPress

By / — There are many benefits to having clean, organized CSS: lightweight code – and, as a result, a lightweight file size – helps your website load more quickly, it’s easier to read, quick to search through when you want to make… More →

Hebrew has own css declaration for font in…

By / — Hebrew has own css declaration for font in core. Myanmar also should have css font family declaration. I’ve opened ticket #29664 since last year and no progress. There is no Myanmar glymps or characters in Open Sans font. Most operating… More →

Myanmar translation stopped since 4.1 Now I’m organizing…

By / — Myanmar translation stopped since 4.1. Now I’m organizing meet up on next Saturday 19, Dec 2015 for localization and WordPress community in Myanmar. More →